Palm Treo Pro Video Unboxing and Hardware Comparisons

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Aug 2008 03:28 am EDT

What?! A non-BlackBerry video unboxing at! Yeah.. that's right. We do have a blog post category here called "Berry-Free Talk" that we post in from time to time and I thought this video would be a good fit for the CB blogs for a couple of reasons: one, we have a TON of members and readers who used to be Palm Treo owners (remember this article?) and two, it seems with the Treo Pro that Palm is taking some aim at the BlackBerry-using customer base. I'm really curious to know everyone's thoughts on the Palm Treo Pro - is it a "sweeet!" or "so what?!" or "thanks but no thanks" or "yawn" or "I'm leaving my BB and going back to Palm" or "Palm should just quit the slow death and die already" or ???????

You can click here for more Palm Treo Pro unboxing images and comparison shots. The Bold makes an appearance in the video above at 7m48s and you can also check out these BlackBerry Bold vs. Treo Pro pics to get a better idea of how the Pro and Bold compare head to head.

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Palm Treo Pro Video Unboxing and Hardware Comparisons

21 Comments of a device is very important to me and from looking at all the Palms, they never seem to float my boat. it looks too "roundy" all around.

What's up with that HUGE FREAKIN WATCH?!?!?! Holy Crap! It's almost as big as the armboards that quarterbacks use to reference plays. I wish I had a piece of machinery that connected my wrist and elbow...

Maybe that's the difference between Palm and Blackberry users. They are more 'techies' that are into ALL electronics as business, and we're into SOME electronics to help us run the corporate offices of their businesses.

j/k palm peeps, we love you =)

That watch is huge, that is the first thing I noticed. The time was so clear 12:49 holy cow :) LMAO

Nice phone but maybe a little to late!!

Palm may as well just pack it in, finally getting out another Windows Mobile device that is mostly looking cool and finally has WiFi. This video is lame in that it's just an "unboxing" and spends 8 minutes that could have been done in 60 seconds. There is nothing about the specs or showing you what it looks like and functions with the power on. The only thing of interest is seeing how much smaller it is than the Bold - if you care. At some point you lose the utility of typing and ability to read docs when the screen is too small.

Even though I really don't like palm that is a pretty nice looking device. It looks like they stepped up there game on design. I currently work in an office off 500 or so users and we have 150 of those using smart phones. about 50 of them still favor the palm devices. Some have even tried to take the leap to a BB but went back to the palm. I guess i will see for myself when someone at the office brings one by so they can get there work email setup on it. Looking forward to seeing the next Vid of it actually working.

It looks nice but...I'd stick to BB. The Bold looks better as far as outward appearance. And I'm sure it has better features. Never really liked and of Palm's devices...they were useful when they were one of the first sources for PDAs back when EVERY businessman/woman had a PDA....however, now that time has caught up w/ them and different manufacturers -BLACKBERRY- are making better phones, I just have no interest in them. I'm sure all those Palm lovers are happy just as we BB lovers are happy w/ the new Bold. Sorry. I love my BB and wouldn't trade it for this thing.

This is the first Treo I have ever looked at and said "Wow, that's nice"...maybe that's because Palm didn't design it, HTC did lol...but underneath it's still running def not a purchase for me, but Palms users should LOVE this device.

