Video Walk Through of Electric Pocket Apps for BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Sep 2008 01:33 pm EDT

We've been BIG FANS of Electric Pocket ever since they shook up the way we listen to music on our BlackBerry smartphones with the release of FlipSide (RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis even has this app on his BB). Since then, Electric Pocket has continued to roll out some innovative and fun BB apps. The video above, posted by Matt Miller of Zdnet, gives a good walkthrough of Electric Pocket's offering. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and watch! For more information, to download free trials and to purchase, you can follow the links below...

Electric Pocket's BlackBerry Apps

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Video Walk Through of Electric Pocket Apps for BlackBerry!


but that is a nice walk through on the program..

253-395-7777 how many people do you think called this number

FlipSide looks semi interesting, although I can't see how it's quicker to scroll through Albums than having them presented in a nice list. Might have to check it out.

It makes me just want an iphone more after seeing this. Its like their trying to impersonate the iphone with an app that does not function with more efficiency by visually impressing you. I will be jumping the Blackberry ship if the HTC HD comes out running Android on Sprint. As much as I would love to own the BB Storm. The BB is like Apple in its infrastructure, but RIM runs more efficient. However I can't justify Verizons rates. Plus Sprint is about to surprise them all with WiMax and Android phones. Imagine instant video messaging, Cable modem speeds to your phone, watch the news while talking and downloading an excel spreadsheet all at the same time. A true "Worldwide Multi Communication Device" (WMCD) trade marked by me Jeremy Gray! Packed that all up in a secure, visually impressive, and efficient interface. Its the future! If the future was now, this would be the Storm on Sprint WiMax, with the developers behind Android and Apple making software for RIM. But this wouldn't be profitable. However this will be about the best it will be until we start having phones implanted in us some how.

...what OS are you running on the curve? I was under the impression that 4.5 was the latest, but it seems like you have a 4.6+ OS running, or a very good looking theme. Can you share what you have there?