Video: Typing on the Next Generation BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Sep 2009 09:05 am EDT

With all the BlackBerry Bold 9700s and Storm 9550/9520's floating around out there, I hope over the next couple of weeks RIM just announces these devices so we know just exactly when all of us can get our hands on one.

This time around our pal salomondrin is backto show off just how fast typing on the next generation BlackBerry Storm will be. The video is short and sweet, but is guaranteed to get all the Storm 2 chasers out there excited. The typing action completely owns the original Storm. You can jump over to the CrackBerry forums for more info and ask sal any questions you may have about his new Storm.

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Video: Typing on the Next Generation BlackBerry Storm


That is sooooo amazing. I am up for my upgrade and can't wait. Typing on the Storm has been my main complaint. I can hardly wait.

you type super fast ha ha ha. this is the video that convinced me to get the Storm 2 when it comes out. thanks :)

There is no way that is in real ones thumbs move that fast. He had to of sped up that video.

Also, how am I supposed to text my friends while I am in meetings...that click is crazy loud.

Click only sounds like that because of the camera, I guarantee it is not that loud in person.

This is definitely in real time......... everyone one of my fiends (at least girl friends) can type that fast on a regular cell phone and so did I.

This purely shows each screen click is individual and separate from the previous or next one.

No... there's plenty of people that fast. I'm one of them, even though the storm 1 slows me down a bit i can usually crank out 50-60 wpm at a minimum on it.

If you turn the volume up on the video and just listen to the background noises (office telephone ringing) they are consistent through out the typing and afterwards. That is actual real time typing from him. Unbelievable but true.

How is it that certain people have gotten there hands on the Strom 2 before it is released?

BTW - This video is awsome - I do like the the keyboard it is another reason to upgrade to the Storm 2 when ever it might be released.

Is this guy is on to something or is he just on something.....LOL. That was one helluva display of typing on steriods. LOL

The video is legit. I dont see any reason he would have to exaggerate. He is just a person showing us the capabilities of the storm 2.

i dont understand why someone would think this is fake , his hands arent moving that fast. besides ive seen people type that fast on the iphone

does anyone else find the clicking sound to be really annoying? i want the phone.. but not if i (or the people around me) have to hear that every time i am typing something.

so we have all of this and still no proximity sensor? Even my sons dare has one oh but not the storm? Or storm II/2

So does it have it and will bb get it right by adding this or will it goof off when you put it up ro your face to use it?

is this the same device same web interesting formatted "html" browsing, same interesting formatted "html" email, with a new clicky screen that can be shut up by accident, or is that a feature?

Also please tell me that we have moved from the old courier text in almost all of the apps and native very latent web browsing?!

I hope they finally will realize that its a standard thing now.

i love the vertical suretype keyboard

those keys are by far the largest out there and to add this blazing speed on top of it is only going to make it better

i might actually consider staying with rim now instead of defecting to hopefully a vzw iphone

To all the skeptics:
Stfu, the typing IS that good (even in full kb mode). Believe me, it IS THAT GOOD (dont ask, i wont tell)

To everyone:
Notice the multi-touch/click in action while he is typing. Notice his next key is highlighting (and probably beginning to click) while he releases the next key,, just like a physical keyboard. Storm owners are going to have to unlearn how to type when they switch :)

Does this guy know how to type holding the phone horizontally? It makes me think that it doesn't type well holding it this way.

I type not as fast as him but damn near close on my storm 1 on on a portrait keypad. So dont be fooled by his typing guy. Also when I type fast there are sometime. where the lag gets in and slow down the process no matter what I'm very fast with my storm 1 and i'm not paying lots of money for a storm 2 just because he type fast no I want better software and maybe more pixels on my camera. Don't be fooled by the lil features of the phone be more concerned about the operating system and etc

wow im impressed by this! makes me want the phone even though i hated the original storm! and i dont hate your voice sal i actually love it! lol

I don't understand why people think he sped up the video. We probably could all type faster if it weren't for the lag that is present on the S1. It looks like the S2 will actually be able to keep up! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these puppies :D

personally I like typing on the Storm 1. I also would like to challenge this OP to a typing contest me with the Storm 1 and him with the Storm 2. I realy see no reason to switch to the Storm 2 from the Storm 1. Don't believe the hype I am sure the Storm 2 will be loaded with problems just like ALL recent BlackBerrys on Verizon. If you have AT&T in your area I would get the iPhone 3g S. the app store is much much better than the BlackBerry App World. and it is soo much eaiser to use than the BlackBerry. If you are Stuck with Verizon I would seriously look into the new Motorolla Android phone coming in 2010, it will blow away any BlackBerry out there.