I've not seen this smartphone in action though I have seen a couple of their older palm OS based ones in action. I can say a couple things about palm in that regard. 1st they have gone a long way in their external design. This new treo is a very attractive device. It is quite obvious as the unboxer points out that it is targeted to compete with the bold directly and even possibly the iphone 3G. The other thing is that if palm hadn't spun out both palm OS and winmo based devices they probably would be a lot worse off than they are now. And with that in mind 1Q2009 will bring their new OS and a lineup of devices that use it. This I expect will bring palm right back up in marketshare by the end of 2009 if not sooner. It took them about 5 years to dump all the excess baggage that was holding them back from the state of excellence they have been known for in the past for mobile devices. I have been a palm PDA owner of several models from the m130 to the T5. I have also used but not owned several models older than the m130. They have the vision and the quality of staff to be the 2nd biggest mobile device maker if not the biggest. Though RIM will a tough competition. One thing going for palm that RIM doesn't have is multiple device type lines. Palm has smartphones, PDAs, and highly likely at the beginning of 2009 netbook style devices (not a redone foleo but completely rethought out from the ground up. The foleo had good and bad aspects to it. One of it's good aspects was how it looked. The bad aspect was the narrow focused purpose to which it partly was scrapped for at the very last minute. Its a shame they put so much time into it and didn't realize sooner they were making a mistake with it. For now I have my BB 8330 which works just fine for my phone and even has taken over some of the stuff I did with my T5. What I really want is a netbook style PDA for mobile computing. Smartphones are great but no replacement for mobile computing. And mobile computing has out grown palms old OS. So its time for them to get than new OS out there to meet and even surpass today's mobile computing needs and wants. RIM makes great smartphones it's a shame they don't offer other mobile devices. If they had a netbook style device with an OS designed for that kind of computing I would own one. But right now palm is the only company I have confidence will build one that I will want to buy.

jesus we don't need every detail like "oooh there's a little widget wrapped around the instructions...ooooh there's a little plastic divider between the phone and the manual", all that and he didn't even turn it on...snore.

It's unbelievable how this device pales in comparison to the Bold. The video author spends the last minutes comparing the form factor to the leading PDA's, and when he comes to the Bold, it's almost silly to compare the two. Scroll to about 7:58 or so when the author introduces the two. When I see the two side by side, the immediate impressions are so stark. Design: Bold exudes professionalism, with the rounded edges and the chrome-like trimming; Treo looks like a tricked out, plastic rendition of the Centro attempting to complete in the professional marketspace. The keyboard: Bold looks like its made to be used as a mobile computer, where the keys look like they're made as individual keys and can respond much like a real, physical keyboard. In fact, apple fanboys (and trust me, I'm one...ask my wife) may notice the similarity in the look of the bold keyboards and ones on the macbook pros: flat, not too high off of the base, and responsive. The Pro is a joke in this arena, because it looks like they've adopted the same look/feel as the centro. Cmon...seriously? Plastic nubs aligned in a straight line does not make for fast thumb typing. Aligning the keys in a straight line may work for a real physical keyboard, but the natural tendency for thumb typers is for the keys to be angled inward as that of the Bold. Buttons: This is made so well. Four buttons, no silly icons, and a simple, multi-directional push trackball. That's it...that's all you need. Laid out well and most importantly, doesn't hog up as much real estate as that on the Pro. BUT...I'll say this: If there was a design flaw, I think it'd be this part. They need to think of a way to shrink those four buttons height-wise and make the trackball larger and almost have them all be equal in height size. That can give more real estate to the screen. In this arena, the Pro confirms that it is in a different (lower) class. 8 buttons to Bold's 4 (I'm including the chrome ring around the "Palm" logo). If you look from the bottom of the screen, the Pro dedicates Bold's 4 buttons row and the first 1.5 rows of its keyboard just for their main buttons. Screen: No need.

I'm really not trying to dog Palm. But, when you do a comparison, you separate the wheat from the chaff. This comparison between the Pro and the Bold in my opinion is a waste of time. As a current Treo owner and working professional, I am waiting the day when my two years is up with VWZ and switch over to a BB device (Thunder, where are you???!!!!!!). The Pro is something not even remotely close to looking like a legitimate smartphone. Bold is truly Bold and will remain that way until a viable competitor comes with the exception of the iPhone of course; that, however, is another comment for another day!

...That's basically a spiffed up looking Centro (which I owned). It was horrible, and I owned just about every Treo ever made with the Palm OS. They just keep trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Glad I jumped ship.

It's a Fossil - JR-9120 .

As for the unboxing, we're under embargo and not allowed to post actual reviews until tomorrow, so I did as much as I could.

This video has a strange resemblance to the Unboxing of the Blackberry Bold the other day. I don't know who stole the design from who. The Bold and the Palm Pro look strikingly similar in design, both with the rounded shape and a similar layout. The headphones to, look at the new design of headphones that come with the bold and compare them to to the Palm Pro...although competition? I think not.I chose the Bold.