Viigo How To Videos: Get up to Speed with Viigo Tango 9's Podcast and Facebook Modules

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jun 2009 02:41 pm EDT

This past Friday we posted about the release of the latest version of CrackBerry Viigo, Tango 9. Tango 9 brought forth a ton of improvements and new modules, including (finally!) the ability to listen to podcasts directly through Viigo as well as sharing your Viigo content with your Facebook friends. Our friend Matt at Viigo put together a couple of videos to walk Viigo users through these two new additions. Above is the podcast how to and below you will find the Facebook one. Thanks Matt! And if you haven't downloaded Viigo yet, you can visit this page for the details and download instructions.

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I was a fan of Viigo until recently. I tried downloading the new version about five times, including after contacting Viigo customer support. No luck since I keep getting a java error. I gave up and will try Google news for awhile (something I never even looked at before).


Works great for me. I love the podcast addition. Another reason to leave my iPod behind.


strange, mine loaded up the first time.


When listening to a podcast on my Storm if the phone rings or an email arrives it stops and will not resume after the call. The only useless solution I have found is a restart of the audio podcast.


Very awesome upgrade, thanks for staying buzy!!


Did they fix the memory leaks and battery drain from previous versions?