You're just being a little b*tch that your Storm 1 will soon be outdated and will not accept the fact that there is a better device.

I'm sure you'd say the same thing if you had a iPhone 3G and saw the 3GS come out.

I dont get why would you visit a sight called crackberry, to promote the iphone? if that phone so good, what drives you to check blackberries out?
i love my blackberry , and i dont go around checking to see what there saying about the iphone and there apps.

Wondering if the firmware updates would make any improvement on my Storm or if I will just need to move up to the Storm 2.... Decisions.....

install the 167. to your storm now . im loving this phone now , no memory leaks . long battery life, everything is fast as hell

I'm glad to see these vids. I just hope the negative comments does not stop you from posting them. I know I type real fast on my S1.

Sorry, but I too call BS on this. Put it all together.

1. "People keep complaining about my voice, so I won't talk." -- Uh huh. More like "if I talk, it will be obvious that I have sped up the playback a little."

2. The video changes at 0:07. The camera's exposure level resets, just like it would if you start a new recording. He obviously spliced the last 00:29 seconds on -- and it is that 00:29 that is suspiciously speedy.

3. Forget the "typing movement" of his fingers. Look at the little twitches between typing movements. They are beyond quick -- and faster than the twitches on the fingers of the guy linked to in comment by Jeremy Kitching.

In response to people saying "why would he do that?" - don't be so naive. Companies intentionally "leak" products, internal memoranda, and "I'm not supposed to post this to the web, but I will anyway" videos all the time these days. My money is on Salomondrin being a shill. RIM knows what he's doing because RIM is paying him to do it -- and then following up with a not-too-speedy, cat-and-mouse Youtube pull-down. So why would he speed up the playback? To build buzz and interest, so they sell more units at launch.

And I too have a Storm 1 and type pretty fast on it. This is not sour grapes, a general dislike of RIM (I love my Storm and I want a Storm2!), or general disbelief that people can type fast on a Blackberry. I just have to call a spade a spade -- and this spade isn't even all that well disguised.

it's not all that hard to record some speech and then just overlap it with the existing sound...please stop it with this conspiracy crap/fake video/he's working with rim to promote storm 2

what your saying is possible, but ive seen people type this fast on it, i just cant do it . on the storm or any other phone. but i do have a friend that types this fast on the storm 1

it looks like he typed slowly then just played the video at a faster pace. thats why he didnt talk while he was typing.
and the phone was moving around way too much, at a very high speed.

you know how it cuts into another video? i bet you he messed up the first time. i say PSSSH to the s2. i'll stick with my s1

If the video was a fake, the clicking sounds would probably have a higher pitched sound. Sounds increase in octave as their tempo increases.

maybe they are increased thats why theyre so loud.

Its a promotion stunt watch the video carefully everything moves at abnormal speed.

I don't understand. All these coments about how this is BS when nobody even has the phone. Except the few out there that do have it. I mean why would you say something is'nt good when you have'nt even tried it yourself. Thats amazing.

Hard to say

I will agree with other posters though that I certainly can maintain a similar (slightly slower of course) level of speed on my original Storm in vertical mode when typing.

Now is it accurate? Not like the poster's but it's certainly within the realm of possibility

To address other posters why no demonstration was provided horizontally, I can actually type quicker vertically because of the larger keys and the SureType.

Although I will say that was an interesting post earlier regarding the video poster being an RIM shill and all this being an intentional ploy by RIM.

Certainly within the realm of possbility as well.

Nonetheless, I was so impressed by my original Storm (and the upcoming Storm 2 vids) that I would go with a Storm 2 if VZW doesn't have an Apple offering within the next 12 months (around the time I'd be looking for an upgrade)

Still can't get the hang of portrait mode. I can do landscape just fine, but I keep hitting the other key or wrong button when I do portrait.

Okay...I have just about had it with my Storm cause of the lag when even punching in Phone Numbers!!..PHONE NUMBERS!!! When I can't do that..what's the point..totally thinking of just getting somthing with a nice sensible PHYSICAL if there is no lag pushing the screen?....then I may just consider getting the Storm 2..I mean I am a little ticked off that the Storm 1 can't be a proper phone...but willing to suck it up and get ANOTHER Storm if it can work better as A PHONE...cause Storm S***ks in so many's the screen size but willing to give it up if Storm 2 has the same issues with the lag.....

wow thats amazing, well too late. I already converted over to the tour, couldn't take having my life revolve around all the problems the storm had daily.

it is playing faster then recorded and cut bad. The storm2 may be faster at typing but this is fake. and a bad one how can any of you think this is legit?? really??

