How to view your Instagram feed on your BlackBerry smartphone

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By Adam Zeis on 7 Feb 2013 09:51 am EST

While BlackBerry 10 owners patiently wait to see if Instagram will indeed come to the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, we've gotten one step closer as you can now view Instagram photos right from the web -- that includes the mobile browser on your BlackBerry on both BlackBerry 10 and older BlackBerry models as well.

If you're already signed up for Instagram, you can simply head to to see your full feed that includes photos from people you follow along with the ability to like and leave comments. So while you can't post photos just yet, at least you can still check out what's happening in your feed. Hopefully it's enough to tide over a few users for now. Plus, it still gives you a chance to win a car

View your Instagram feed from your BlackBerry



we could post photos if we ha the secret CB bar that is within the employees..... we know its an old one but just need a link!


can someone tell me where the crackberry, utorrent, and jetpack joyride apps are in the app world?


Torrent apps are not allowed on BlackBerry World. The Crackberry app is in beta test stage and can be downloaded from somewhere in this blog for testing purposes. You should ask Halfbrick Studios where their apps are.


The Legacy BB devices give a diminished experience. Even the PlayBook lags behind.


I don't think so!!

Nothing blackberry lags behind. That shows you aren't even a blackberry user.

Dirk Songuer

Or wait for Instago to hit the app world for a native experience :) (shameless plug


So wait. All I have to do is go to their website? On my phone? OMFG!!!!!!!!!



i think your sarcasm meter is broken :p

Adam Zeis

My wife would strongly disagree with that statement. 


Heh, I don't intend to use instagram.
But whoever uses it, can enjoy it. :P