Video Tutorial: How To Free up Memory on your BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jul 2008 01:12 am EDT

Remember last week we announced the release of Zumobi for BlackBerry? It's a cool app, but the coolness comes at the cost of precious BlackBerry memory, which if you're short on can slow things down on your device considerably.

To help alleviate the low memory issues encountered by some users, Beth from Zumobi put together the video how-to above which guides you through the basics of BlackBerry memory management. It's a helpful video for all BlackBerry users to watch, not just Zumobi users. And content was used in the making of the video - so you know it's good! :-) 



I want to know is how to delete those pre-loaded pics. I go into the media, though there isn't an option to delete.


Once you're in media, hit your menu button and select explore. At that point, you will be able to select which folder you would like to browse to and delete files. This is what worked for me on the 8830. Hope this helps.

Lil Costello

I had to use the Media Manager to delete the preloaded pictures. You should follow this tutorial; it's much more in-depth and comprehensive:

Best of Luck!

Karen Wilkins

Great tutorial. I wish I had had it a year ago. I had to try to find most of these myself. I will send it to several people. Thanks,


That should be retitled 10 reasons Blackberry should just add more memory!


i dont have a video icon how can i get one?