I believe the video is real because I can type that fast on my Storm now, with the SureType keyboard and previously with the multi-tap when predective text (T9) was available. That said though, I don't see the hype in the typing from this video. Are all of you who ready to convert to Storm 2 just off this video really having this much trouble typing on it? I am still one of the many who are disappointed that we don't have T9 anymore. I'm sorry but SureType is not better in my opinion. I have to utilize the word menus that come up more frequently with SureType than I did with T9. If it wasn't for the fact that it was available when it first came out, I might not have gotten the Storm to begin with. I had to adapt because I love the Storm. I am not a fan of full QWERTY keyboards because I am faster with T9 as well as (now) SureType. If someone comes out with an app or something that will give me back T9 I'll be back in paradise and will probably be able to type on the Storm without looking like I used to do on my previous handsets.

I was going to get the tour since i'm tired of touch screen but this video put me back on the fence about waiting

To put this whole thing to rest we need to see some kind of multi angle shot including key tones.

LOL ... that was entertaining ... "I'm not even a smoker so I'll just type" and then he busts out a sentence. I want to see this puppy with all the free app memory it makes me drool.

Can you say "Carpal Tunnel" The way that you typed that, you obviously have been doing it for a while.

watching the vid, i thought he was just typing random characters so i was like meh...
he was actually typing a sentence!!
dang! that accuracy is crazy!

cant wait for storm II!!!

Also, in regards to the video being sped-up..I definitely agree, but the objective is to demonstrate the accuracy not speed of the Storm 2.

I'm not forensic video scientist so I'll assume the video is unaltered footage of typing on the Storm 2.

That said, one key to the amazing typing speed demonstrated is SureType. Anyone who has good to very good touch typing skills on a full QWERTY keyboard will be exceptionally productive with SureType as the predictive text and custom word lists really limit the number of keys that need to pushed. Yes, it does make some work but it is net positive. I am a touch typist and have been using SureType on the 7130 and 8130 for more than three years. SureType allows the device to be small and light yet functional.

IF the Storm 2 works as demonstrated....WOW. It will be the best of both worlds with a beautiful big screen and a highly functional text input system. It is still a little too big for my liking. RIM should look at introducing a a touch screen replacement for the Pearl that is the size of the Tour. I tried the Tour but the keys are just too small to allow fast typing with minimal errors.

If I were to unlock this and then put in the Sprint SIM card (from a Tour), could I use this phone on Sprint. This is considering that this will be a World phone like the last one.

The storm 2 looks like it could make me switch from my physical keyboard ways.

Still something I'm truly contemplating.

I like it...that's how a Damn phone should work. It gets so frustrating having to delete errors on my storm 1. The Storm may actually have some hope after all. Thank for posting the clip.

That was impressive for two reasons 1 - accuracy 2- and it was done on two letters per touch vs sing letter... Love it

HAHA!!! you guys are a fricken joke, yeah, maybe he did start another recording at 0:07, BUT WHO CARES!!! when you start a new recording and a new clip THE CAMERA HAS TO FOCUS idiot, and the brightness of the screen makes the video look different because he went UP CLOSE, and if the speed was altered wouldn't the click be much MUCH higher from the speeds you are claiming its altered at... you guys are a bunch of haters because RIM is actually taking all their weaknesses from the Storm 1 and MAKING a difference in the storm 2.

someone else ALSO said that "there's only a select few with the phone, that IS in beta, and most of you claiming the video was either fake, or the phone actually sucks probably never even PLAYED with the storm 2, let alone see it in person.

so in total conclusion to your gay little theories, YOU guys are a bunch of fakes trying to find yourself critiquing online videos that only the poster knows is real or not. GET A FRICKEN LIFE and stop dogging on something that you for one do NOT own and just unhappy that the storm 1 can't satisfy your needs like this phone can. go get a fricken tangible keyboard if you can't handle the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this phone is gonna be BADASS and don't you FORGET IT!

to claim that this video and the storm 2 is fake and junk...

I didn't mean it towards crackberry, JUST THE HATERS!!!

grundyman, I probably love the storm as much as you, if not MORE! ahhahahah!

but just to clear things up, I was calling those stupid youtube video forensic crap people.

After using a physical QWERTY for so long and swearing I wouldn't switch to a touchscreen I may have found the one that makes me eat my words.

While the video may indeed have been sped up the main thing I took from this was the fact that there was almost no lag between keystrokes. He was able to type one key followed immediately by another. At 0:18 with the video paused you can actually see that TWO keys are highlighted. The lack of this has been one of the complaints from my friends who are Storm owners.

When the Storm 1 came out initially I heard a multitude of complaints about the firmware, the lag, and the overall experience with it. After updates were made to correct many of these problems I hear nothing but raves about how great it is.

