Vinto by HedoneDesign now supports BB6 - Get 30% off for a limited time!

Vinto by HedoneDesign
By Michelle Haag on 1 Feb 2011 08:46 am EST

Vinto is a stylish new offering from HedoneDesign for your BlackBerry. Simple black backgrounds make the grey icons stand out just enough, and the orange accents throughout really pop! This theme offers 15 animated user customizable icons, 3 predefined icons and with the included Today preview you'll be able to see your unread messages, feature calendar events etc… right from your home screen. Combined with custom battery and signal meters and an awesome futuristic font, this theme is sexy. You can never go wrong with a theme from HedoneDesign on your BlackBerry, and this one is no exception.

Vinto is available for $6.99 in the CrackBerry store and supports BlackBerry 85/93xx, 9000, 95xx 89/96/97xx, and 9800 OS 5.0 and 6.0. Yes, you read correctly! Vinto supports non-touch BB6 devices! Use coupon code CB30VINTO from your device to get 30% off the price of Vinto through February 3rd! Keep in mind the code will only work in our mobile store or mobile app store client from your device!

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Vinto

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Reader comments

Vinto by HedoneDesign now supports BB6 - Get 30% off for a limited time!


I don't know much about the theme since there is only the one screenshot and I'm away from my computer, HOWEVER, following the above link to the store, that had to be the funniest theme description I've read in a long time.

Had me chuckling out loud and will be something I check out.

Bought it, downloaded OTA, got "Installation Successful" message, did battery pull. No sign of the theme in my Bold 9650 with OS 6. HedOneDesign says it should work, can't do a thing about my problem. I'll dispute the charge on my MasterCard, I guess.

did you order the os6 version ?

what does the theme name say in application menu?

thats bad service if they wont sort it out! only takes a minute to check and swap over if have the wrong version

Mobihand evidently gave me the link to the version that doesn't work on OS 6. They took care of it promptly. Theme looks good, but it mucked up the organization of my folders after a re-boot. I hope this was just a one-time glitch.

why not just discount it by 30% instead of using promo codes??

oh i know why, as they get more money from people who cock up entering it and get charged full price!!!

or from people who buy it from other locations and so get ripped off.

You sound bitter. Maybe if you spent half as much time on your own themes as I'm guessing (based on your comments) you spend talking about other theme developers work maybe.. just maybe.. you wouldn't be so bitter.

tried it - paypal error
tried directly from crackberry store - coupon error

interest has moved on - better luck next time

Man I just bought this the other day! UGH!!!! It is a nice theme, but it has re-arranged my icons on me. *confused as to why on that*....but ADORE the big clock!

Really nice looking theme but lags big time on my Bold 9650. Did a battery pull and everything, still the same problem. Plus, description mentions today options and i still can't get it to do that... going back to my original OS6 theme - i don't mind the different panels now that i'm used to them.

alright, I purchased this app using the link provided with the coupon code. The description is not very clear, it says "HedoneDesign Vinto (Now BlackBerry 6 OS supported)". I assumed that this must be the one for OS6, so I went ahead and purchased it, only to find out that it is a OS5 theme!!! Not very happy right now, if you go to and search for the theme, there is actually two options to choose either OS5 or OS6. I mean WTF crackberry, why provide a link that says supports OS6 only to let you purchase a useless OS5 theme?! some real bs

LOl, just bought it the other day at full price too!

but its worth it! very cool theme!!

Only thing, the screenshot shows a custom icon to the right of the clock (weather), however i have the battery indicator and options as preset prefer the custom icon! is that change possible in an update for the torch version?

Would love this theme, if it wasnt for the fact that it overrides your font sizes in the messages and SMS screens, making it so big that you can only see 5 messages at a time (if they're all on)... Had to take it off because it bugged me too much, ofc you guys didn't include screenies of those windows on your site :S

Honestly disappointed, paid 5$ for a theme I've used for a few minutes before switching back to a free theme...