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Virgin Mobile Canada pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 emerges

Virgin mobile
By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2011 08:12 pm EDT

Looking to score a better deal on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or BlackBerry Torch 9810 by opting to buy one from Virgin Mobile? You may be in luck when it comes to the pricing over, that is -- when compared to Rogers. The verdict is still out on Virgins parent company, Bell. Here is what you'll be looking at if you opt to purchase from Virgin Mobile:

BlackBerry Bold 9900:

  • No-contract price: $599.99
  • 3-year contract/SuperTab: $169.99

BlackBerry Torch 9810:

  • No-contract price: $599.99
  • 3-year contract/SuperTab: $149.99 

More expensive for the no-contract terms but if you're going to be rolling a new 3-year contract, you'll get off $50 cheaper when grabbing the Torch 9810 and $70 cheaper if the Bold 9900 is more your bag. Oh right, Virgin Mobile also has their dummy units ready as well.

Source: Mobile Syrup via: CrackBerry Forums



Those prices look pretty good?
Whos getting one?


Wow huge prices difference between Virgin and Rogers.


The 3 year contract price for the 9900 proves that Rogers is a money sucking sh*tholes. Seriously what's Rogers thinking pricing that high? Anyways its Rogers loss not us. Off to virgin mobile it is then..


I Love the customer support at Virgin. Best carrier I've been with. If you're in Manitoba they don't have HSPA here yet (last province to get it - booo!) but they assure me its "coming very soon". Other then that I love them. Seriously. Just have to decide which new BB I want!


Awesome..hopefully this will cause Rogers to at least throw in a 50$ rebate to reduce the cost


Now this is some good pricing, I can live with this pricing. Now greedy Rogers will come down to this price 2 months later.

Now where's all the people saying RIM was setting the price?

People that want to buy it outright will go to Rogers, others will go else where.


I'm likely gonna grab the 9810. Just gotta wait a little bit longer. (No Virgin HSPA in Manitoba - yet) its coming soon though, I just gotta be patient a bit longer....

These prices are not live on the website as of this point though.(8:15pm Aug 8, 2011) Just thought I'd throw that out there!


Hmmmm....more info to throw at Rogers retention department. NICE!!!!!


This is in fact worse than Rogers unless you want to lock into three years of Virgin Mobile service. I'll get one off contract at Rogers and enjoy the much more reliable network! I do agree the $249.99 on a 3 year is absurd.


All you have to do is tell roger well virgin has it for 169.99 and if you cant drop it then seee ya im going to virgin easy just like that then boom you're set


Lol! You keep on believing that buddy...


All you have to do is tell roger well virgin has it for 169.99 and if you cant drop it then seee ya im going to virgin easy just like that then boom you're set


I'm really hoping they come out with the fiddy (9850) pricing. I'd imagine it'd be in line with the 9810.


I hope Telus will do a similar price.


This is strange...

Virgin Mobile is a fully-owned division of Bell Mobility, they just 'license' the Virgin name. Bell is advertising their phones as HSPA+ (hence the H+ symbol on the phone in Kevin's videos) yet Virgin - on the same network - is calling it 4G?

The pricing seems right, but this is definitely wrong.


Go to Bell's website. They're calling it 4G too.


HSPA+ is officially part of the 4G standard now. ITU added it a while ago.



If You like 3yr contracts I guess these prices are great. 2 is bad enough, but 3yrs on an (just guessing) inferior network seems crazy.


3-yr contracts are common in Canada. Anyway, the point is, Virgin is offering a better deal compared to Rogers in Canada for the same 3-yr term.
As for network, Virgin runs on the Bell network in Canada.


What happened to the 2 year contracts?


I hope you're seeing this Rogers. I refuse to go with the 9900 until a more reasonable price is set. $250+ on a 3 year term is ridiculous. At that rate, we would be better off waiting another month for the iPhone 5. It's not a Berry, but it's likely to be a far superior device for the money. Help keep RIM alive, set a reasonable price point and the people will buy.


Maybe Rogers just wants BlackBerry to go away.


For a transitional generation of BBs I wonder that the expense justifies the upgrade. I'll wait til RIM ships phones with a QNX OS, or perhaps go Android...

Hey RIM (or Rogers et al), the smartphone sector is getting crowded; you're not the premier player anymore so better start adding more value if you expect the masses to pony up big bucks.