My belief is that RIM has taken steps to make the Storm 2 even better. If this holds true then I cant wait to get my hands on my new touchscreen blackberry.

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i dont mean anyone any disrespect but that looked like a video that was played back in fast forward. i mean sure it would get better typing the storm 2 but that just didn't look real to me,

Dude your stupid for saying this is a fake video, anyways awesome video dude. Odin is awesome gonna upgrade.

I'm sure if he had a stopwatch going in the background while typing, you would all STILL cry fake. Relax people.

Definitely fake.... I'm sure the storm 2 is a good phone and all (i prefer my bold), but to the people getting excited, please try out the phone before you buy it because I did not like typing on the storm 1 when I tried it.

Makes the Storm 1 look like a pre-production model... which when one thinks about it, for all practical purposes is true.

There isnt a snowball's chance in h ell that VZW/RIM will give the Storm 1 faithful an early upgrade deal (hope I am wrong) but if any group of users deserve one, its them.

That is astounding. The single main problem with the Storm 1 was the sheer number of typing errors due to the poor click screen. RIM has outdone itself, I'm so impressed.

It's using predictive text. Even the iPhone uses its own version. You press keys and succession and the computer "predicts" what you are trying to type and auto-fills. Works great on my 8220, which also has a SureType keyboard. Makes for bigger buttons, less travel, and faster texting (in my opinion).

I just wish RIM had released this first time around. Their credibility took a huge hit with the Storm 1. Imagine if this was their first Touchscreen device.

After trying the same message that is in the video, it seems to me that the storm one types that same message without any problems as well. The only difference is that I can't type as fast as he does. But Storm 1 didn't slow me down. So Kevin, this video doesn't prove that "Storm 2 owns Storm 1."

Like I've said already, I can type this fast on the Storm 1. This video only proves how fast and accurately the guy can type. While I do expect the Storm 2 will be an improvement, like icebox93 just said, this video does nothing to prove whether or not it will be. Those of you struggling to type on the Storm 1, will have virtually the same struggles on the Storm 2, if not the exact same. Perhaps those of you struggling should consider changing your keyboard settings? Just a thought.

Great video and nice demo of the keyboard. Why are there always nay-sayers and critics who want to pick this stuff apart? Waaaahhhhh-He sped up the video----Waaahhhhhh!!! Shut up already!! If you don't like it, don't watch and DEFINITELY don't buy it. If you are that suspicious, wait until the phone hits the stores and try for your selves.

Btw, your voice is fine. Thanks for your constant efforts to keep us all informed. It is duly noted and appreciated.

To all those who say this video is fake...why does that matter? So what, maybe the video is sped up or fake...the fact of the matter is, with the type of technology with the screen, even if you think you type fast with the Storm 1, the Storm 2 has potential to type faster. Because the entire screen goes down with the S1, you have to lift your finger off the screen before hitting another key and with the S2, it imitates a keyboard very well since you no longer have to do that and it feels like you're hitting something since the screen is being depressed...however this time you can do it all over the screen instead of just one spot at a time. I wish people would stop complaining about the "Fake" video and observe how cool the technology really is...

Bought my Storm in March of 2009. What a waist of $$$$!
It's the biggest piece of shit phone ever made! Have to pull the battery everyday just so it sort of works!
Every time I want it it take video it has exception and doesn't record. so I have to pull the fucking battery and by then it's to late! Garbage! Pure Fucking Garbage!
Can't wait for iPhone to come to Verizon!

This fucking web site trying to sell us assholes who bought the piece of shit BB Storm fucking apps that cost more than $0.99. The fucking phone is not worth more than a $1 and they want us to buy apps that ae more than a $1?
Retards, every Storm owner that thinks it's a great phone is a FUCKING RETARD!
Storm 2? Got to be a piece of shit to! RIM got me once BUT never again! Shove it RIM you COCKSUCKERS!

I listened one more time before the video was pulled I noticed a phone ringing in the background. The ringing noise was normal pitch.... If the video had been sped up, the ring would have given it away. Too bad it has been pulled. But either way, impressive looking phone.

but can the mods please ban machine3! Trolls aren't welcome even in the blog...especially ones that can't help but to type in foul language. I mean really, is the range of vocabulary that limited????

Now, now, let's not jump to the conclusion that we're ALL adults here... as evidenced by a few profanity-laden posts.

While perhaps technically an adult, I think we're looking at a person with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old (if that)... with a propensity for 'dirty words'.

Color me impressed. It takes a lot of talent to come up with a few awkwardly placed vulgarities to replace more traditionally useful/helpful adjectives.

...Oh, and I couldn't see the video either. Wish I had seen it.