Video Walk Through: BlackBerry Bold Web Browser

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jul 2008 11:08 am EDT

The BG posted up a video walk through today of the BlackBerry Bold browser in action, which should be running software that's very close to (if not) final release form. Watching the video, it seems a LOT of the browsing is done over EDGE (hence why it's so slow...I hope!), with the WiFi getting turned on in a few spots. Thoughts? Reactions? Reserve judgement until it's in your hot little hands and you can try it yourself?

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Video Walk Through: BlackBerry Bold Web Browser


it seems like he is not giving a fair representation of the true bold. He is clearly running on EDGE which we all no is slow. He claims to be on 3G but no where do you see the 3G symbol. I still think its a Kick @ss device and I cannot wait till it gets here.

Actually, he does not claim to be on 3G at all. In fact, he says that it is only edge and WiFi. Regarding the full webpage/internet stuff, I am not convinced that this is really viable on a handheld device. I will be happy if it downloads mobile webpages faster. Also, based on BG's comments about 3G coverage in NYC and the complaints I have read about it on the iPhone, I don't think it is realistic to expect a whole lot of 3G connectivity.

I will say this, the device sure does look good and navigation and launching of programs looks fast and pretty. I still look forward to this device with great anticipation.

Other than the obvious difference of the theme, it looks virtually the same as the browser I'm running on my upgraded 8310 running

I guess that's good. When I move to a BOLD, the learning curve will be that much smaller.

Does anybody else think this is lame? i can't hardly see anything? I find this to be a poor review!!! at least tell me whats going on???

Is the screen smaller on the Bold than on the Curve?

And yea, if you look closely, you can see he's on EDGE, not 3G. Lame.

that was a weak review, i don't see why he did that in edge and not 3g, it makes no sense. the browser also doesnt look much different from the browser i have on my curve with actually sitting here yawing.. i want blackberry to come out with a browser that matches or exceeds the iphones browser... thunder/storm FTW!

How hard is it to put a full HTML browser on a Blackberry?? This has a long way to go to beat the IPhone Safari browser.

Well... a whole lot of watching nothing happend.. the video is edited to shorten the spots where he waited for the page to load.. and then gave up.

I hope over 3g things load faster than what we just watched..

Final product test would be a sufficient way to grade the speed. 1# it may not be the final product. 2# its on Edge. 3# I think BG is biased towards RIM. Its obvious someway or somehow Apple is contributing some kind money towards them or him. I know im not the only one that see this. Give us an unbiased review with out your opinion and on facts of the phone on it public release when you have it on 3g!

... i'd have to say the review could have been way more usefl, had he used the zoom button on the camera. It's the button with a plus sign. It makes the images appear larger. This helps increase the detail of what's been filmed. the only thing i gathered was how fast it loaded, by the growing blue bar, and the titles of the webpages. When you realize how much more useful this could have been, if you had used zoom, the plus symbol, could you please post again? thanks.

Contrary to alot of hype i've heard, the bold's browser is great - I know Lindsay Lohan and she let me see her phone and I tried it out and it works fine (joke) no, I got the os and the browser kicks ass, loads any page i wanna go to and does so FAST - and you can tell the os on the BOLD doesn't make you wait at all - so I think it's going to kick ass, I'm sure they'll upgrade it more after it's released (i mean come on really!- this is blackberry they upgrade everything all the time) and you seriously can't beat the screen's DPI - I mean they already sell 5.4 million units per quarter and that's solid sales - that's without a buildup like apple's 1 million in 3 days - RIM doesn't even have to try and they already outsell everyone - especially with the Bold, Javelin, Curve, Kickstart, Pearl, Thunder (:D)...on zillions of networks, Blackberry is in prime position to dominate the market for the next year, & it's all about to happen anyday :D- Since I use sprint (work for sprint and get free service) I wonder if the Verizon can be unlocked and used on the Sprint CDMA network lol - anyway it's just a thought-

Verizon and Sprint use a technology called CDMA. The only way to get a phone on the network is for the company to activate it for you. They don't usually activate phones not bought from them directly.

AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. They can sell you a phone, but you can 'unlock' it and use it on another carrier by inserting a card (SIM) from the other carrier in the phone. Or you can even buy an unlocked phone, with no branding directly from the manufacturer. However, this is not common with RIM, since they have many carrier partners.

Seems awfully slow and not much different than the 8700c I have now. If that's true whats the big deal? Maybe I should wait for the Thunder.