Viigo Updated to Tango 9 (3.1.330): Adds Audio and Podcasts, Social Networks and Deals Module

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jun 2009 01:11 pm EDT

While at WES 2009 back in May, we got a hold of Viigo's President and CEO, Mark Ruddock, who walked us through what was coming to Viigo in the weeks ahead. The weeks ahead are now weeks past, and Viigo has officially rolled out a new release -- Tango 9, version 3.1.330 -- which includes some awesome improvements over Tango 8:

  • Social Networks including Twitter, Facebook, Friend Feed and Identica are now supported.
  • Audio & Podcasts is now available and, because of a partnership with, comes with more than 10,000 podcasts across 22 categories to get folks jumpstarted (you can find the CrackBerry Podast in the Viigo Recommends section!)
  • A Deals module has been added. Now you can buy the best sale items or hottest promotions using Viigo and the Gazaro service.
  • Keep track of credit card, bank or frequent flyer accounts for example in the new My Accounts service, the first premium service in Viigo found in the Business & Finance Module.
  • An improved Weather module now gives you real-time updates, day and night forecasts, radar and much more info.
  • And at the core, a new real-time channel framework has been implemented.

Viigo has a ton of modules these days, so if you're not yet familiar with the app you'll definitely want to check out to learn more about each the features in detail. Since Tango 8, Viigo has built in a number of new services. Services new to Tango 9 include: Golf,Youtube, Motor Sports,, Hockey, Industry News in Stocks & Finance, Open Table, Craigslist, Dine.TO, Traffic News, Federated Media, Package Tracking in Shopping Channel and

BEFORE YOU INSTALL/UPGRADE: There are a couple of important notes here before you upgrade/install:

  1. If you are already running a version of Viigo installed from BlackBerry App World, it must be removed before installing this latest version of the app.
  2. Keep in mind that Audio consumes significant bandwidth. Be sure you have an appropriate data plan before going nuts on the podcasts (especially considering how long our CrackBerry ones tend to be!).

GET THE LATEST VIIGO: To get the latest version of CrackBerry Viigo, simply point your BlackBerry's web browser to

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Viigo Updated to Tango 9 (3.1.330): Adds Audio and Podcasts, Social Networks and Deals Module


The update does not have facebook support for the social network section. Twitter, friendfeed, jaiku, and are the only ones showing. Maybe a manual addition of facebook is needed.

Presently the support for Facebook is restricted to posting articles to your wall from the quicklaunch buttons. To do this, however, you have to add Viigo's Facebook app to your Facebook account (done in Facebook). More to come on this shortly.

The facebook integration gives you the ability to post an article that you just read (in news/rss) to facebook.

In order to do this, you must have the Viigo-Facebook app installed. Head over to facebook first, fill out the necessary details for the facebook app, then you're all set to post to fb from Viigo.

I have the Alpha version on my 8900... any need to get rid of that and replace it with this version?

I decided to uninstall Alpha and go with the new Tango version. Honestly, I don't see any difference. Am I missing something that the Alpha version has that this new Tango doesn't?

Viigo doesn't work in pure Wifi mode. This is necessary for folks without a data plan, or for people who don't want Viigo data transfers to count against their plan. Additionally it is a lot faster as data isn't proxied via your carrier and/or RIM.

But for some reason they have a blind spot about this. Since an early beta when they accepted feedback via email I told them about it and the very simple fix including a pointer to the relevant page on the BlackBerry developer's guide. (The fix is to append ";interface=wifi" on the end of URLs and hostnames.)

I also left the same feedback on their blogs. I can't leave the feedback on their forums or support since they require you do it from within the app or an account created from within the app which you can't do if the app can't connect!

So Viigo, pretty please add pure wifi mode to make your application actually work for some of us. I have tried every possible avenue of contacting you ...'s not last week's news. .330 was released on Wednesday after I complained to @RuddockMH, CEO of Viigo, on Twitter because I was having freezing issues. Check out his feed or mine and you'll see for yourself.

easiest way to avoid memory issues is to not run it in the background. Run it, get what you need, and close it completely.

Before you close Viigo go into options and clear the cache (Options -> Application Settings -> If there is a cache "clear cache" appears when you press the Blackberry key).

Sometimes Viigo also uses the BB browser. After you close Viigo open your browser and go to options -> cache operations and clear your cache (I clear everything except cookies - wish you could pick and choose what cookies you want kept).

I have tried to download the new version of Viigo twice now and after installing I keep getting "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException". Anyone know how to help with this?

im sorry i cant listen to the whole video...i turned it out after about a minute, his shrieking whistling noise is killing me!

is it just me or does the app move a little quicker now??? deleted/uninstalled old version, installed the new, did the battery pull and after the reboot, ran the app... seemed to open/search/close quicker... normally it takes awhile to load... was wondering if anyone else noticed....

I loved viigo on my curve, but it just beats the crap out of my storm's usability. Slows it down terribly. I uninstall it, and it goes right back to normal.

Oh'll prolly run fine on the tour.

Never mind. On uninstall of prior, my old city selections were still there. After deleting and reselecting, all the new weather features are running.

Is anyone else having issues logging into their Viigo account? I've been getting run time errors all day long. The public viigo site works just fine but as soon as I try to log into my account i get the errors.

My weather channel does look like that after I updated. I have a bold. When I click on the city, I do not get the current and 5 day forecast with the radar. I must force it to open in the browser to accuweather. Anyone else seeing that? thx

If you have downloaded the latest version of Viigo you do have the new Weather service, however, in order to use it you have to remove the cities you currently follow and add them back in again. This is the only way to view the new service with cities you already had, any new city added would automatically go to the new service.

why does anyone care about this stupid program? I hear about it over and over again and have installed it at least 3x - different versions ya know and i totally delete it after 20 minutes of messing with it-
it's not innovative, it's not really good at doing anything-
noone CARES about Vitaligo
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I guess I'll try this version out too and then uninstal it in 20 minutes-we'll see- /:)

That's what I did until I learned how to use it. Now it is one of the apps I use the most. You have to subscribe to the RSS and Podcast feeds you want. It is better if you add your own. I have Crackberry on there and an alert when there are new article posts. I never have to go to Crackberry on the browser to see if I missed anything. Also I added podcasts from ESPN, my local sports radio stations, local newpapers, and local TV stations. I have about 25 feeds I use now. About 10 from Blackberry sites alone. With the new feeds I will use it more than the AP app. I don't use the finance, traffic, deals, etc. You can remove those so they don't clutter up your screen.
Anyway, FYI

There is a new icon in the quicklaunch toolbar (found at the bottom of articles and other content). This will allow you to post to your wall, provided you have added the Viigo for Facebook application to your Facebook account.

That is the one thing I can't find on facebook. Every other application is there except facebook..any ideas?

K, delete the old one, installed the new one and seems 2 wrk fine on my bold.

Ya had to add the cities for the weather, but all my sports one were still there.

this version seems slower than the previous one, but its working ok.

havnt try the facebook thing yet

Posting articles works. However, I would prefer to use viigo as my facebook client. Is viigo planning to improve their support? :)