Video walkthrough of the new features in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By DJ Reyes on 18 Nov 2013 02:55 pm EST

By now, I'm sure a lot of you have installed the latest 10.2.1 leaked OS. We first saw it drop for the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5 and, surprisingly the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 model, which usually gets left out. Soon afterwards, if finally dropped for BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 owners who were itching to try it out.

So good and impressive were the new features on this latest leak that it made me break my no leak policy on my main device. The forums are buzzing with people discovering all the neat little additions to be found, like contact profiles, new BBM icons and the ability to install APK files directly.

In CrackBerry fashion, we're bringing a video walkthrough of some of the cool new features available in OS 10.2.1. From the awesome pinch gesture in the Hub, to custom quick settings, to Device Monitor, even the new call screen. Don't forget there's also the new Pic Password too. There are probably lots more new things to discover, as well as more to come when the official version drops. Until then, check out the video above and then hit up the comments and let us know what you think.

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Video walkthrough of the new features in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1



Tell us more about the new BlackBerry bridge update that came yesterday... people say it's good

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/

It is worth it, I installed my first leak but I was having big problems with the official There are a few glitches that I've experienced with 10.2.1, I have to keep my rotation lock when running apk apps or my screen goes haywire, Facebook stopped working with the hub properly, someone said reinstalling it works, but I can't seem to access my accounts anymore, just loads forever lol. I've loaded 1 mobile, good e reader, and amazon which actually install the apk right after the download is finished, all in all the new OS is quite impressive!

Posted via my  Z10.2.1.1055

One of the most important features NEVER mentioned is the relationship to "BlackBerry Protect", where it was declared by BlackBerry somewhere along the line that we would have the ability as in the previous BBOS to "retrieve BlackBerry 10 Backups" from the Protect Website. What is the status? I'll ask that in the forums now...

But I don't think peeps would mind a longer video of cool features? For me the longer the video of cool features the better :)

Posted from my Z10 (very smart phone)

Skeptical but I think I am going to upgrade my self in stead of waiting on Verizon. They said that there is no word on when we might see any updates for the os


Posted via CB10

Pretty sure that if Verizon releases an update anytime soon it will be 10.2.0.xxxx, not a

I'd go for it.... it's not like the official current Verizon OS is bug free.

I'm on Verizon as well. Just updated to with Sachesi. As soon as I can get this one the same way, I'm in.

Posted via CB10

I need a video walk thru on updating my OS. I don't want to mess it up in the process.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

I don't like the new call screen to be honest. The old one is huge and can be used without even looking. Does anyone agree with me?

Totally agree. Just make it more obvious for the simple ones that can't understand

Posted via Me on my Z

It's simple enough. There are subtle animations that make it clear that you have to slide it, and it pulses and stuff. Watch the video.

Agreed. They might as well make the call screen customizable ( Vertical or horizontal) and users get to choose what they're most comfortable with!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

I totally know what you are saying. But I am starting to like it.

The hilarious part is that my iPhone friends now know how to answer it. It was funny watching them before. But I think this is the reason they had to change.

Posted via CB10

Nah. I dont agree with you. I love the new call screen. Especially the txt icon that shows for auto text reply if you don't wanna answer the call. It's lovely. Please font bring the swipe up/swipe down back.

Posted via CB10

The one one is probably made for larger screen sizes, where hanging up a call would require a second hand's involvement. However, I do like the current layout; I'll try the new one though. I'm sure it has some merit.

I don't mind either screen, but my wife made a good point about the new one. She said women who have smaller hands have trouble cancelling the call by swiping all the way it to the top with one hand. Now she said it's easier to ignore my calls!!


Does she not use the same gesture to unlock her phone multiples times a day? This is why I don't get this argument about it being too hard to swipe up to ignore a call. In addition you don't have to swipe all the way to the top. You just flick the bar and it will go to the top.

Totally agree with you even tho for the Z30 users, it might be a little easier to accept or denied calls with one hand, but I honestly think that the actual call screen is so much more original.

