Viigo Announces They Are Now Part Of Research In Motion

Viigo now a part of RIM
By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2010 05:11 pm EDT

In some late breaking Friday news, Viigo has announced that they are now a part of Research In Motion. What this means we're not exactly sure, but its great news for both Viigo and RIM. In the announcement from

Viigo is excited to announce that our company is now part of Research In Motion (RIM).

Our team has joined RIM's global organization and will continue to bring our expertise in BlackBerry application development and real-time content delivery to the BlackBerry platform. The Viigo for BlackBerry app will also continue to be available for download through BlackBerry App World.

I'd like to personally thank the deal teams on both sides for their hard work and dedication over the past few months in bringing this transaction to a close.

To the Viigo Team - a very special thanks to all of you for helping to build such an exciting product, and a wonderful company. We've arrived at this point today because of you.

Congrats to the team at Viigo! We look forward to seeing whats in store.

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Viigo Announces They Are Now Part Of Research In Motion


Anybody have any idea (or even speculation) about what this will mean for the Viigo app end user? This has long been my favorite app so I am super excited to find out more!

I wanna know too! *tries to wait patiently*
I love Viigo and I never experience the "terrible memory hog/leaks" everyone always complains about. I did a long time ago at the beginning of 2009, but after Viigo was updated several times since then, they got rid of the "leaks" long ago. For my device, at least.

Now maybe they can produce a better integrated product that doesn't leak as much memory. I like Viigo but it's such a drain.

Yeah, I'm a big Viigo Lite fan, but on a 9530 my memory space is precious and this app is just too much of a bleeder. Hopefully RIM can plug the leak and keep us lower end BB users happy with this great App. Excellent purchase RIM :)

"lower end BB users...". LOL. Remember when the 9530 was RIM's pride and joy? Almost a flagship of sorts. Darn Bold :-)

Yeah, the memory-drain is one of the biggest reasons I stopped using Viigo, so it'd be great to see Research in Motion (RIM) plug this quick-smart.

I don't know if it'll happen or not, but I would love to see two-way synchronization with Google Reader, less impact on usage times and less bloated (the worst thing Viigo ever did was add all that "Project Tango" crap in!)...

i thought it was fishy how much about viigo was mentioned I the dev day when rim talked about the "adds service"

The only thing I don't like about Viigo is that it's such a battery hog. If they could make it more battery efficient that would be amazing, unless I was just doing something wrong?

Me thinks viigo is gonna be embedded as an app or feature in Blackberry OS, OS 6.0 is gonna be the start of an new era I think

My first thought was this is a move to keep BB users locked in to the BB platform much like BBMessenger is. Keep an eye out to see how long it will take before RIM remove support for the other platforms

ViiGo app is one of my favorites and does a great job at what it does. One spot to download all my favorite news and blogs.

I'm glad to see this, now a already handy app could become better.

I have no problem with it having a memory leak or being a battery hog.

I love to use viigo. A lot of people think that this app is a big memory leak/ battery hog etc., Maybe they haven't used it in a while. I leave viigo open all the time (in fact, I never close out of it all the way). I check for new feeds several times a day - especially the CB feed!. I also use meterberry, and the latest builds of viigo are rock solid IMO

I'm glad to see they have gotten a deal to be part of RIM. Maybe the app as we know it now will change into something intergrated with OS. Push rss feeds? I'm sure it will be good no matter.. excited!

This is fantastic news. The Viigo app for BlackBerry has been one of my favorite apps on my BB Tour. Now, it will just get even better! This is the best BB news I've heard in quite a while.

This could really add to the app. I could see the app to start to use rim push services for news updates instead of pulling for them

I'm more interested in how much cash or equity in RIM they paid to buy Viigo out. Anyone got any ideas??

I've been using Viigo longer than any other BB app. This sounds like good news to me! Looking forward to what may come of this!

That reminds me of the most painful part of my blackberry addicted life: When I bought the original Storm... (wait let me finish)...and Viigo wasn't available as an app yet! I could not wait for them to release it. They were incredibly fast at making it available, but it still felt like an eternity.

Viigo is by far my most used app. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for it.

I wanna see a more efficient viigo app that uses push to deliver my subscribed feed instead of the preset polling/pull service. One server that dls all rss feeds and then pushes the subscribed feed to ur blackberry viigo app.

I wanna see a more efficient viigo app that uses push to deliver my subscribed feed instead of the preset polling/pull service. One server that dls all rss feeds and then pushes the subscribed feed to ur blackberry viigo app.

I think this is a win, win situation for both companies and for the end user. I value Viigo as my most used app as well. It is a memory hog, I won't argue different. I do hope RIM can fix this issue. However, the usefulness of the app overrides my concern for battery life. That's why they make chargers, right?

Here's my personal opinion. I truly think the major reason for the buy is this... There is some "hidden talent" in the Viigo team that is "outshining" RIM on their own platform and they want to bring that talent in to improve on what RIM already has in place and to enhance future builds. Like I said this is my opinon. Please don't flame me... :)

Absolutely, this is definitely win win win

win for RIM. Win for Viigo. and Win for us. Great app now backed by RIM so we should see some refinement, innovation (with access to formerly private API'S), and more frequent updates. :-)

As long as RIM doesn't try to put all of our RSS feeds into the messages folder I'm happy with any upgrades they make for Viigo. Or that they don't try to make your phone beep when you have a new RSS either. Tho there are many parts of Viigo I would like to see implemented...

Maybe Viigo PUSH! Push your feeds to your device instead of Viigo checking the servers on a regular basis. That would be the biggest and baddest part of RIM taking over Viigo.

Push services are the logical next step. Can't wait. Should fix the battery life problem some are mentioning (Have it running on my 9700 and set to 20 minute checks and my battery lasts 1+ days).

Really? No one can connect the dots on this one? I would assume this indicates RIM sees the opportunity to bank on the ability to utilize RSS/Atom feeds to empower users to pull content from anywhere and meld it with RIM's onboard messaging/notification system, all without compromising security.

Good on 'em.

I really like Viigo and I'm sorry they bought them because I'd like to keep using it on my next phone, probably an HTC Android, definitely not a BB after dealing with the POS Storm for the last year . What they really should buy is Quickpull.

wants to know what this means to a long time supporter like myself in the long run,hopefully they don't turn over r&d over to RIM since they're so slow with updates of their apps, intrigued.

Maybe now that they have joined forces they can make it work on the Storm 2. Does not work on Telus Storm 2, bot the pre and post 4.5v.

Just installed Viigo on my TMo Bpld 9900
News & RSS does NOT open
Everything else is so so
What's up?