Viigo Pushes Out its 2009/2010 Hockey Service

Viigo Hockey Service
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2009 09:55 am EDT

Everybody knows Research in Motion's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie LOVES hockey, so you know he's already on top of this. But for everybody else who loves the sport, you'll want to know that Viigo has rolled out their 2009/2010 hockey service. You can start following today with preseason scores and schedules and once the regular season starts next week there will be a rich set of team and league stats available. If you're not a Viigo user you can grab it at the link below or visit on your Berry's web browser.

Viigo is one of those free BlackBerry apps that gets a TON of downloads and use (they recently broke the 1.5 billion article views mark) so I figured for some fun I'd toss a little poll along with this post. You can cast your Viigo-usage vote above.

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Viigo Pushes Out its 2009/2010 Hockey Service


Pushing out hockey may get me back to viigo...

Go Devils....and the NHL should give him a franchise so Jim would stop go after every team that is available!

And down goes Fraser! Too Soon?

The NHL should give give Kansas City their team back. Move the Devils back.

But seriously the the Kansas city team NEVER made a dime but for some reason little gary thinks Phoenix just needs to win in order to be profitable. NO your team should be profitable win or loose.

All in fun.

Viigo is too big for a simple RSS reader. Even its RSS reader is 1 MB. It really should only be half that.

You can delete the channels you dont use to shrink it down. For intance, I kept the RSS News, podcast, flights, and entertainment for movie showtimes. But I erased all the other ones like business, sports, weather, deals, send to a friend, Feedback etc....I dont need sports cause I have sports mobile...I dont need weather cause I have weather bug..etc...And I just don't need the other ones at all. So you can shrink it down to your needs so it's not so bulky.

I use ViiGo all the time. I am not always readily at a computer, so I use it to follow CrackBerry, Kotaku, Gizmodo, and my other sites. I found it is not bad with weather either. It does take a minute or 2 to update which is a little annoying, but nothing bad enough to delete it.

In reply to the pole I've downloaded Viigo but it loads slowly and has way more stuff than I would ever want to use. I am going to download Viigo News as it seems more like what I need.

Viigo could be incredible. I have installed and delted 3 diffrent times now. im tired of how slow it makes my storm and the loading process of all the rss feeds is rediculously slow. Maybe in the future. i mostly used it for sports (golf part sucks. i emailed them several times to fix the "previous tournements" folder because it was NEVER up to date. They emailed me back and said they fixed it. NOT!!!!!

I read an earlier post here about viigo decided to download it, uploaded my twitter and hate the interface of viigo. it's a lot like my web browser but not as easy to use. tomorrow, i am going to go see a techie and get it removed.