Vining for attention

Vining for Attention
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2013 04:32 pm EDT

I confess. I like Vine. I used it yesterday for the first time and have been having some fun the past 24 hours making my own Vine creations (yes, I've been walking around the past 24 hours with 3 phones in my pocket... Z10 / Q10 / iPhone 5). You can check out my first Vine attempts below. The roof top one is pretty epic. *Note - It appears embedded Vines don't seem to play too nice on the CB10 app or on the BB10 web browser, so hit up a desktop if you're not experiencing them in their full awesomeness*

If you're not familiar, Vine is an app that is Instagram-like in nature, but instead of sharing still photos you share six second looping animations. They're similar to camera-made animated gifs where you cut together still images in a row, or you can also simply record a straight six second video clip.

Right now the Vine app is only available for the iPhone, but Twitter owns Vine so we'll likely see it hit more platforms in the months ahead. I actually signed up for Vine back in January when it first launched so I could grab my @crackberrykevin handle just in case Vine did become the next big thing, but I never actually used it or paid much attention to what it was really about. 

Then yesterday afternoon I was hunting around CB HQ for one of my misplaced SIM cards as I made the move over from my black Q10 to my white Q10, and I picked up my iPhone which I haven't touched in months to see if it had a SIM in it. When I turned it on I saw the Vine app and tapped it open. Unbeknownst to me until that moment, I discovered I already had over 300 subscribers even though I had never yet made a Vine, so I decided I would attempt one.

The process of making a Vine is easy, though it immediately became apparent to me that making an awesome Vine is much more difficult. You need to be creative. You need to look at your surroundings differently. And with only a six second time limit to cram your Vine into, you need to be clever. Once you decide you want to make a Vine of something, it's almost like a puzzle solving game trying to figure out how to do it up best. I don't know... there was just something about the process of making a Vine that I liked.

Will Vine become the next Instagram? I honestly don't know. What I do know is that my 24 hour Vine experience reminded me that I hate it when an app I want isn't available for BlackBerry. I'm vining pining for the day when new apps will hit BlackBerry -- and all mobile platforms for that matter -- at the same time. I wish apps were like the web. You build a website once (to standards) and it will work across Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. You don't build a website for each web browser. Yet when it comes to apps, that's essentially what we see going on still. There are possible solutions, like HTML 5, that are moving us in this direction, but we still have a way to go before this day hits.

With BlackBerry Live coming up soon, we'll have a check in with BlackBerry on how their drive for apps is coming along - hopefully they'll have some updates and announcements for us. In the meantime, enjoy my Vines, and drop a comment. Like Vine? Or think it's a waste of time? Let me know in the comments!

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Vining for attention


I was thinking the exact same thing Bla1ze was. An android version of vine is coming out soon so we can side load it in the meantime until it is made for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

Saw the burger and building vids off your tweets yesterday. I liked the burger one especially.
Is Vine needed? No. Is it cool? Yeah definitely can be.
Saw on their App Store listing that Android users are also "vining" for a version.

And obviously agree with the cross platform app commentary!

This is how you CB10, son!

Vine has piqued my interest way more than Instagram. Looking forward to a BB10 version, or at least an Android port.

Kind of strange that an editorial is devoted to an iPhone app. I get the whole cross platform angle, but bb10 doesn't even have a bank of America app yet, so vine is probably a long way off.

Read the second last paragraph. I just picked a single app to make a bigger point while telling a story. This wasn't about the priority sequence in which I want to see apps hit BB10.

I got that and it's a great point, but apps are a major part of the smartphone wars and I think Apple and Android would strongly resist making apps standard across most or all platforms. Why would they even think about jeopardizing such a competitive edge?

Sure, the platforms would rather keep things closed (especially the platforms that have the edge on volume right now like iOS and Android), but long term things ideally need to change, for consumers and publishers.

Think about it from the perspective of a media publisher like us... we have four major websites in CrackBerry, Android Central, iMore and Windows Phone Central. To keep those sites up and running on the web, we have to worry about four sites, which run a mainly similar code base.  Now if our goal is to have an app for each site on each major app platform -- which is a reasonable goal -- we need to build and maintain 16 apps. It's nuts.

We're getting there... cross platform app platforms like Unity are making it easier for devs to build once and move between platforms. I just want it to happen faster, and also not sacrifice quality. 

I agree (and think just about everyone agrees), but it reminds me of Windows and Mac software. It's been decades and they're still independent and incompatible. I hope you're right and this happens in the not too distant future.

I work in IT in app development, and we have a mobile app in development built off of visual studio that can be deployed to all the major 3 platforms with one version of code, I am not a developer myself but I was told one code change and all 3 platforms are updated so this is actually possible now. Again this is what the developer told me and I don't have all the details as I know there are several tools he is using to achieve this.

