Viigo Edition gets updated to 3.0.446

By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2008 11:44 pm EST

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If you aren't a Viigo user - you should be, and if you are a Viigo user - Never has there been a better reason to updgrade! Hot off the cool-software truck is Viigo Edition version 3.0.446. The new version adds the best feature to date - has its own "service" within Viigo. Now you don't have to have all your CrackBerry feeds lumped in among your other news, you can keep it all neatly organized under it's own menu. There are feeds for the blogs, forums and store - and you can always add your own feeds as well. Speaking to Kevin on this, he says this is just the start of the Viigo CrackBerry channel - so expect more bells and whistles to appear here in the months ahead. This is a true piece of software anyone who dares to call them self a CrackBerry Addict needs to have!

Please Note - this update is not available for the Storm just yet (new release is coming your way soon). If you are on any other device, Viigo recommends downloading this update. *

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Viigo Edition gets updated to 3.0.446


Had this for awhile now. Works fast and has a slick interface. As for the comment before me, wow dude. Lets just say no and not give any reasons why? Is there a reason this last version has made you never want to use it again?

Degraded memory, sluggish performance, battery drain and with
the last version constant 523 errors upon holstering.

How's that for reasons. DUDE?

But there are tons of threads on the same issues, so I am NOT
the only one.

Maybe it's that it's still a Beta for the Storm or whatever, but it's laggy, it takes forever to load/exit, etc.

Good content, but not sure it's worth keeping at this point. We'll see.

I'm a bit confused. The cover story talks about Crackberry version 3.0.446. Yet when I followed the link, emailed the the download link to my BB, and started the download, it says "You already have 3.0.710. Do you want to download again anyway?"

Can someone clarify that? Thanks.

Storm users ... please note that we haven't yet upgraded the Storm Preview Edition of Viigo ... and that is why you are still receiving 3.0.710. If you are on other devices, especially the BOLD, I would recommend upgrading to this release.

That said, we have recently made a number of significant improvements to the STORM build and expect to have it released shortly. Furthermore, recent releases of the Storm OS also go along way to making applications like Viigo perform materially better.

With hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry users running Viigo every day, across a wide range of devices, we have placed a very high priority internally on optimizing memory and performance. It's not a trivial task given the memory model of the device.

Thanks for your patience.

Mark Ruddock

Sounds good Mark! I happen to like .710, BUT certainly there is room for improvement. I had to sacrifice viigo due to memory usage until recently upgrading .83 leak and reinstalling it. Looking forward to the new build. :) Hopefully it will have a Crackberry channel, and maybe podcasts????? ;) :) ;)

I got the same thing. I love Viigo, so if there's a new version, I want it. However, when I followed the link, all I could find was my current version...which is .710. Any ideas??

When I go to download on my Storm, It asks if I want to download 3.0.710???? Which is the version I already have????

ok, so i know the storm version isnt released yet. But i have a couple questions.

1. is there any way to get the crackberry feed on my storm? like what is the easiest way to get the updates and posts and forum posts?

2. does anyone else have an issue when going BACK pages, as in it hangs up and if you tap the screen it fully go backward?

any help is appreciated :D

Yeah, I would have to say I'm quite disappointed with this version over the last. This one seems very sluggish and on some channels, it just doesn't load when you click on the article. Also, the channel seems to lag behind in content. I'm looking at stuff from Friday while the channel I have in the main RSS feed is perfectly up to date.

Is there any way I can go back to the previous version? :P

I'm confused. 3.0.446 is suppose to be the latest version of VIIGO..

I just downloaded it on the STORM and it is 3.0.710......

Did I miss something along the way.

Respectfully posted,

Roland Falcioni

hey guys, there seems to be a little bit of confusion here ...
so just to clear things up:

Storm Version = 3.0.710
rest of blackberry devices version = 3.0.446

the storm verison is in "Alpha" and therefore not up-to-date.

we are working hard to release a more stable Storm build soon and it will have all the extra features, so stay tuned :)


Viigo version 2 was OK, but version 3 made my fonts smaller to make room for even more header information (one third of the screen!).

So I went looking here in the CrackBerry forums for information on alternative RSS readers. I found "FreeRange," which loads articles more quickly, is more customizable, has less valuable screen area reserved, and has a smaller footprint (Viigo 2.2.82: 323KB, Viigo 3 Beta: 811KB, FreeRange 2.2.8: 240KB). YMMV, but it works for me.

The Viigo link doesn't give you a download option. What am I missing. It sends me a link, but it takes back to the same page.

I just got a Storm and been using Viigo for my Feeds. There are some bugs, but nothing too bad.

I just wish I could download podcasts OTA like I did on my WinMo device... tho I'm sure if Verizon would even allow this.

Regardless, I can't wait for a full Storm version!

I upgraded Viigo from 246 to. 446 but I don't see CB on service list. I'm using Bold btw - anybody else have this problem?

"under it's own menu"?

Any 10 year old knows how to spell "under ITS own menu".

it's!=its, kid.

And this crap app is going downhill. Saved Items are not Saved after upgrade, zillions of duplicate feeds on Digg... totally useless now.

Starting the install, but after reading nothing but negative comments, I canceled!

Let us know when this version gets the kinks worked out. I'd be interested in it, but not with all those issues!