Viigo News Offers RSS Without The Clutter

Viigo News
By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2009 10:20 am EDT

Love Viigo but hate all the "extras"? Well Viigo News may be just the thing for you. The newest offering from Viigo gives up the excess features and cuts right to the chase. This streamlined version allows you to simply add RSS feeds so you get just the news, and runs a much faster operation. Viggo News allows you to add feeds from a huge variety of listings inlcuding news feeds, blogs and other channels, or you can add your own directly. I personally love this new version. I rarely touched many of the extra features Viigo offers (like podcasts and flight info) so having a trimmed down version is fantastic. You can download Viigo News totally free OTA for all devices from

CrackBerry content is of course still available in this new version - it can be found in the main News & RSS section under the CrackBerry banner. If you're looking for the full Viigo experience, the CrackBerry version of Viigo can still be downloaded from

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Viigo News Offers RSS Without The Clutter


When Viigo updated a year ago, I loved all those new features. I loved them until I realized it locked up my Curve every 30 minutes when it was updating. I finally scrapped Viigo and have used Google Reader since.

I may give Viigo News a chance, but the nicest thing about Google is that if you use iGoogle on your PC, your Berry gets updated to what stories you have already read.

Looks very useful. I rarely used Viigo because of how much it slowed my phone down, but I'll give this a try.

Im going to give this a shot. Would be nice if it still had weather though, I love the weather feature on Viigo.

I dont know what all the fuse is about ?! A "Lite" Version with still more than 1 MB ??? I delet Viigo for now and switch to ARR!SS-Reader; until they come back with a real Lite version with less than 0,5 MB. ARR SS is still in Beta and not perfect; but in the paid version the Import from Goolge Reader works quit good and they seem to be working on the next upgrade to vers. 1.6. ;-)

Thanks for the post Kevin.

In the past couple of years, we've seen over 2.4MM Viigo activations, and our servers have delivered over 1.5BB unique articles to users around the world. Needless to say, it's been busy here.

After having spent the past few months interacting with many of you on Twitter, and personally reviewing the feedback from our incident reports and across a number of forums, two things became apparent to me:

(1) That some of you wanted JUST the best News & RSS experience possible on BlackBerry ... and didn't need the other (albeit very popular) features.
(2) That our challenges with memory constrained devices were causing people who otherwise loved Viigo to have to forego the app.

As a result of this, we launched two rapid initiatives internally:

(1) Viigo News, focused on delivering an excellent News & RSS experience in as efficient a way as possible (memory & device overhead)
(2) The accelerated deployment of some critical memory and performance optimizations for the full Viigo (this is now in Open Alpha at

Our development team has done a superb job of bringing both these products to market quickly.

I want to reiterate that we do welcome your feedback, as we are committed to being a customer led and customer focused company.

We know we have more work to do, so stay tuned, we have lots more coming :-)

Mark Ruddock

Personally, I use the rss feeder function on Opera Mini and it works great for me. I never tried any other rss readers. Does anyone think this standalone is better than the one on Opera?

Blackberry Storm Verizon newest official OS downloading to update from old bloated Viigo only to get error cannot down load. Anyone else having a issue?

I can't get it to download! I have viigo on my phone already it prompts me if I want it to overwrite I tell it yes then it tells me it is not fully compatible with my phoe! BB 8900! Then it throws an erro 902 (I think that's it) please advise!

I believe you have to uninstall the viigo on your phone first before you could download viigo news. Give that a try.

Tried that. Still won't download. Looks like I might have to go into advanced options and delete the individual modules...

Does anyone have problems with viigo crashing your phone. I tried loading this and it went to a restart and nothing. Had to wipe and reload the OS. Viigo has done this to me before too. Be cautious

wiped the OS. I have never had to wipe an OS because of an app. Maybe there is something else going on...

I hope people realize that the Blackberry Browser already has excellent RSS feed reading built into it. It's very streamlined, doesn't take long to load feeds (headlines and expandable details all on one page), doesn't have adds like Viigo, doesn't cost money like Arr! SS, remembers what you've read, and can be set to automatically update each individual feed at different intervals.