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My favourite persona Dirt Nasty posts vine flicks almost everyday, making me say LOLZ with each one of those :-D

I think Vine is interesting. A lot of people I know are using it. Wouldn't mind having it on my Z10.

CB10 on Verizon Z10

Hi kevin, great job..btw.when do you edit: Which Should I Buy: BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10?
I cant wait and I am sure I am not theonly one..:) take care and have fun another 10 days..;)

I'd love to see what it is but the pics above are white. Gonna have to pay a visit to youtube which doesn't let me login . . Smh Z10

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Meh there are much more important apps that BlackBerry has to focus on getting to their platform at the moment than Vine. It's neat but I doubt it will be the next big thing. It's just a fad.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

How can you carry 3 phones? I have a hard time keeping track of one. Let alone afford 3

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Surprisingly easy! Just toss them in my front jeans pockets. Two on the left side, one on the right. Maybe I'll up it to four this week! 

Aren't you worried about the amount of radiation three phones might be putting out all in the same spot?

Thank you for your answer.. Now I can go sleep..:) ( Im from Slovakia and its 11pm) I cant wait to read that article..! I had always iphone and BB, and I am happy I can use just BB since I have Z10...I love Z10 and I am ready to read about your experience with Q10.. I am telling to everybody about Z10 in my area.. And I show them Z10 can beat iphone and I think I have success because a lot of my friends are ready to switch.. Lets go BB and CB.. ! good luck..(ps: sorry for my english)

Honestly, I'm already tired of a lot of premium apps not on BlackBerry. The native apps are awesome.... AWESOME, but fewer and far in between. Android ports suck in my opinion - and it's even worse when apps like Vine aren't even available.

I appreciate what Marty Malek and Alec Saunders are doing, but jeeze - they need to address this App gap if they are going to be the number 3 player.

I wish they'd address the release date gap. There's still several more weeks (at least) before I can I can pick up a Q10 in the US. There was a full two month gap with the z10. I personally find that much worse than the app gap (which I think BlackBerry is doing a reasonable job at - slow but steady). What good are apps if I can't even get the device?

Iphone5 I hope it's not in the same pocket, I know if I had an iphone and a Z10. In the same pocket my BlackBerry would kick the iphones ass.

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If they can't even make a website/embedded objects that work with Chrome or the BB10 browser, that doesn't speak well of their ability to support open standards.

Is there anything BlackBerry can do to get developers on board besides what it's already done? In my eyes, BlackBerry has done more for devs than any other company and it seems to have made it dead simple for developers to bring their apps to BlackBerry 10. All it can do now is rely on BB10 adoption rates to prove to developers that BlackBerry 10 is a viable platform and investment.

The Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 is developed by Twitter so hopefully that's a sign of things to come!

Seriously?!? The man is responsible for offering input on BB and other platforms. Without carrying and understanding all platforms, how do you expect him to offer you intelligent and insightful articles, editorials, etc.? Lately it seems that more and more people on here are getting so quick to start name calling and being nasty... Can't we all just get along?

You bring up a good point with how to make a quality vine. I found all yours boring and not worth watching. No offence. 'Ive tried watching several professional comedians vines that they post on there twitter. And havent seen anything that was really worth the load times. So if professionals are having trouble with the 6 second process the number of everyday users posting stuff will be WAAAY less then your average person posting things on twitter.

Vine will not be the next big thing.

I do hope Vine isn't allowed near BlackBerry 10 unless a well crafted Native app using the Cascades framework and coded in C++.
I highly doubt it though...

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Vine is the perfect candidate for HTML5. There is no reason to go native for such a basic app which would benefit a lot from being available on all platforms, even Symbian.

Hi everybody, there use to be app that I had on my curve 8330 called twitvid I think that was name! so this is nothing new... :D

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I stumbled upon Vine sometime last week and thought it would be a really interesting tool for people with a creative/art background. As an illustrator,I would love to have some quick time lapse videos to send to clients or potential clients. I an really hoping a native app comes to bb10.

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If you have time on your hands, are bored, or just a voyeur lol, then you can check out . I guess they just load "Vines" right onto their website as they are submitted randomly throughout the world (you can read more about it on the website) and so you get this crazy cross section of vines from people all over...a neat 6 second glimpse into the lives of humanity.

Yes I said "neat" ;)

I'm using an app just like vine named "cinemagram" on my HTC ONE X....I hope by the time I get my Z10 all of these apps will be available if not natively or thru sideloading via android!

Both Vine and Instagram have taken my fancy. But where "Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read" (quote), Vine really gives the same old Instamatic feel, but with a little more motion.

Well I hope we see some major app on the new update its needed Kevin and I'm writing this with my new z10

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