Virgin Media now offering up the BlackBerry Q5 in the UK

By James Richardson on 19 Jul 2013 06:48 am EDT

Another UK network has launched the BlackBerry Q5 - this time it's Virgin Media. They have the latest BlackBerry 10 smartphone on both 12 and 24 month contracts, but as normal you get a much better deal with the two year deal.

Based on the 24 month contract, prices start at £25 per month (with no upfront fee for the handset) and for that you get 200 minutes, unlimited SMS and 500MB of data. The other three tariffs are also quite attractive and are as follows:

  • £30 per month - 1200 minutes, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data.
  • £33 per month - Unlimited calls and SMS plus 3GB of data.
  • £35 per month - Unlimited everything plus free calls to numbers starting with 0800, 0845, 0870 and 0808.

All in all some pretty tasty offers if you don't need a top of the range BlackBerry. Keep your eyes peeled for our full BlackBerry Q5 review - it's not far off.

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Virgin Media now offering up the BlackBerry Q5 in the UK


Terrible deals to be honest - unless you are really desperate for this phone, I'd wait a couple of months - the sales figures for it appear to be terrible so we are likely to see some discounting pretty quickly - when coupled with a sim only rolling contract, you should be able to get a much lower TCO.

The standard deals are always more expensive with VM, the deals that cable customers get are far better, actually the cheapest currently on the market ;)

They're not far better, you just get £5 off all contracts. It sounds decent until you see they cost more than elsewhere to begin with.

Do we expect this device to make it's way to the USA? Or should I just pick up Z10's from Best Buy at $50 for the teens?

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Virgin support for BlackBerry has been terrible.
I'm considering leaving them after 13 years because of it.

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Wait. What! It has taken you 13 years to reach thinking about leaving VM?? Taking due diligence a little far... :-P

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In all fairness Virgin mobile was always great for me! Since they have been rebranded as Virgin media the level of customer service has declined rapidly.

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Buy it on Virgin PAYG and pay for VIP SIM only (Unlimited everything plus free calls to numbers starting with 0800, 0845, 0870 and 0808) on a rolling 30-day contract.

Works out at two hundred and twenty pounds cheaper over 2 years.

Also if you are already on VM, they will discount the VIP SIM only price even further.

All i can say is that if you really do want this phone then get it on another network, avoid Virgin Media at all costs. They're a truly terrible network.

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Keen on getting a Q5 and I am with Virgin, just waiting for the price to come down. 500mb of data isn't enough and I don't want to pay any more - I just don't want to pay too much. I see Carphone Warehouse have already reduced the SIM free price to £299, so a £20 saving. Seems very soon for such a new phone.

Well the truth is that you can usually negotiate a price - I have other virgin products and would always expect to get at the very least £5 off - you can also (like other operators) see what someone else is offering and use that to negotiate.