Posted via CB10

Ya I was hoping that this was an option and not a complete change as I like the current answer setup in 10.2.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Yes I agree the old one is well better. Can't get my head round why they are c hanging it. The original call screen button is in the perfect place for your thumb. Now you have to do gymnastics with you thumb to answer now.

If they really needed to change from left to right at least leave it in the middle so you can comfortably get to it...

Posted from my Z10 (very smart phone)

I don't know what to love, how good she explained the features or the features themselves!
Can't wait!!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

I may have to give it a go on my Z30. Just need to get some more use on 10.2.0 first.;) before I make the leap. May wait for the next build too. Dunno. :s


Two improvements I've noticed so far. Maps works now for me on my Z10 indoors and in the Ballistic case I use on it. Also the blue tooth issue I have with the Dodge U Connect system is resolved.

Posted via CB10

I love everything except the new call screen. Bbry pls return old call screen. All other new functions are great!

Posted via CB10

At the very least an option to pick. Personally, I don't like this new version.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

Well you said earlier that you don't know how to install a leak so I'm sure you'll have the old call screen for some time.

Posted via CB10

Yea I like the current call screen, but not a big deal either way. Personalizing quick settings is by far my most favorite feature thus far

Posted via CB10

All the new features look rly cool! Very smart. I have to agree with most about the new call screen. Much prefer the vertical swipe. An option to choose would be best of both worlds.

Posted via CB10

Looks fantastic. I think I am going to have to give it a go on my less used Z10 before I try it on my main Q10 device. Thank yo for the walk thru video.

I am really enjoying teasing my kids, letting them watch me unlock the phone and try to figure it out.

It's a really smart lock solution.

Posted via CB10

Please tell BlackBerry to change ping sounds. Make it like BB OS ping notification. This the most important because it can differentiate between BBM Sound or someone ping you to let you know that it want to let you know and reply.

Posted via CB10

Speed dial for Q10 and volume display is definitely the best features of OS 10.2.1! Old volume display was so annoying in the middle of the screen especially when your watching a clip from Youtube!

Posted via CB10

That's so tru...blackberry needs to be original...keep the old calling screen!!!!

Posted via CB10

Anyone else notice the Play Store apk file in the downloads? :)

DJ, thanks for the video; i'm excited!

The Play Store you saw was just the Play Store logo :D. Otherwise it just says .apk one it. Glad you enjoyed the video

I love everything you just showed us with the exception of the swipe horizontally to answer/reject a call...I hate the looks of that! As a right-handed person it's natural for me to swipe right, not left. I can totally see myself accidentally rejecting calls. Plus I hate that it's more iPhone-esq now. The swipe down was way better.

Also I'm still looking for the following updates:
-Further customization with profiles. For example, I want to set all alerts to silent but have phone calls vibrate. Right now I have to set it no sound/vibration so I'm not distracted by emails all day, but this means I miss important calls.
-I need the ability to file sent messages from my device (move them from the Sent folder to another folder)
-One-touch dial wasn't in the video, but my understanding is that is coming

Yes, 1-touch dialing is available on keyboard models (yes, it works from the dial pad on full-touch models, too).

I liked the original call screen, but the reach for my thumb is easier left-right. And I don't anticipate that anyone but the color-blind will mistake which direction they should swipe in.

Lovin' this, especially the ability to load Android apps!

Can't wait for this to drop onto my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Should have also displayed the new contact management with group support, as well as address book selection on contact creation and ability to copy between books.

Tell me why I peaked and thought it was a bbm I got when she got it. Haha. Did not know about the pinch gesture in the hub. Cool beans BlackBerry, very cool beans.

Posted via CB10

I totally checked mine too, I was wondering why it didn't come up as preview on my phone. Then I seen her blinking red light and it finally click in haha


Love the new call screen,feels more like a blackberry phone and it is operable with one hand ,i can't wait for this update .I hate actual call screen ,swipe up-down its such a mess.,im always confused and have to watch 2-3 seconds before answearing or denying call..

The features are really cool, I wish however there was an option to use Vertical or horizontal call screen. I like the swipe down action it's simple!

