Virgin Mobile Canada releasing the BlackBerry Curve 9320 June 4th

BlackBerry Curve 9320
By Bla1ze on 1 Jun 2012 06:24 pm EDT

Every time we post anything about the BlackBerry Curve 9320, there always seems to be a few people asking whether or not it will be coming to North America at some point. The device itself was always noted as being a device for emerging markets but Virgin Mobile Canada is going to change that thought a little come June 4th. That's when they will make the BlackBerry Curve 9320 available in Canada according to some leaked documentation plus, word has it you'll be able to pick it up for a cool $150. Not bad for an entry level BlackBerry, all things considered.

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Virgin Mobile Canada releasing the BlackBerry Curve 9320 June 4th


I don't get why they needed to make this Blackberry but whatever keeps sales going until BB10 I guess.

it wont help.

but anyone who thinks anti-RIM bashing is not fully deserved , take a good look at this phone. Its the lower end of the lowest end of smartphones right now.

This POS has been taking engineering and software manpower to package. And if you think RIM has for '8 months' been gathering all strenght for BB10 hardware, guess again. They still come up with garbage phones in a world of dualcore, front camera supersmarphones.

wow RIM. wow.

Im not a troll, Im a die-hard RIM fan stuck with a Storm 2 that s*cks, bridged to a PB that took 8mo to get an email client!

Im due for an upgrade and would like a Curve 96xx (9900 is too expensive for an old os with lack of autofocus) but Im scared that the old os will have the same bugs as my S2. The apps on BB7 are just as bad!

And buy a BB in NA today, and no one will give you props for your purchase.

Im not a hater, i am a RIM client badly burnt by unfinished/unpolished devices.

Every carrier gives you a return period. If you didn't figure out that a phone isn't for you during the return period, then that's your problem.

Carrier return policies are a joke (at least here in Canada). Its something like 15 mins talk and 15 days upon activation.

That depends where you buy your phone. If you buy it without contract from Costco in Canada, you get to try it out for 90 days and unlimited mins. They're extended warranties are amazing as well, as they give you a give card for its value if you don't use it when it expires. Can't go wrong.

From what I recall, Best Buy has a 30 day return policy with unlimited minutes again if you don't buy it under contract, so it's the 2nd best option out there.

I shall never understand why some people feel the need to project their requirements onto others.

There are numerous clients for smartphones, and many either have no desire, or they cannot afford, a phone with a full web experience.

For example, my 77 year-old father just purchased a new 9300 for $99. His intent is to talk and his phone, and occasionally BBM his family. Absolutely no desire to use the web, nor enter a contract. If all that existed was high end iPhones, Bolds and the like, he'd stick with his feature phone.

I live in Mexico, where $25 for a monthly plan is barely attainable for the majority of the population. A $600 all-singing, all-dancing phone works for only a small minority of the population. Again, without phones like the 8520 (which is still manufactured and sold down here as new), there would only be a very slow adoption rate over to Smart Phones.

I love the diversity of Blackberries. Different phones for different folks.

Totally agree with you. Do not forget that with this BB you have full BBMand excellent battery. Plus e-mail and PIM.
For the majority of people, including me, it is quite enough. And fb runs like a crazy.
Not to mention that you have free BBM messages and that maters in emerging economies.

This engineering on this phone was done long ago. People who don't know what resources went into this phone and when, should be careful of definitive statements on the matter. Flaunting your ignorance is just plain ugly.

150$ is a pretty good price for the lowest end curve. This and the 1450mah makes it a fairly good deal in my opinion.

This is for people who can't afford to buy a BB10 but wants to stick with BlackBerry and want to experience OS 7.xx at a cheaper rate. It will not kill the BB10 sales, this phone will likely steal the sale from curve 8250 and 9300. Don't you people get it? BlackBerry is not like Apple that don't give you any option. Can you see a massive sale of iPhones in a place like Africa?

Don't mess with raptors.

