Viigo Tracking to March Madness

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By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2008 03:20 pm EST

I just got word of this from our pals at Viigo...

Do you know what weekend this is? No? Well let us tell you. This is the weekend that marks the beginning of the drive towards March Madness, the first weekend in the NCAA basketball season.

And what does that mean? Well, it means that Viigo is launching its NCAA Basketball service of course. In keeping with the recent additions of NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA Football and Soccer (European Football), to go along with its other sports services, Viigo is providing access to scores, schedules, news and commentary as it relates to NCAA basketball.

Let's see if the Tar Heels from North Carolina can meet expectations and be number one at the end of the season.

If you're already a Viigo user there is no need to install a new copy of Viigo. To add NCAA Basketball, select "Sports" from the home screen and select "Add Sport" from the following page. Once you click into Basketball you can add NCAA. We cover 32 Conferences. Select the conference or conferences you would like to follow. North Carolina is in the Atlantic Coast Conference and play today!

Don't have Viigo yet? Learn about it and download it for free from!

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Reader comments

Viigo Tracking to March Madness


I did see that video, that's what made it exciting to see the photo of it, I had thought it might have come out and I missed it.

Looking forward to Viigo when it does come out for the storm.

Thanks again.

i play division 1 basketball and this will make it easier to find out what other d1 scores are. happy to have a blackberry