Posted via CB10

I would have agreed with with all the people who dislike the the new call screen...but having used it I honestly reckon it's better and looks nice as well

I welcome these new updates, i would still like the option to theme my blackberry, to make it my own. aside from that good review.

also, you tried to block out the # when you called, but then the box disappeared and you can pause the video to get the #.. also, its then listed as a missed call w/ the entire phone number.. so may wanna hide it to keep it safe! :)

The call screen is no big deal. Swipe green to answer, swipe red to reject... not rocket science! I love the new leak, and love the picture lock screen, although the video on how to use it did help me.... thanks for everything... it's good to see BlackBerry isn't slowing down :)

Posted via CB10

But swiping directions are not good. Swipe left to answer call and right to reject? It should be the other way around, atleast for right handed persons.

This OS is maturing very nicely. Please add Data Services On/Off to the quick settings.
Amazon and other app stores pre-installed.
That attachment update on the keyboard is awesome.
BlackBerry Money needs to come!

And Please custom notification profiles!!! Can't believe we still don't have this.


This video was very unclear. It really a lot of mistakes but I got the main points, I guess. Someone should make a more clear video with All of the features in 10.2.1

Posted via CB10

Love how she trys to hide her mobile number on call screen then on the lock screen it shows! FAIL!

PIN: 24E33C29

Your phone number showed up at the end of the video. You blacked it out in the call screen but it showed up on the lock screen

Posted via CB10

Really, why people do not see the big potential of the Blackberry 10! And the big steeps that Blackberry is doing in that short time! I want this OS official release ASAP, and the next year going to the Z50! (this year I will maintain my Z10!

Love the look of new features. Just got home last night and going to load it tonight .

Via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

I wonder if there's anything in the works for Native Bluetooth game controllers. We already have the HDMI output. If we can hook a Bluetooth controller and play games on a TV via HDMI or other means would be awesome. iOS7 is already on this with there controller API. Hopefully BlackBerry gets on this soon.


a few things 1) great video! 2) mucho props for the tardis background 3) much mucho props for naming your folders exactly how i do lol

I plug my z10 it into my car stereo to listen to music. I have my screen set to stay on as long as it will allow me(5mins I think). Is there anyway to change the settings so when my z10 is plugged into a power source the screen will stay on. I also have orbit app i would love to use in a bed side mode. Anyone know how to do it.

i also noticed a new flashlight quick setting which is really cool. does 10.2.1 also include smime support for activesync accounts now?

Not a fan of the new call screen... at least give us the choice to change it BlackBerry pls.

Posted via CB10

Planning on jumping from AT&T to Verizon so I can get a Z30, and I'm strongly considering firing up this leak.

Any known bugs or issues I should be aware of before hand?

Posted via CB10 on AT&T BlackBerry Z10 / possibly soon to be Verizon BlackBerry Z30

Do part number 2? And part 3? I live thru the videos cuz I'm not putting a leak on my device

Posted via CB10

You kids having so much fun with Wish I had a Z10/Z30 to play with this myself. If the rumored Z50 does show up soon with its specs well, it'll be tempting - depending on the final price.

Found the following issue with 10.2.1 - going forward I hope the BBLeak team will check and preview movies from Blackberry world before releasing a leak :)

I wasn't able to watch a movie ("Now you see me") which I had rented through Blackberry World. Could you please convey this to Blackberry for them to fix this asap -- as it means that Blackberry is loosing precious revenue sources.

It throws a dialog box with the following error message while trying to play the rented movie:

The file can't be played due to an unexpected error.

