Video tutorials for the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 extracted

By ObiGeorge on 1 Apr 2011 08:31 pm EDT

The recent leak of OS seems to be full of goodies. First some extracted apps, then a peak at some new icons, and then earlier today the entire icon set. Now we get a couple of tutorial videos for the hardware, homescreen, placing a call, SIM insertion, and some basics. This is also gives us a nice 360 degree view of the device itself in (simulated) action. I don't know about you all but I'm pretty stoked for this device. Jump on past the break for all the videos.

Source: N4BB

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Video tutorials for the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 extracted


nice videos!
anyone know what that ringtone is from the "making a call demo"?

can't wait till it releases!
wait a minute i'm still saying that about the playbook! haha


I see so many people who prefer the 9000 form factor, i much prefer the 9780 :P that's why I will get that and not this even though this one has a touch screen as a bonus :( - but as long as it gets 6.1 :D

not too sure if I like the new icons either, liked the sleekness of the others. But, they don't exactly go amazingly with the wallpaper in the demo, so who knows?? - The camera icon I really dislike, heh heh.

Am I the only one that is keeping tabs on April Fools' day??? I saw one video and it was the same thing I remember from my torch... Maybe it's just me, but not feeling what all the hype is about...

It deff looks good, but going for a droid for this year and when the bb get the os 7 and have a really solid competitor ill switch back...

The video is amazing. The phone is great. Hands down. I just wish the screen will be bigger. But again, great video! Thanks for sharing!

The transitions are looking great, far smoother than the current OS6. This must be the whole "Liquid Graphics" that was touched upon in those leaked slides of 6.1 features. I'm not a big fan of the new icons though, personally. I liked the simple styling of the current ones. Meh. I'm sure there will be plenty of ways to change or deal with it when 6.1 is released.

Ummm... This phone better come with a special touch screen pen or something, if not ill wait for the Torch2.

I am a real BB fan but OS 6.1 looks the same as OS6 to me. I am trying hard to see how this is the big difference spoken about in the financial report. Just looks like a OS6 refresh in a bold 9000 body. So I have to think carefully for the first time on getting the latest bold. I still like it, but with OS7 coming out next year, (I know OS7 will not run on these OS 6.1 phones) it makes getting a new BB this year difficult.

That's because as blackberry users, when we expect a "brand new" OS we anticipate everything being changed, from the look to the UI, etc. 6.1 mainly focuses on things under the hood, to take most advantage of the new features the phones being released this year will have (the OpenGL, magnetometer, all the new stuff etc.)

I'm likely to buy this one off contract and then use my new contract to get an OS7 phone. How do you know OS7 will not run on these? Does it need dual core?

This phone looks so nice. I really hope they get it out before summer. T-Mo supposed to get it May-June. Hope AT&T beats that date.

Currently the only info we have is that qnx is designed with dual-core in mind, that might rule it out for these phones or given that they are presumably going to want to release more than just highend models, maybe we will see qnx on other spec such as the os6.1 level of products.

The more I look at these vids the more I am liking the icons. I too liked the simple look of the OS6 icons but the icon switch gives the new OS a nice look.

I don't think (anymore) that we'll see much difference in OS6.1 but I'm still pleased. I think with the faster chips OS6.1 is going to be an OS6 that works really fast and I like OS6 a lot. It just needs to be faster and more consistent in terms of the touch menue that come up etc.

RIM's real strength is the hardware and this looks like a winner. Monoco looks nice too and new curve looked sexy in those earlier leaks.

I hope they make the digits red like on the 9000. Just thought that was a cool feature. Other than that I can' wait to have this device in my hands =D