Video tutorial for the BlackBerry Touch (monaco) extracted

By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2011 09:12 pm EDT

Since the other videos got extracted we figured we might as well go ahead and post this lone one of the BlackBerry Touch for everyone to see. Not exactly a whole lot going on in the way of videos for this device from the leaked OS but it does offer another glimpse of what is coming for BlackBerry smartphones. Thanks, Shao128!

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Video tutorial for the BlackBerry Touch (monaco) extracted


It is pretty much a torch minus the keyboard and with 6.1? (and any other new stuff like processers, etc)

Without the keyboard and with the updated icons, it looks a little more like an android and less like a blackberry.

I would GLADLY take the Blackberry Touch or the Bold Touch over any Android device, any day of the week.

OMG you posted the comment and your battery survived so long, now go recharge before you can post another ..

I've never understood this argument. People don't make allowances for the advancement of technology. You never see this said about the Iphone 4. Same thing could be said about color TV's. Same thing about the F14. The F14 is what the Wright Brothers should have released 80 years ago.

I can't wait for this phone. But I will be putting a new theme on it :)

wish RIM would tell us about whats going on about surepress.

Glad these new touch phones are keeping with the trackpad though I'm not liking the white call and hang up buttons. (at least they aren't the mess that is capacitive buttons that are found on recent android phones)

The End button takes you back to the "All" tab in OS6? Thanks goodness I watched this 24 seconds, I'm on a leaked version on the 9700 and I hated sliding to All from some other screen, thanks!

Before I start, I want to say that I watch this blog because my girl will not switch from Blackberry. I just swithed from a Storm2 to an iPhone 4 and I love it. No more reboots and restarts after removing apps and everything works flawlessly. I just got tired of Blackberry App World Apps only supporting certain devices and everything runs on my new iPhone. Not trying to start an argument but just wondering besides business use, why do you guys stay with and love your Blackberry?

My first smartphone was a Blackberry curve, and I liked it, but after a while, I wanted to move on and get something new. I had an iPod touch at the time and I LOVED the thing (still do), so I decided to switch to an iPhone 3G.

To my surprise, I HATED the iPhone. I think the reason I loved my iTouch, but hated the iPhone at the same time, was because the iPhone/iPod are good at a few things - games, music, internet - but terrible at everything else.

When it comes to using Calendar, mail, push services, etc, the Blackberry has always been better.

Try opening the calendar app on a Blackberry and an iPhone at the same time, you'll be amazed at how much faster the BB is. I HATED how iPhones load an IMAGE of the app, but you have to wait a second or two to actually start using the app.

And as for Android, I just don't like the look of it (just a personal preference). I think a lot of Android hardware is ugly, and I don't really like the look/layout of the OS.

Good post. I totally agree with you, and have even had a similar experience, although I have only considered getting an iPhone but never made the official jump. I'm too convinced that I couldn't live without bbm. I ask iPhone users all the time what they use to communicate, 99% of them say txt messages, which tells me there still is no real worth while IM client for the iPhone, otherwise wouldn't they be using it? After using blackberry messenger for years I know I couldn't handle going back to only text messages.

That is what I was worried about missing with the iPhone but Pingchat! works the exact same way except for group messaging.

I had to renew my storm and could not wait for ever for RIM to release their new touchscreen phone. I live in Spain and I know that the new device will not arrive before Q4 2011 or Q1 2012. It was a tough decission after over 4 years using BB.
My first impressions from two weeks using an iphone 4: It is fast, I mean it, lighting fast, responsive, quick web and maps browsing, excellent UI,nice looking, it is cool, you can install loads of apps (and you will need to, believe me)... but:
After hacking (jailbreaking) the device, installing 5 or 6 productivity tweaks and around 10 productivity apps my Ip4 can not, by far, match my old BB as a working tool. Besides, dealing with itunes is a pain.
Now I know why it is so fast, you can not browse your files, use it as a flash drive, move/rename pictures, you can not do plenty of basic stuff... To sum up: you need to plug it in a computer to make it functional. Why te f*+k can not I download or acces my files in the phone? Of course there is an app for that, but they only encircle the problem, they do not solve it, an they cost extra money. Mail management can not even be compared.
Iphone fanboys are used to that pain and forgive apple for it without complaint.
Do not get me wrong, it is a great and reliable (very important) device and everything seems to work flawlessly, but I do not know if I will get an Iphone 5 when I have to buy a new phone in 18 months, I hope RIM has something as fast, responsive and reliable by then...

nice vid of my future handfriend,but a little slow motion would have been nice,but then again, i have a pause button

I just saw this phone for sale at the local Walmart. They have a display in a glass case so no one touches it.....I put my Torch next to it and it really looks nice and sleek. Its a little bit thinner than the Torch. I guess because it has no keyboard. It just reminds me of the Storm and how many problems it had. I do hope this version goes alot better. ....