Vintage by Cocky Culture - Yesterday's swagger on today's BlackBerry!

Vintage by Cocky Culture
By Michelle Haag on 27 May 2011 08:51 am EDT

After a long hiatus, Cocky Culture has just burst back into the BlackBerry theme scene in a big way. Their new theme Vintage is one of a kind, and a refreshing take on maximizing your home screen space. This one isn't for you wallpaper junkies, but if you crave a fresh look and a funky feel, keep reading.

Once you install Vintage on your BlackBerry, the first thing you'll see is the bold use of text on your home screen. This isn't your typical static wallpaper; every element you see is a functioning icon. That square-face dude in the middle? He's your battery meter. The little shapes at the bottom of the screen are your signal meter. The clock sits at the left of the screen in a slide out dock that holds information about your carrier and the date. There is even a 4 icon dock thrown in that you can customize with the first 4 icons from your app screen. The icons Cocky Culture used are fun and colorful, and look great against an antiqued background. I especially love the color combination used throughout this theme. The reddish pink and light blue are a combo you really don't see used anywhere else, and I really think it fits well.

Vintage is a hot theme, and one you will quickly fall in love with if you enjoy walking a bit outside of normal. You can pick this up on sale for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) for BlackBerry 8330/50i, 85xx, 89xx, 93xx, 95xx, 9630/50, 97xx, and 9800.

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Vintage by Cocky Culture - Yesterday's swagger on today's BlackBerry!


This looks like one of those themes that look neat but could end up being total garbage. Which is the worst when there's no way to test them out before buying.

I wish you could test a theme before buying, thats the only reason WHY I won't buy them because I don't want to spend any money on something I don't like.

Tried to checkout with the discounted price but when added into the cart, returns to the $4.99 price (AT 8:51AM, CST on 05/27). Whats up with that?!?!?

It might take a bit to show up throughout the network. Try clearing your internet cache, that might help it pop up faster.

I almost never buy themes, but I was getting bored with my 9800 so I went for this one. Awesome! It will keep me going until I buy the 9900.

only one issue Maps does not work. Not sure if it is because ATT blocks BB Maps icon, but I know I have it. Also I have google maps installed.

A truly unique theme. Only downside I see is that it appears best suited to a touch screen device. Can't wait to try this out when the 9900 comes out.

got this theme for my 9700 os6 and it is the best theme i have ever used! totally unique!
side-ways clock -- wow -- icons are awesome, not very wallpaper friendly, but change when it looks so hot like it is!

buy it now!!

I wouldn't mind getting it if the price is taken back down to $2.99 (wish I'd seen the forums where it was $1.99 last week!)

I tried to buy this, but the price that shows up in the shopping cart is $4.99. What's up with that??

Have a good one.

The theme is absolutely beautiful and very different. I've a small issue with wallpaper in landscape, which can hopefully be sorted - and then this will look wonderful on my Torch.

Thoroughly recommended (assuming the slight snafu on my homescreen is my setup and not general.) Anyway, kudos for whoever put the long hours in...

I just want to say that the attitude towards price is depressing, I realize that not everyone can afford to spend money on themes and that some people change their theme too often to justify spending more than a few dollars on each but as a fellow theme developer I can see that a considerable time investment was required to develop this theme. The regular price of $4.99 for a quality, unique, and artistic theme like this is more than fair. Obviously everyone has the right to their own opinion but I think that constantly berating developers for the price they place on their work is insulting.

That being said here's my 2 cents on the theme itself. The theme overall is masterful and incredibly well designed, but as previously mentioned do not spend the money if you're thinking about changing the wallpaper. It might be doable if it weren't for the fact that the BBM icon has a background that matches the wallpaper leaving a bizarre rectangle if you change the wall. In light of this I seriously question the "custom icon order, this is the first row of your app menu" being a part of the permanent home screen wallpaper. Helpful to the less experienced user initially but kind of odd after you know how it works. I absolutely love the icons and the overall color scheme flows well throughout the theme. Love the sideways clock and sliding info panel as well, great way to maximize use of the screen and still include these items.

