Viigo Launches NBA Service!

Viigo Goes NBA!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Oct 2008 04:59 am EDT

I LOVE these Viigo content partner announcements... an already great BlackBerry app just keeps getting better and better with each one...

* Update: If you're more into football than basketball we've got good news - Viigo has now added NCAA service! You can find it under Sports > Football > NCAA *

In honor of the first tip off of regular season action, Viigo has launched its NBA service. Viigo users can now get NBA schedules, live scores (updated regularly during game play), standings, news and information delivered right to their BlackBerry. A cool new feature Viigo added with the NBA service is the ability to add a game from the schedule directly in to your calendar. Simply go to the schedule, select the game you want and choose the "Add To Calendar" option in the menu.

If you still haven't tried Viigo, what are you waiting for?! Grab it HERE for FREE.

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Viigo Launches NBA Service!


IF you can work on giving us audio & podcast this would set your application apart. I can get everything else viigo offers elsewhere. When can we expect audio & podcast?


- Press Viigo icon
- Select Sports
- Under Home, select Add Sports
- Select Basketball
- Subsribe to NBA Live Scores, Schedule, Standings
- Select NBA News and Blogs
- Select Baskbetball Headlines
- Subscribe to CBS News, NBA Yahoo Sports, Scores
- hit go back button
- Select NBA Team News
- Select your favorite NBA Team
- hit go back button until you get to Home-->NBA
- hit menu button on BB
- Select update all channels
- after Viigo updates, Select NBA

Whaa Laa, all your NBA channels are there

Quick review:
Viigo App-->Home-->Sports-->NBA-->NBA Live Scores

Thanks for the instructions but what happens when you don't have the NBA Live Scores, Schedule, Standings subscriptions?

I'm able to get to the other subscriptions (seems to me they are scattered and not aligned to the post above.)

I'm running version V2.2.82

Viigo offers NCAA Men's Basketball

Viigo-->Home-->Sports-->Add Sports-->Basketball-->NBA News & Blogs-->Basketball Headlines-->NCAA Men's Baskbetball.

NBA AND KB24 Black Mamba owns NCAA any day once I get the storm this one of things I am going to put on it

ps. that kobe pic of kobe wearing the zoom 1's is kind of an old pic, put one wearing the hyperdunks!!!