(1) Now You See Me_HD__awcid_3519985

All the great new features and all people can seem to talk about is the new call screen. Please cry me a river SMH

Deal with it....i bet some ppl were saying that when u couldn't use google apps on a BlackBerry OS 7..."deal with it"...u can pretty much say that for a lot things BlackBerry use to not have...but the ppl have spoken I think majority would like a choice feature for the calling screen..cmon now this isn't a iphone, where you have lots of restrictions

Posted via CB10

Why wait for a year for the Z50 if then, when you can get this now on your device? As much as it is good to plan for the future of BB, no one knows for sure what that is, and it is highly unlikely they are going to put out a new phone when the Z30 just hit the states. Help BB out now by purchasing a Z10 or Z30 don't wait for something everyone is unsure of, regardless of the rumors about something new

On my q10 all the andorid apps (sideloads and BlackBerry world) wont connect to the internet, I tried loading different android runtimes and wiping the phone but nothing works. Im on 10.2.0, do you guys think if I upgrade to this leak maybe my problem will be solved?

Posted via CB10

I was originally going to wait for the official release. But not any more! Must have, will download leak!

Posted via CB10

After watching the video the new features in 10.2.1 look really cool.

Q: on the new call screen do you have to slide the button left or right or can you just tap the 2 phone icons on either side (depending on what you're doing? )

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the walk through. I'm really happy BlackBerry is forging forward. BB10 is worth every second BlackBerry works on it. It deserves way more respect than its getting. Hopefully Mr. Chen can somehow turn the companies perception around. Tall order, but nothing is impossible.

Posted via CB10

The call screen is going towards previous android and is very ugly. The actual answer is very nice and original. You can swipe directly and is very unique. For the other things they are all wellcomed.

Posted via CB10

It is looking good... hope we will see this soon and not have to wait until the next rumored phone release dates...

Posted via CB10

Where did you get that awesome tardis picture for your background? Got to get me one like it! Many thanks for the video, working well as a daily driver?

Posted via CB10

You realize the other major platforms have been on the market for 5 or 6 years now right? Bb10 hasn't even been out for a year yet and they have more or less caught up in terms of how good the OS is.

Posted via CB10

I LOVE the hub pinch!!!! It really makes it quick and easy to single out my unread messages.

Thanks for this, I am looking forward to see this available from my carrier to install it!

Sent from my Z 30

My wife loves the new call screen... her smaller hand would have trouble swiping all the way to the top to reject a call using one hand. Now she said she'll find it much easier to ignore my calls!!!


Um, wow. I'm really tempted to load this. Gonna have to download tonight and flip a two headed coin. :) just reinstalled the stock 10.1, so nothing lost if It doesn't play well on my Verizon Z10.

Posted via CB10

Great to see them still moving forward like this. Certainly shows a lot of promise and also shows they are listening to us.

Posted via CB10

looking good! particularly with the battery life as well. just noticed that the phone was actively being used for the entire video shoot and the battery juice was only 1% used at the end of the video. Z30 + 10.2.1 OS = MONSTER!

That looks really good especially being able to delete only from device.
I like the new call screen. Even after 5 months swiping down to answer seems awkward.
Very tempting, but I don't want a leak. I want the official one. Come on AT&T!!!!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Nobody notice the update to the Bridge!? Now we can text sms from the Playbook again ^.^

My superior BlackBerry Z10 soon to be Z30

My favorite is the music player banner on the top and pinch gesture in the hub show the power of the cascades.

Posted via CB10

And please BlackBerry... do not change the call screen to whatever/whoecer thought that new thing up... or give the BlackBerry user the option to select... New call screen get infinity thumbs down...

Posted via CB10

This is all cool (except the call screen). But, they really need to be prepared to teach people about this.

There were all kinds of crazy options in the BB07, but a lot of people never used them. So, instead of setting them to be helpful, they were just kind of ignored and perceived as being cumbersome.

Thanks for the video!

Congratulations on an excellent review DJ. Really highlights some of the strengths the market has been looking for.

Posted by Dr. Emmett Brown from my Google iBerry Cranial Implant

Great improvements....I prefer the old call screen though, looked classier and blended with the 'swipeyness' of the OS

Love everything BUT the call screen. Please give us the option!!! I love my unique up down swipe.

AT&T Z10 Z10STL100-3/

Pretty amazing! Just wondering how I can decline the phone call still slide to the right? Hmm honestly, I don't like the new feature of call screen.