Personally, I feel that if you advertise a certain price for something, you should honor it. I may not be a developer, but I'm an end-user and that's my opinion.

The sale price expired this morning and i didn't know this post was going up. I re-upped the sale through the weekend after i saw that but it can take a bit of time to show up on everyone's comp. I think if you clear your browser cache it should show up with the new price but im not sure.

To be fair, that's not Cocky Culture's fault. When I wrote the post last night, it was on sale. Mobihand updated their stores a while back, and in doing so removed the feature of being able to see how long a sale is running for. Therefore, when we write reviews and such, we have no way of knowing when the sale ends. This is just a case of bad timing, but not in any way false advertising. As he has stated the sale has been renewed through the weekend, and it shows at $2.99 for me currently, so hopefully it's straightened out now. I hope Mobihand puts that option back into their site, it's sorely missed.

I have no issue with the price. I do have issues with buying something just from screen shots, with no return policy or even a video showing what it looks like working on a live device.

I've seen some amazing themes that are FREE, better than some of the garbage out there that are selling for like 6.99. So that's why I'm always hesitant in buying so-called "Premium" themes.

im using this one on my BB9700, cant wait for BB Touch to fully maximize this theme.. Great Job Cocky Culture :)

This is really a fantastic theme. It's laid out beautifully and I actually turned off my Wallpaper changer because i love it that much. Probably the most original theme i have seen in a long time. Great job Cocky Culture!!

Someone mentioned on another forum that the font is too big in the email list? Does anyone else have that issue?

Cute but concept & layout is similar enough to SadosBerry's iHeartU Torch that it doesn't seem very original to me.

I hate this "fraud check"! It pops up every single time I buy something on mobihand. Now I need to wait, and it certainly won't be 15 minutes

ok, here's an idea - let's get a contest going and like give away 50 copies of this and make everyone happy. cool? PLEASE ENTER ME IN THIS FUTURE CONTEST. all will be good. all will be GREAT if i WIN! :)

piece out

Purchased theme, and all I gotta say is THIS THEME IS THE TRUTH!!!!! I am a fellow theme developer, and I usually have a hard time using other peoples themes because I always end up finding something I don't like or want to change and the perfectionist in me ends up recreating the theme myself with the desired changes. I must say though, I think this is the first theme that I really can't find any flaws in. (other than creating some icons for my third party apps and using MagicIcon to match the rest of the theme)

Well done D_Town_Tony, you really outdid yourself this time!

Enough already said about this theme so ill keep it short .. This theme is worth every penny .. absolutely gorgeous.. cant wait for an update.


Does that mean you are not having the landscape issues? I too am having the same problems I've heard a couple others say about the icons and everything getting all scrunched. Pretty much unreadable and unusable in landscape mode.

Still a great theme, just wondering if there is a fix for this. Then I can boast best torch theme of all time.

I just bought it and for 3 bucks it is a f*cking steal!!! Totally worth it. Looks so neat and well perfect:-)

I saw this on Mobihand when it was still on $1.99, I loved the colours but wasn't sure how it would work on my 8520. Then I saw Sal sporting it on the forums and asked if it works as well as it said. I bought it and it is worth more than what I had paid for! I'm a wallpaper junkie but this theme does not make me crave for the next wallpaper. Beautiful theme. Love the colours, the icons and the vintage look!

This theme is great but it does not render properly on my Torch in landscape. When I shift to landscape I don't see the home screen, it automatically shows the icon screen but with only 3 icons across. If I hit the red phone button it shows the home screen but all scrunched together. The theme is not usable on my Torch in portrait, there needs to be a fix for this.

In potrait, the theme work perfectly.

I bought this theme earlier today, it took a little getting used to...but it is awesome. It is for sure one of the best themes i have ever had on my phone. It works perfectly on my BB Curve 3G!!!