Yes it is, but I think the combo 9220/9320 it's the OS7 replacement of the 8520/9300 Curve. Here in Argentina the 8520 it's the most popular BB, and it cost ~$200 (in U$S) with 2 year contract (yeah horrible) I hope the arrive of these new-ones OS7 phones will finally kill the 8520/9300.

Agreed, they should be liquidating their current OS7 offerings in NA instead of bring new low-end phones and looking for profit here and maintain excess inventory..

Just as said above, I am one of those folks still using Blackberry Curve 8530 and want to upgrade to BB7. Right now I am looking on ebay at a Curve 9220 and 9380 while I wait for BB10 next year so there will be a good line up to choose from. As RIM stated with its new launch, BB7 and BB10 will run concurrently. So to that respect I think the idea for NA is to phase out BB5 and BB6. I suspect we will see Blackberry Pearl and Style making another return with BB7 on them, and there is nothing wrong with giving users the power to the freedom of choice.

I strongly suggest grabbing it from a sim-free (prepaid) carrier, where you can put the sim of your choice into it.
Ebay isn't always the best choice.

I love that Virgin is celebrating the Tiannamon Square massacre by release in BlackBerry.

They are Bold indeed.

I find it astonishing that some posters seize on this as evidence that RIM isn't working on BB10.

This is a quick and cheap offering for the lower end user (of which there are many millions). The BB is hugely popular here in the UK - teenagers love them, parents like them because they are cheaper and hardier than iPhones and BBM keeps the teens busy with no unexpected additional bills. A no contract iPhone is £450, a no contract 8520 is £100. Spot the difference.

I teach 13-19 year olds and they have a variety of models, from old school Pearls to 9900s and Torches but the 8520 seems to be the most common model, this is just an upgrade model for those users.

Sensible policy from RIM, keep younger users on board and then when they grow up and get jobs, they are more likely to stick with BB but gravitate to a higher end handset.

RIM is also trying to build on its success in emerging markets in Africa, Central/South America and Asia - again, launching a £450 handset is pointless - it will never sell.

How does anyone see this as not a joke? I too am also a huge RIM fan but this phone is lacking... badly! Every time i see a status of "OMG my blackberry sucks!" on facebook, BBM or any other social media i always ask them if they have a curve. Sure enough they do. Why does RIM continue to sell these phones that clearly hardware wise, they do not hold up against its OS. Constant failures.

This phone would be a joke if it were competing with the iPhone or Mid-High End Android Phones, but guess what it isn't this phone is designed for the emerging markets/ poorer countries were phones can be expensive and texting and calling even more so that is why this one is designed around BBM because it is for those markets but it is also being introduced in places like the UK and so on where Blackberry is the most popular Smartphone Brand and The Curve Series is the best selling Blackberry in the UK the older model of the Curves are used amongst teenagers - arguably the biggest adopters of the Blackberry brand in the UK and as such this provides a cheap alternative as an entry level smartphone that is durable, affordable and well designed for the masses.

Although specifically for the emerging markets where Blackberry has the most market share to fall if it doesn't keep it's position cemented - the only people that laugh at these phones are the ones who don't understand how blackberry as a brand works you can't make iPhones for Africa dude it also makes me laugh when they compare it to a Mid-High End Android Phone or iPhone as that is not what it is designed for and it is in these reviews where the bashing of Blackberry and how they need to make better phones comes from.

Ironically nearly all of these posters (in reviews that I have seen on other sites) come from the USA where phones like this aren't designed for and may never make it there other than trying to secure the low end position of smartphones for market share reasons.

Maybe people should stop calling it "the smartphone for poorer countries/emergent markets" and instead call it for what it is: "the smartphone not for nerds, but for people who are well set with good communication functionality".

I totally understand how RIM works. I know what the purpose of this phone is. Having said that. Keep it in 3rd world countries then where people are not as demanding. This phone sucks.

