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Virgin Mobile Canada launching BlackBerry Torch 9800 September 24th

By Adam Zeis on 2 Sep 2010 10:35 am EDT
Virgin Mobile Canada BlackBerry Torch 9800

While it would have been way easier on the bloggers of the world if Canada just let out a single press release that the BlackBerry Torch was coming to "a bunch of carriers at once", the announcements trickled out one after the other yesterday. The next in line to get the device on the grand September 24th launch date is Virgin Mobile Canada. They dropped the announcement via their Twitter page today and will be joining the party as well. No additional info was provided but "deets coming very soon". Thanks Ally!



When will the Torch come 2 T-Mobile USA?


Wil have it soon too?


Perfectly fits for the next contest :P
An "Unlocked Virgin Mobile Canada Torch 9800" :D


Virgin mobile is getting it but not sprint!? What's rim thinking????




Virgin mobile isn't GSM either, with a little more research you'd know that Virgin mobile runs off of Sprints network wish is CDMA. So, that's why it's a shocker for them to announce that it's coming out on Virgin before Sprint. Anything can happen between now and the 24th we still have a long way to go, Sprint can drop it anytime time between now and the 23rd.


It says virgin mobile CANADA not US. All 3 major canadian carriers are launching the torch on the same day, VM is owned by bell which is one of them.


All I want to know is will this phone come to VZW?????? I so want this phone!!!!


Virgin mobiles uses bell mobility network, wich is not gsm, but actually HSPA+, 3.5G+ network, same as telus's sim card network