Video: Windows Phone OS Running on a BlackBerry PlayBook (Updated)

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 May 2012 10:17 am EDT

* Update:  As was quickly pointed out by the CrackBerry community... it looked like the Windows Phone 7 on PlayBook fun was being done through the web browser. Ding, ding. It was. The original prankster posted an update video above. Lol. Lame... but ya know, still kinda cool while it lasted. *

*Update #2: Looks like he has now made the above video private. Sorry folks! (it's still a fake, hahaha)*

A video demo of Windows Phone 7 running in the PlayBook web browser? That's what it seems to be. We wouldn't doubt that it's doable to run WP on the QNX platform, afterall, we've seen Android running on the PlayBook in an emulator, but somehow this one doesn't come across as the real deal to the CrackBerry community. Whether fake or legit, it's kind of neat to see. Though does anybody care about Windows Phone? BlackBerry 10 FTW! Sound off in the comments on this one...

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Video: Windows Phone OS Running on a BlackBerry PlayBook (Updated)


If you needed any more proof that this is fake...

The 'back' button (three dots in bottom right) he's pushing to go back to main menu isn't a back button at all... In Windows phone, an in-app menu pops up when this is pushed.

Wasn't really looking for anymore proof; its right there in the video. Ray Charles could see its fake.

Not really. This is the sort of crap I expect to see at BGR, so I had a bit of a chuckle when it was posted there. They seem to love their fake stuff and made up rumours on that site. I expect better from CrackBerry though, the best thing this site could have done was ignore it.

I have no interest in Windows phone. It does look like we have a hardware platform that works for the entire population on earth though. That's a big market to tap, 7 billion, 2%, ......................

I would aim a little higher, like 10% ;)

RIM has 1% of 7 Billion at the moment total BB in use. Ok, perhaps you mean 2% of 7 billion sells per year :)

Definitely a around the 00:57 mark the letter "e" is highlighted before he even touches it., among other things.

The "h" that he taps just before when I can only guess he's trying to spell "whether" as opposed to the "weather" that shows on the screen lol

Yeah-I had to watch that like three times cause my brain was like, "what just happened"?

He gets credit for

This just further shows the hidden power of the PlayBook. Makes me even that much more excited about the future!

Windows os 7 running on playbook, that shows how powerful this tablet is, but.... Is sad to see how they just keep killing costumers with the app world, I was checking a few minutes ago and I saw a game called “Falling Fred ” and they even price that app. In case people don't know that's a free app on any other platform, isn't even like they got a free adds version and another with adds... Falling Fred is only one version and is free Period!!!

Like I said before, isn't about being cheap or not having a credit card... But in this case there is no excuse for that one, and honestly is ridiculous!!! Why here is an obligation to pay for free things??? RIM with this will just hurt themselves, why would people buy bb 10 if you can have more in other platforms, plus you don't have to pay for a free application! Well.. Good luck, I guess RIM app world will definitely need it. I'm playbook owner myself and things like this are really unacceptable at this point

Falling Fred is "free for a limited time only" in the apple app store, so calm your horses that we have to pay while everyone else has it free. Also, not sure why or if it makes a difference or what, but the PlayBook version is released by Union while the android and apple versions are both by dedalord, so maybe this has something to do with it.

And again, if you're so unhappy with RIM and BlackBerry and all of their products, by all means, leave. Go to another platform that caters to everyone of your desires. Its a phone/tablet its not the end of the world.

@tfp... Dude, I don't own a iphone but a galaxy tab and galaxy S2 and playbook, so I do know what I'm talking about, is for sure Free on any android device, so you're the one who needs to hold your horses or whatever the freak you're saying! I do own a playbook and personally I like it!! But that pricing to everything and anything on playbook is ridiculous, I don't really get why ya just keep on denial!! I really don't

I'm not arguing that its free on any anroid but I am saying thats its free for a limited time on apple, so don't bitch about blackberry having to pay when everyone else is free, because they aren't.

Pricing is NOT set by RIM or BlackBerry. Pricing is set by the developer. As I pointed out, Falling Fred is released on PB by a 3rd party distributor, Union, not by Dedalord, the developer, so I'm sure Union wants to make money.

I'm not in denial of anything, but I am tired of everyone bashing something that is not in RIM's control.

RIM has NOTHING to do with putting a price on an app, the developer does that. If things are unacceptable i am sure there are many members that will take your playbook off your hands. I for one love my 9800 and my playbook. Sure its not perfect with RIM right now but you talk to a isheep, or android owners there are problems with there devices as well, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

"Like I said before, isn't about being cheap or not having a credit card... But"

Ads probably supporting those apps, and the but really negates the previous statement.

ITS FAKE......why, look at 0:56 and watch. Clearly at 0:57 the letter E pops up before he touched it. Then when i commented it on Youtube this noob deleted my comment lol.

Its not even an application, its running inside of the browser (notice the private browsing icon and the website title at the top). Also as has been pointed out at 0:57 the 'e' highlights before its even touched. At this point it isnt even an app. What will *likely* happen is that this website will be packaged as a webworks app then loaded into app world. that way it wont have the private browsing icon, the website title, etc.

Totally fake. Running in a browser. It's likely a flash recorded screen cap. There are a LOT of screen behaviours going on before and after he does the action.
My guess is, if he didn't touch the screen at all, it would perform the same thing!

It's totally web based through the browser as the icons above really giving it away. The inconsistencies of the touch and reaction everyone ks mentioning is, likely due to this as well. You touch, the browser recognizes the touch, then the site based os for WP is instructed what to do with it.

This is what I think is going on here at least.

I don't like W7 on the playbook. It's a case of being much better on a smaller screen, a phone.

QNX on the playbook rocks.

I must say that I care about Windows phone. After years of using a BlackBerry, I now use a Lumia 800 and it is a fantastic device. Still love BlackBerry but the Windows OS is very nice as well.

There is no reason for Windows to be on the Playbook. If you want a Windows Phone, buy a windows phone or computer. This is totally lame. It's fake and it just doesn't make any sense...