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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9350/9370 from Sprint

Video tutorials for the BlackBerry Curve 9350/9370 extracted

By Bla1ze on 24 May 2011 07:06 pm EDT

Just like last time a new OS leaked for a yet-to-be-released device, folks have already ripped through it to see what, exactly if anything was new. CrackBerry forums member, Lucky45 was quick to extract and let us know that within that BlackBerry 7 OS leak was the tutorial videos for the BlackBerry Curve 9350/9370. (sedona / apollo) In addition to the tutorial videos, Lucky45 also let us know that the OS contains a vendor theme as well which is of course, T-Mobile. That lends a lot of credit to the previously leaked information about BlackBerry Bold 9900, monza and apollo all coming to T-Mobile. 



Why it is called OS7? 6.1 was good for this

Kevin Michaluk

Yeah. Agreed. I feel like it won't be BlackBerry 7 on this device.. kind of doesn't add up if it doesn't have the feature set of the other devices. Might not be the full story here yet.

Could be that this is going to be called BlackBerry 7 LIGHT... just as we thought there would be BB 6.1 AND 6.1 LITE prior to the rebrand to 7.


isn't this a touchscreen device?


Links aren't working for mobile viewing.


You should try again.. ;)


No this isn't a touch screen device that would be the Bold Touch. And its BB OS 7, bc RIM wanted it to be called OS 7, its just a name. The Ceo of rim said they made many changes. So the renamed it to OS 7.


question here is "How to extract video from cod file?"


I'm surprised they did away with the media keys on top. I thought that was a popular and in-demand feature. Did they kill it on ALL the new devices coming out or just the "new curve"?


wow....how SO not interesting.

I just re-learnt everything I already knew...


This makes me very happy, I'd buy the 9900 if I didn't have a limited budget. I love the design, and I can't wait to hear more about it!


What is the difference between Bold and Curve?


If you're talking about the ones coming out later this year: the bold has a touch screen and is a little bigger.

If you're talking about the ones that are out right now: the bold is more high-end than the curve. For example: better camera. But it is also a little more expensive, and they look very different. Also, in my opinion, the keyboard on the Bold line (and the tour) is a little easier to use, but some people like the layout of the curve keyboards better.


That tutorial video for the Curve 9350/9370 was on my Curve 9330 when I upgraded to OS6.

experiment 626

PLEASE tell me we can turn off the OS 7 menu trays like you can on the Bold Touch 99xx .


Seeing as they are both running OS7 which can turn off the menu trays like you said then I would guess the option is still there, they won't remove it.


I'm don't understand really
why ? Blackberry 7 it's not support new drive all 9780 and 9800

As the OS6 support 9700 and curve 9300


Its called OS7 because RIM is trying out Apples marketing technique. There's nothing wrong with it. 6.1 would just make potential customers move on.

Think about it. Would you rather buy a device with OS6.1 or OS7? Marketing at its finest.


How did they extract the videos? Is there a special software to do that?


I thought I was also touch screen like the 9900??


Nope that's the Orlando. This is the Apollo/Sedona.


Nothing new here. Pretty much the same as Bold 9700/9780 but obv a new design and new OS.