Viigo Update: Download & Read Free E-Books!

Viigo as an E-Book Reader!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2008 06:30 am EST

I was really hoping our next Viigo update would be the long-waited Podcast announcement (it's not, so don't kill me in the comments!), but this update is PRETTY COOL and is something I'll be using often... Viigo as an E-Book Reader! From Viigo:

Are you ready to turn your smartphone in to an e-book reader but don't want to add another application to your device? If so, Viigo is your answer. Having partnered with Dailylit, Viigo now provides access to a library of books for free.

To access the new service, click on Entertainment from the home screen and choose "Add Channel". Select DailyLit from the menu.

Once you have selected the books you would like sent to you, return to the Entertainment channel. You can then select the book you would like to begin reading.

I'm really digging the implementation on this. Each book is broken down into short "chapters", which make it easy to read small chunks whenever you have a few minutes free. If you're not rocking Viigo yet, just visit

Viigo Invite-a-Friend Contest: And while we're taking Viigo... if you're a fan of the app and want a chance to win some cool prizes while spreading the Viigo word, be sure to check out this page for contest details!

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Viigo Update: Download & Read Free E-Books!


Is this a market-specific thing? The DailyLit channel isn't showing up in the listing. I only have two channels listed there -- "Bplay Games and Themes" and "Entertainment News."

I have v3.0.246 installed on my Sprint 8330 running OS4.5.0.77.

We're looking into this right now.

Note: You do NOT need to upgrade your version of Viigo though. DailyLit titles will appear in the Entertainment library when you click Add Channel in the Entertainment folder.


Same here, exactly as dougxd said.
farkasb: I upgraded mine before trying it since I knew I had not done the most recent upgrade. It didn't make a difference. Still no DailyLit channel.

It didn't show up for me either so I checked out the site. I was able to subscribe to a couple of free books but others are available for a fee. I don't see how this is specific to Viigo or how the info in this post pertains (unless the post came out before Viigo got it up and running?)

The Entertainment Library is currently being updated by the admins to include the DailyLit content. For some reason, the production version is missing the titles. I will let you know when it's up.

When it's ready, you will be able to hit Menu->Reload Listing within the Entertainment Library, and the Daily Lit titles should appear.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys.


Mark Ruddock

for this to be operational. What a fantastic new way to kill time! As of 8:45 am EST my experiences are the same as everyone else - still waiting.

I saw dailylit on viigo the other day was but was too busy racing to check the scores for the EPL so I didn't stop to check i out. But I just went to add the channel 1 minute ago and it was gone. Am i the only one?

Edit: Just saw everyone else's posts about it missing. Keep checking back in guys. Im really excited about this. Thanks viigo for the all the hard work you guys do and the cool content.

Not to throw a wrench in the works, but i noticed Dailylit over the weekend and didn't know what it was, so i left it, but after reading the post i really wanted to start using it, and when i checked it, it was gone... I don't know if that changes anything

Daily Lit is UP!

Please choose MENU-Reload Listing from the Entertainment channel library, and you should see the Daily Lit channels.

You get to the Entertainment Channel Library by heading to the Entertainment folder and selecting "Add Channel".

Sorry for the screw-up this AM ...

Mark Ruddock

Ok, so now what? I've added a few books and for Dracula I get the first 3 of 187. I've been in the middle of reading Dracula and I'm probably around 2/3 finished. So how do I get any more than the first three installments? I'd like to jump to installment ~120 right now.

I subscribed last week and I love the idea, but I'd like to know how to get it to resend past editions. When you first subscribe to a book, it sends 5 installments. The next day, a sixth installment, and then after that it sends a new installment and deletes the oldest. I was able to figure out how to go back and read them on the webpage, but I thought that was kind of a pain. I also agree with Blackberry Beard - I might want to read more than my little chapter a day sometimes.

Perhaps its obvious I haven't gone to the Daily Lit website (or even thunk about the "Daily" part of it.

I currently have Dracula broken up into about 75 chunks sitting in my Gmail account. The subject of each is Dracula 01, Dracula 02, etc. I then use Google's Gmail app for the blackberry so whenever I'm waiting somewhere I just search within my Gmail for Dracula and open the next email. Sometimes it might be weeks between reading one chunk and the next chunk. Sometime I might read four or five chunks in one sitting.

I had hoped Daily Lit would be a replacement for this so I wouldn't have to go out to Gutenberg and cut and paste into 75 emails to get it to my blackberry. Will it work this way for me?

Blackberry Beard

I tried this project just prior to this announcement, in order to monitor the election results in the US. Unless I was missing something, I couldn't find any way to configure the software to store its content on my SD card. I think the e-book feature is great. The forthcoming podcast subscription feature will be fantastic. But unless we can take advantage of the SD storage, I fear this product will not be practical for me.

We are thrilled you're all so excited to use DailyLit in Viigo! As you may know, DailyLit lets you read entire books via email or RSS--and via Viigo.

Reading DailyLit with Viigo is designed to be a communal reading experience; that is, one new installment is made available in the feed each day so everyone reads at the same pace. Each week the feed resets so that new readers can join without having missed many installments.

If you'd rather have your own, customized subscription, which allows you to control delivery frequency, installment length, and other settings, you can visit, subscribe to the book you want to read, and configure your settings however you'd like. We offer over 1000 books (many free); the 25 available through Viigo are some of our most popular.

I'm happy to answer any other questions folks have about the service.

Happy reading.
Maggie Hilliard

this is a very nice add on to the app. not as nice as the podcast feat but what the heck. it has a lot of great books in here that i havent read in years instantly loaded and already ready Dracula... A++ app

This is awesome! I just upgraded to newest version and i love the FREE EBOOKS!

Each and everyday there is always something good for my BB BOLD!

This has got to be the most useful app in bb land. Excellent RSS reader, fantastic ebook reader and soon to be podcast snagger. As much as i enjoy busting balls and ragging on some of the useless app's that show up on CB i got to thank Kevin, CB, and Viigo for putting out such a great product. Keep up the great work guys :)