Here's how you do it:
- In your Blackberry Browser, navigate to the address of a feed.
- Once it's loaded, hit the BB button, select Add Bookmark.
- Rename it or choose a different location (I have all my feeds in one folder).
- Auto Synchronize is the interval your BB will check for updates in the feed.
- Hit the Add button and you're done.

To view your feeds in the browser then, hit the BB menu button, select Goto, and then expand your bookmarks.

Updated feeds in your bookmarks will have a yellow icon, while read ones have a plain icon.

Adding a lot of feeds can be done easily by collecting your feed addresses in a single email on a desktop or laptop, and then sending the email to your BB. Then just highlite each link in the email, select Get Link, and add your RSS bookmark.

I've got like 20 feeds going on my Storm, running



When do you think Viigo will work properly with OS 5.0? Currently you cannot scroll down on the article previews, even with this newest version of Viigo

Yes, this is a known issue ... apparently, I am told, with the embedded browser control in certain versions of the 5.0 OS ... I believe that a fix is in the works from RIM.

That said, we're working to identify and resolve any other 5.0 compatibility issues we can ASAP.


I LOVED Newsclip before it became Viigo. Then Viigo became SO bloated with all those features that any BB I installed it on became slow. The podcast feature would just freeze up etc. I am so glad they are offering Viigo News. It is simple, works fast and looks so nice on my Storm. Thank you Virtual Reach!!

I had high hopes when I saw this post. Been wanting a streamlined version without all the useless (to me anyway) fluff of the the full viigo client. Went to download it and saw it was still 1MB in size. I think I'll pass. Like ronin59 said, when they come out with a true lite version, then I'll look again. I appreciate the fact that they are improving, optimizing, etc., but I think there's still too much bloat in the base app. Maybe next time.

Viigo in theory is an awesome program. In reality it is slow as hell, bloated, a big memory taker and leaker and overall poorly coded, so no thanks

Didn't see a download link on the site for a Tour compatible version. Does anyone know if another version would work for the Tour?

Also, I did not see a download available for this version for the TOUR. Available for Onyx, but NOT Tour???? wtf

Hey guys,
sorry for the confusion with the BB Tour, the website has been updated now and the Tour links are now available.

please let us know if you have any troubles downloading or running the app, by contacting us directly at


Ahmad Nassri
Director, Web Services

But Mr. Ahmad, the guys here have a point,

How this is even technically possible? How a software that has been stripped out of so many feature still have the same size? Can't you do something about it?
Even the ad says the client is "small", so it's really a shame.

You're right ... and we knew you guys were going to say something :-)

So, yes, we're aware the current version still has a 1MB initial download size ... and the dev team is going to work to get that down to a smaller footprint (a feat that is somewhat complicated at the moment by a shared code base) ... however at run-time, the app consumes FAR LESS memory than the full version of Viigo, and performs much more quickly on older and on memory constrained devices.

It also has a simplified UI... so if it's just the News you want ... please give it a try and let us know how well it works.



p.s. Please remove your prior version of Viigo first before installing.

Arr SS! shows promise and I'm interested in seeing how OM5 implements RSS feeds but as of right now, for my needs my go to RSS Fix comes from...Google Reader's mobile site... It's fast, automatically updates with just a refresh of the browser and takes up no memory(nor leaks it).

I was a longtime viigo use up until the alpha trial. I'd also struggled with the memory lag but the biggest thing that in the end caused me to delete the program was the lack of Google Reader support. I'd sent numerous tickets and even did the manual update channel by channel. If you have more than 10 feeds it becomes a long process and even by doing that I would still have articles when going on to the google reader website. I'm willing to give this new "version" a chance but I haven't seen anything mentioned if this has improved.

With a storm I get:

"Viigo:Virtual Reach" contains a module called "Viigo_API." A module with that name already exists in the "Viigo for Blacberry" applicaton. If you proceed...

Anyone know what this is?

I used Viigo just for the news and RSS. I had to delete Viigo because of memory/battery issues....but this version looks promising!

I have just concluded a review of every Blackberry RSS Reader I could find. I have concluded that Viigo is the best RSS Reader out there... and that is a pretty sad statement about the state of Blackberry RSS software.

Viigo is not a particularly good RSS Reader. Viigo should look to FreeRange for design queues. If FreeRange were still being developed and supported the Storm, I would dump Viigo in a heartbeat.

