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Virgin Mobile Canada Presents: Mrs. Claus' Holiday Greeting!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Dec 2008 04:45 pm EST

Oh my god do I ever love Virgin Mobile Canada. Watch this video. Show your friends :)



that...if freaking awesome...in fact it's legend...wait for it...ary!!!


Another tasteless example of Richard Branson's adolescent obsession with scantily clad models. What a tosser.


Dude, chill out and pull the candy cane out of your arse!


Guess we know where Santa's slogan comes from now.
This video confirms why everybody should love the Canadackians.


i'm sorry, that was a commercial for what producT?
ooh yeah - who the hell cares!


Damn. I wish she was my little helper.


Check this one, this was last years:


Haha that was great.

Warrior VP

That is freaking hilarious!!!!Geez Mrs. Claus is pleasing on the eyes!


just wow! can't believe I just watched all of that lol!


Ohhhhh I been a baaaad boy Ms. Clause!!


Dear Santa,
This year I have been a very good boy. I helped my mommy in the kitchen and did all of the dishes. So this year for christmas all i want is one thing... and please don't be mad at me for asking... all i want for christmas this year is your lovely wife. and if you don't i'll talk George Bush into believing that you are a national threat and are currently holding the WMD's from Iraq -and do you really want dead elfs everywhere, i know i don't. anyways, thanks for everything big fella. ho ho ho merry christmas!



Cute, but if you bomb the North Pole while my fiance is stationed up there I'll stick you in a snowbank ass-skyward!

Runell A

hahaha that is rich!!! and Ms. Clause is bangin!! I wish they came up with something like this to motivate staff where I work


Hubba Hubba I know what I want for christmas!!


BAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!! awesome


I wonder if she is still a virgin... :)


started out funny but fell off around the 3 minute mark


Does she fit in my stocking?

Just a name

The combination of this video, last years video, and the dude that just referenced stuffing mrs. claus like a stocking is by far the funniest thing i've heard in a while. Thanks for making my day.


I like when she takes the shot and goes what the hell was that. sounded exactly like a friend of mine.


ow crap, definitely my fav part too!!


Oh my gosh, I am rolling right now...great clip...thx


Hilarious! If you lived up in the Pole with nothing but a CFB full of frozen soldiers to keep you company you'd get bored too!

This definitely hasn't been on TV though!


Very funny, I don't usually send joke emails, but I made an exception for this one!


Awesome. Between this and the Trailer Park Boys I'm moving to Canada!!!


Trailer Park Boys is HILARIOUS! My buddy from Montreal turned me on to that show.......too bad we don't get it on tv in the States.


This is frickin sweet. A new holiday classic.


please make this a commercial and let it get air time in the U.S....


Geaux Virgin! That was hilarious! Mrs. Claus sure is a sweet, young thing!


anybody else find this a little over the edge?

its the xmas season and we don't need to see some homewrecking ho of a wife santa claus has bitching and swearing about her inability to communicate

although i will have to say...she's hot lol


Hmmm....Virgin Mobile stock price October 2007 was $15.16, closed yesterday at $1.11.


xD welcome to the economic crisis bud.

Virgin along with every other company that exists is trading significantly lower than they were last year.


Nick, I swear if I find those pill I will lose my isht! lol, that's classic. I also liked the part she down the shot and is like "Wow, what the hell was that?" HAHAHAHA!

Simon Sage

For those looking for more eye candy, Mrs. Claus is Canadian comedian Nicole Arbour, voted by some as the world's hottest comedian.


This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. ROFL!


I'm now a Virgin Mobile Canada fan also!!
Merry Christmas


i loved that part! haha! she says" i asked around nick" that was awesome! very funny! weird for a large corp to do, but very funny!


I know what I want to Christmas!
I am a new fan of Virgin Mobile Canada!
Oh Canada!


How is this funny?? She goes on and on and on about BS...She's not even that hot...


Unfortunately we "moral" people to the south of Canada would never allow such filth on TV.. I wish that we could just own up to how filthy we actually are in America and allow TV to only be half as bad. There. I said it.


That has to be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen...Thx for sharing


I left my "V" pills for the old fat fart...and the instructions(yes they come with instructions).

Good luck Ms. Clause!