Virgin Media offer a line rental discount with the BlackBerry Q5 on their VIP tariff

Virgin Media BlackBerry Q5
By James Richardson on 13 Mar 2014 04:15 am EDT

If you're in the UK and are thinking of picking up a BlackBerry Q5 you may want to add Virgin Media into your list of possible choices. If you're an existing Virgin Media customer for TV, broadband or home phone you'll get all the tariffs at a much lower rate than non-customers. 

Virgin currently have four standard tariffs and if you're happy signing up to a 24 month contract they offer reasonable value for money. In addition, they're currently offering the VIP tariff with half price line rental for the first six months. 

The BlackBerry Q5 is available with no upfront cost with all four deals for existing customers:

Starter - £15 per month:

100 minutes, 250 SMS, 250mb data & unlimited calls to Virgin mobiles. 

Essential - £18 per month:

1000 minutes, unlimited SMS, 500mb data & unlimited calls to Virgin Mobiles

Premiere - £23 per month:

Unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, 2GB data

VIP - £27 per month (£13.50 for six months):

Unlimited calls, SMS and data. Unlimited calls to 0800, 0845, 0870 & 0808 numbers

Sure, the BlackBerry Q5 isn't the all singing and dancing BlackBerry 10 device, but it does the job. If you missed our review you can catch up here

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Virgin Media offer a line rental discount with the BlackBerry Q5 on their VIP tariff


It's good to see other carriers offering Blackberry mobiles, hopefully this will force the rest of them to reintroduce the line of products.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

Make him dump the Curve for a little Q!

(he might have a Torch or Bold, you didn't say)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

27 pounds is about 50 Canadian looneys and in the UK they get unlimited minutes, SMS and for that? Wow we're getting ripped off here.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

All of us Canucks should know about that by now. My sister just went to the UK recently and she seemed worried about getting a phone and plan while staying there. I laughed and told her not to worry. The plan she got is similar to the one in this article which blows her Canadian plan on Rogers out of the water.

Just to compare in Canada on koodo I get unlimited calls, free long distance in Canada, unlimited texts and 2 gb for 60 Canadian

Posted via CB10

Isn't Three better value still? Pony up £23 per month and get a BlackBerry Q device, and the "One Plan" thrown in, which above all else gives you unlimited data. Just a thought...

Awesome Z10 on 4G EE. BBM 2B80D5C2 or Tweet @geekl33tgamer :-)

I have a Z10 because i dropped my Q5 in dogs water bowl. I must say in some ways i loved my Q5 more it is a wicked phone

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

This deal is available to everyone. Virgin only offer the q5 as they refuse to stock the other blackberry 10 devices.
It's nothing special aimed towards blackberry and hardly anything new as they had these deals before blackberry 10 was even released

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Also consider buying the Q5 from CarphoneWarehouse currently £129 in red and getting this same tariff on sim only for £15 per month.

Q10 SQN100-3/