Most of the new phones these days are what I like to call "Princess Phones." To me a princess phone is anything that is large and/or fragile, a phone that you have to coddle and protect in order to keep your $500+ investment from being broken, or badly damaged from everyday use. For me, having to worry about your phones safety greatly reduces it's convenience and utility. I have a Bold 9900 which I dearly love and I can honestly say that for my purposes it is better then anything from Apple, or any Android, but it is still a Princess Phone as I constantly worry about damaging it.

Now enter the Curve 9320. In the 9320 I see a phone that I can put a screen protector on and stop worrying about, just throw it in your pocket and go. Go fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, or just laying on the beach soaking up the sun. It's a phone that can be lost, or stolen, bashed or broken and you won't be taking a major financial hit and I find a great deal of convenience, utility and peace of mind in that. The fact that it also has a built in FM radio that doesn't depend on the carrier, just makes it that much more attractive. Now, (and pay attention to this RIM) if they could figure a way for me to have two phones sharing the same phone number, BlackBerry ID, cellular plan etc. then I would buy this phone in a heart beat. My Bold 9900 would be my make a good impression business phone and the Curve 9320 would be my go out and have some fun phone. And I really do need a go out and have some fun phone.

I'll buy into that. And I agree that "if they could figure a way for me to have two phones sharing the same phone number, BlackBerry ID, cellular plan etc. then I would buy this phone in a heart beat."

I may have misspoken. Since the SIM card should be inter-changeable between phones and the idea behind the BlackBerry ID is to allow BBM messages to be sent to multiple devices (or at least I think that's the idea behind it, correct me if I'm wrong). Then having two phones on the same plan should be as easy as swapping the SIM card into the phone you want to use so long as they are from the same carrier, or they have been unlocked. In my case, I'd have to get the 9230 unlocked to start using it on my Telus account. But please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this.

You still have to swap the IMEI# by calling telus, or activating another line. Windmobile is cheaper with their plans, same with mobilicity. As long as it supports AWS 1700.

What do you mean by "activating another line," do you mean another line on the same phone number, or another different number? I'm sure Telus will want to charge a small fortune for that. Living outside the city means Wind and Mobilicity are not a real option. Thanks.

I hope boostmobile picks it up, i have two 8530's and my wife has a samsung galaxy and both of us would definately upgrade to this phone plus we can hook it up to our playbook, or i can listen to my favorite radio station's at work. I think this phone is perfect for those people who don't have a lot of $$ to spend on a top of the line phone or can't afford those pricey phone plans.

Should point out this is a rock solid device. One of my buddies back in India using it said he had 17 apps running on it at the same time but the little bugger kept chugging along like it had just come on from a battery pull, RIM's really nailed os 7 on this guy..

Perfect for people who have basic needs from their phone, a big chunk of the population I'd think. This phone wasn't intended for the "Poking & Stroking" all day or heavy game users.

No one in the US will buy a blackberry, they've pretty much been brainwashed against them. In the US you need the iPhone, an iPhone knock off, or you want to look like you have an iPhone (read no keyboard).

Doesn't take away from the fact that this is a good phone for people who want a phone plus a little.

I have a 9930 but truthfully 90% of the time I just use phone, email, weather and BBM. Less frequesntly BB travel, Maps and Kayak. Counting all of those I'mpushing near 100% of my usage, oh and wifi radio. My guess is the phone above can do all those things.

If truth be told my friends with iPhone are very similar. I think they facebook more often, but that's really it. Gazzillions of apps yes, but they don't really use them except to shut their kids up.

I agree 100% about usage. Everybody is so quick to point out the lack of Skype and Netflix, but how many iPhone and Android people actually use those apps? I mean either one will burn a hole in your data plan faster then sh#t through a Goose, but everyone swears they are the must have apps, yet I never see anyone using them. As communications devices for voice and messaging, both the iPhone and Android phones are still not the equal of this "supposedly" low end Curve 9320. For some reason people believe they have a need for things they will never use. Such is the power of marketing, I suppose.