Posted via BlackBerry

WTF is wrong with BB...I'm still on 10.1!!!! UGH! this is one of the reason I will switch if they keep doing age of rocks!!! I'll miss it...fkc them

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Get on the leak or get out or stop whining. Your not true BlackBerry material.

Posted via CB10

Only reason people use android or apple is cause or ignorance and or stupidity. Immaturity. Lack of ability to think. BlackBerry 10.2.1. Has no equal. No one in the same league.

Posted via CB10

I don't like the new call screen. I think it would be awkward to slide the phone to the left to answer a call. I have a Z10, and my hands are medium sized ladies hands. I think it would be uncomfortable to slide sideways.

Posted via CB10

They should add a way to get rid of spam emails. Just like how they have deleting emails on phone and online.

Posted via CB10

I love the new update and since I have installed the leak I have been incredibly happy with my phone. It's like new again lol

I really like everything they have done.. even the call screen as I find the pictures more crisp and clear (even the detail for unknown callers is nice) and simple to operate.

The menu options is amazing and having the flashlight, ability to change brightness are a big bonus for me.

If there was anything I would complain about it is probably the picture password. I have had trouble with it to start although it has become easier... might be just a user error. even with that said I would hate to see other people go through all the time to set it up and not have it work right away

Posted via CB10

Hope with this update to not fraze anymore. It's not happens many Times, only 3 Times, but it's anoying.

Posted via CB10

The demo is awesome... I need 10.2.1 now...
Mega has stalled thrice since yesterday... I need better for my STL100-1 please!!

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Hmm... the call screen used previously was replaced due to the big screen of z30... receiving calls by swiping up might have caused issues to some....
Btw.. I love the old call screen... was something different than the rest :)

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Please BlackBerry, do no implement that new call screen. Please add multiple wall papers. Love the addition of the format and attachments at the top of the keyboard for emails.. possibly add this feature for text and bbm, possibly via a clever way of bringing it up, would great. Love that pinch feature in the hub. Would love to see some battery improvements made.. please bring back PING vibrate in bbm, or else what it the ping good for. Just saying...
Please add some of these features that are not hardware limted, cut off from the Z10 and made exclusively for the Z30 in the last update available on the Z10.. would get the Z30 but love the screen size on the Z10... perfect in my opinion.. next rendition should have a more solid body like the Z30 and Q10... please.

Last but not least... please do not take forever to release this 10.2.1... there are currently some glitches in the 10.1 which need to be rectified. do not wait for the release of the next phone to bring these great features to current bb10 users... make sure everything runs smoothly and let it go... there is an uphill battle and these are great strides being made...

Posted via CB10

Dear Verizon, when you release 10.2.1 for Z30, I will consider it due time to officially retire my trusty 9930.

( if a Verizon rep would actually read this!)

Ugh they added that new call screen!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!! If I wanted that I'd have bought an android phone

Wen da he'll wil dat upadte roll out! ??? *rage * simply features are being discussed and no update! Huh! At times blackberry disappoints a lot! # not fair

Posted via Q10

Looking awesome!! Just need a new home screen. Would love to just have icons at bottom for first screen on no icons at all. With a simple swipe the menu can appear or something like that.

Posted via CB10

Hello DJ Reyes. I think this is the first video of yours I've watched on Crackberry. I enjoyed the way you presented the features. Not a fan of the new phone answering method but I'll get use to it. Does it still have the tap to silence option as well? On 10.1 you can just tap without sliding to silence the phone ring.

Would love to load this if I could get comfortable it wasn't going to create freezing and other issues. This might have been asked - but does the original 10.2 need to be loaded or can one simply load this as is?

Posted via CB10

Looks like BlackBerry is listening. Better late than never.
Way to go BlackBerry, hope we have it official sooooon

Posted via CB10

Is there someone Who had the problem, that the speaker Button in the telephone App on Q10, does not work, Who solve the problem by installing
Would be nice to know!

Posted via CB10

Now only if they would change the vibrate notification to include short, normal and long.

Just a small improvement goes a long way.