Vippie Mobile SIP Client for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 14 Apr 2010 09:40 am EDT
Vippie Mobile

The long-awaited SIP client for BlackBerry smartphones is now available. The software dubbed "Vippie Mobile" is available directly via the companies site. Users will be able to connect with voipswitch and 3rd party SIP servers, and can be linked to an IP address of a voipswitch, or to a DNS. Features include:

  • license for VoIP providers, unlimited number of users - price $3500.
  • Vippie Mobile for Blackberry is a SIP softphone that works on Blackberry Curve and Bold series
  • support for g711 codec
  • support for VoIP tunnel technology which works from blocked areas or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • connectivity over Wifi, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS

The software is currently compatible with Bold and Curve devices. For more information, head to

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Vippie Mobile SIP Client for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available


Over WiFi only? Could it be? Is this what I've been dreaming of the moment I got my first BlackBerry with WiFi capability? Someone pinch me, now!

edit: Storm support, please 8<

according to their website, it works over edge and umts as well. hopefully thats true, and it becomes available shortly for $15-$30. then you just need to add unlimited int'l BB service and go anywhere on the planet and be able to make/receive calls through an office asterisk with no int'l roaming charges at all. am i missing something here, or is this not the holy grail?!?

$5000 for a SIP client on Blackberry... $0 (i.e. FREE) SIP clients are available for Android. Am I the only one that sees an issue with this?

For endusers - license for one mobile device:

* Nokia/Symbian, g729, GSM, g711 codec - $15
* Windows Mobile, g729, GSM, g711 codec - $15
* Android, g729, g711 codec - $30

I really hope they release it soon and add Storm support! really looking forward to use it with my Asterisk server...

according to the Vippie website this is NOT currently available for endusers on the Blackbery platform....


Would be very nice once they release it for end users. I would love to be able to call customers back from my blackberry while still keeping my company number on the CID. As it is currently, I have to dial into my asterisk box and then dial out of it effectively using two channels and costing double.

I went to the web site. This doesn't appear to be a simple program to allow your blackberry to make calls through you home-made asterisk server.

Too bad, Asterisk is neat (and you can install it on many wireless gateways if you modify the firmware), but SIP phones are expensive.

What did u find that made you think this way? Asterisk is extremely powerfull and configurable, as a matter of fact almost every single VoIP provider uses Asterisk behind curtains...

Shame on them. Really bad product release. This generates nothing but bad PR for VS (don't even want to mention their full name). Crackberry folks, please change the title of the post. I got all excited here. :(

I've been waiting for someone to figure this out for years now. There are at least 10 different SIP apps for the iPhone out there. Why is this so hard? I'll build it myself :).

Is this were I leave my comment for the contest for the free copy of the SIP Client? Yeah! First to enter the contest!

... to ask about single license options, or if they offer anything else other than the $3,500 unlimited. I doubt I'll get a reply.

Even at $3,500, if this is a genuine SIP client that I could use against say 3CX it could save my business up to $15,000 a year !.

Could this be the holy grail of a decent SIP client for the BlackBerry or just smoke and mirrors, lets see if VoipSwitch can genuinely come up with the goods !.

Wow what a dissappointment. I've pretty much given up on a true voip client that offers full duplex calling. I guess the talk about BBOS not being able to do playback and record at the sametime are true. Rim needs to get this fixed. Out of all the different smartphone OS's out there, Blackberry is the only one without a sip client, you would think the premier business phone would be first to have that. Hell if anything, put voip in BBM.

The copy you get for 15 bucks (if you can even get it) is locked to their servers. It may be SIP, but it offers no flexibility, it's another captive audience solution that's not even as good as Skype. The guys running the company have no idea what they're talking about, each guy you talk to contradicts his coworkers.

I think they are expecting to hit a home run and get some big carrier to start buying licenses for this, I don't believe they think they can sell many retail licenses.

It's a shame they're so backwards and confused, a real SIP client that allows you to gateway to any server you want would be a viable product on many smartphone platforms, if it worked over 3G AND WiFi

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To answer everyone's questions - YES - there is a full Voip/SIP client now out there for BlackBerry! - myKryptofon

This app is more than just a full blown Voip/SIP app - It is a voice, chat, and file transfer app ALL with full 256bit encryption!

This program is NOT in a demo/beta state. It is in production mode and available for a free 14 day trial. After the 14 days, the encryption app is available for less than $1 per day with a month to month agreement. Unlike other encrypted apps out there, this one does not require long contracts or massive amounts of $$$.

Of course, to use the all the encrypted feature, both parties are have to have the app.

Blackberry does a good job of encrypting your data, but not your voice!


Does it support Storm 2 from Verizon? 9550 supports WIFI, GSM and UTMS. So it should work, but I need to make sure it will work before I purchase the product.

- Kman

For $20 thats kinda pricey for a BB app so I didnt want to buy it just to find out that its as crappy as Blackvoib (never could get anything but really noisy, chunky audio of that). Has anyone bought it and tried it out? Does it actually work in 3G?

I'm a voip reseller, and purchased this application to implement it in a BB customer, and it simply won't work. I've entered my SIP server, user and pass. When I attempt to dial, it says: dialing and it does nothing else. After a minute or so, it fails. There's no much tech support from voipswitch website either.

I know it's not the account I'm using, because it works perfectly well from a pc client application.

I would not recommend it to anyone just yet. It still needs some improvements.

If anyone has had any luck with it, please share your knowledge, it'll be greatly appreciated.

btw I'm using bb curve 8520

An update to nebula65's last post:

Beta trial for fgVoIP SIP VoIP client for BB is now completed. It supports:

OS 4.6 = 8520, 8900 and 9000
OS 5.0 = 8520, 9000 and 9700
We are working on OS 6.

14 trial version at: