Virgin Mobile Canada Getting the Curve 8330!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2008 10:51 am EDT

BlackBerry 8330 Coming to Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada just let me know they'll be getting the BlackBerry Curve 8330 next month at an attractive price..

In November, Virgin Mobile is planning to launch the BlackBerry Curve on their network. Pricing for the BlackBerry will also be one of the best deals out there - at a suggested price of approximately $99 with a three year agreement. That, and their BlackBerry bundles are already amazing at just $15 for unlimited personal and work e-mail as well as instant messaging.

Speaking of attractive, Virgin Mobile Canada officially became my favorite Canadian carrier after they released their Sweet Life with BlackBerry commercial (featuring an extremely attractive lady) following their launch of the Pearl 8130. I still get emails about that video... so you can watch it again after the jump (it's sure to rid you of Monday morning blues).

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Virgin Mobile Canada Getting the Curve 8330!


Virgin uses Sprint towers here in USA, so maybe they'll get the 8330 here too? Would be a nice alternative.

This is definitely the best looking curve i have seen since they came out. I know RIM doesn't like to have the "me too" kind of phones (i.e. same colors, similar designs to competitors) but I think this should have been the first color style that it was released in. I have wanted to see one in a gunmetal grey/black finish and i didn't want to send mine to one of those coloring places...

(wishing this was available through VZW as they definitely have the worst color options in my opinion - silver and pink? c'mon)

The phone looks great must better than the standard silver version. Just wish that Virgin Mobile in the UK would start to offer blackberrys.

I work for virgin retailer in Ontartio and let me tell you how excited we are to be getting the curve 8330! As most know virgin does have the best (unlimited) data packages out there, I know I will be upgrading from my virgin Pearl 8130 to the curve should too!!!

ugh, this completely sucks. i just got the lg rumor (an amazing phone, might i add) and i find out virgin is getting this? man, my luck always runs out.
also, what do you mean by "upgrade?" can you do a standard upgrade like on bell and rogers? or do you have to use point, because i really want this and have had my phone for less than a month.