I have been waiting for so long for this program to become reality. They've had a "lite" version for a long time, but the 8900 couldn't run it. I wasn't into the full version, and quit using it once they added so much stuff.

I have installed it, and so far so good! THANK YOU VIIGO!!

gonna give this a go as I use a Pearl and any extra memory for me is a welcome. Of course this also means I'll have to reintstall weather eye or accu weather.....

When the update when opening channel function is enabled. Does that mimic a 'update all channels' or just 'update channel'? What I mean is, does Viigo go retrieve the latest news from that RSS feed, or does it just grab what's already in the Viigo database?

Viigo in concept is a really nice app. I had it installed at WES2008 on an 8830. When I got the 9530 I decided to ditch it since it was getting so big and ate up so much of my memory. I tried the lite version recently, and it's still eating tons of my memory up. So in the meantime I'll follow crackberry and all my other blog sites via twitter.

I attempted to install the Viigo news app on my phone and was not successful. After reading the comments above I see that I need to uninstall the original Viigo app first.

Well, uninstallation of the original Viigo app has been running for 45 minutes now without much progress. This is a painfully slow process that I am not sure is going to complete successfully. Don't attempt until you have some free time and don't need your phone for a while.

I liked the idea of the RSS feeds only. I don't use a lot of the added bulk in Viigo. BUT it would be nice if the Horoscope and Weather was still included. That's the main things I used other than the RSS feeds.

I followed the instructions and first uninstalled the regular viigo from my BB tour, rebooted, and then attempted to install the viigo news version. I keep getting the same few error message, after which the process terminates.

The first message states: "Viigo:Virtual Reach" contains a module called "Viigo_API." A module with that name already exists in the "Viigo for Blackberry" applicaton. If you proceed the existing module will be replaced. Proceed?

I pick "yes"

After a few seconds, a second message appears: "The downloaded module is incompatible with data already stored on the device. Upgrade anyway (some applications may not function)?

I pick "yes"

Then another few seconds later, I get the final error message "Download failed". Upon clicking on the "details" button, i get the following message "907 Invalid COD"

I've tried about 5 times after doing multiple reboots of the device and also ensuring that the Viigo application does not appear in the installed applications list. It does not.

Does anyone know to fix this?????

This is great. I used to use Viigo back when it was a lowly RSS reader and have missed its basic functionality as it got more sophisticated with newer devices over the last few years. Just tried this lite version and I love it. Also happy to report it works perfectly on OS 5.0.190 on my 8900 (which I've only decided to go back to today after the IM and FB updates which were my main gripes)

I needed a rss reader to catch up on news and blogs while being stuck at airports (especially Newark Liberty!). Search around these past 2 days and decided on Viigo. What a disappointment that was. Slow my BB 8830 to a crawl. I'm a geeky 50 but I have less and less patience for apps that "just can't get it done". I used Viigo for one day around the house and jumped ship this morning like rats on a burning boat. Thanks to all the posters about trying the knocked now Viigo version but first I'm going to try out Google. Why not, I use Google for mail, voice and pics. Cheers!

I have tried everything from my 8830. Tried changing the default browser to the BlackBerry Browser. Tried Tried Tried All I get is either a "download" button that tries to save a CAB file to my device (not helpful for OTA downloading) or a 404-not found error, or the site takes me back to the page where I can enter my email to get an email link or enter my cell # to get an SMS message with a link.

I used to be what I would call an extremely devoted user of Viigo, despite my many complaints in the past of memory leakage and bloat. However, all I was trying to do was reinstall viigo after upgrading my OS on the device, and I'm finding it impossible to do so. And there doesn't appear to be a standard way to install the damn thing via desktop manager, either. What gives, Viigo people???

Argh. I may check back here once more for another try at it if someone can tell me a method that works. Or I may give it another day at most and then give up on Viigo totally. Their support is definitely not as good as companies like WebIS (makers of PocketInformant) or BBSmart (makers of BBSMart Alarms Pro). Those companies make it so their users never have to jump through hoops to download their software OTA, and they constantly work to *reduce* their app size. Not so, apparently, with Viigo. Sad.