Video tour of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900!

By Michelle Haag on 24 Jun 2011 04:47 pm EDT

If you're like us here at CrackBerry, you can't wait for the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 to release, and you're soaking up all the information you can until that glorious day arrives. This video is from the Pepcom event Digital Experience! that was held earlier this week in New York City. The RIM representative gives us a really good look at some of the features being implemented with the upcoming device, including the Liquid Graphics touchscreen and NFC capabilities. The video is great, and good quality compared to some we've seen, so give it a look and be prepared to drool.

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Video tour of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900!


Darn... too late... this would have been great in the sring, by the time it rolls out there will be iPhoe 5 and only the blackberry crowd would care about ths Bold... everyone else will be looking at the iPhone again or at the new HP Pre3
Woow! what poor timing... whomever is doing marketing for Rim is just killing them.

i agree im fed up with rim ive had a bb for about 6yrs and i think im going ios5 when it comes out im tired of the bs phones that are yrs behind and the os is pretty much the same as 4.5

I'll be fair.

RIM is about a year too late on this. I'm gone come September when the iPhone 5 drops.

- 6 Year BlackBerry user.

since the iphone 4 was released, there has been more blackberrys released from then till now than iphones released in total....... keep waiting on your iphone 5.... o ya cus apple never comes out with anything late...

Quality over quanity has always been my motto. Look around, there is a reason why RIM's marketshare is tumbling at such a fast rate.

I was all about my BlackBerry since I had the 8700c - Mind you through out the years other companies were releasing phones that did twice as much... but the time has finally come.

iphone5 wont be much different than the iphone4.... i was kind of middle of the road myself.... until i saw this video!!! im sold on the 9900, and i cant wait.

iphone5 wont be much different than the iphone4.... i was kind of middle of the road myself.... until i saw this video!!! im sold on the 9900, and i cant wait.

I agree. As a Canadian, I would like to see NEW people at top positions of RIMM because this is not working for them.

I MAY (not will MAY) go for an iPhone5 when it comes out... depend on the reviews I find on the net, I will seriously consider the iPhone for sure. Also, I will be buying aftermarket physical keyboard attachment.

Yuck Yuck, you buy and iPhone 5 and then a keyboard. Face it if you need a keyboard that much you probably won't like the iPhone. Yes you'll like playing on it but you won't like USING it.

I don't know if this helps but if you give yourself some time, you will be just as fast on the touchscreen as on your BB, but will probably lose accuracy. Based on my own experience and the experience of friends and family, it takes about 6 months to one year before your nervous system adjusts to the loss of tactile feedback and relies on muscle memory to press the right spots on the flat screen. I can now type much faster on my Nexus S than I could on my 9700 but I'm less accurate, which can be very frustrating with long emails. Also, typing in landscape is annoying because your text field is about 3 lines tall, which makes editing a pain. Other than these small issues, if you can get past the initial 6 months, I think you will be very happy with your iPhone (as long as you don't need push email), even without a physical keyboard. They have hands down the best predictive text software, which helps immensely. I have friends who can now type quickly and accurately on their iPhones without even looking at their keyboards! The brain is amazingly plastic and will adjust if you're patient. For literally everything else other than emails, you will love the screen size.

You have the right name ;)

It's just that in six months to a year you forget how good you were at typing on a BB.

" I can now type much faster on my Nexus S than I could on my 9700 but I'm less accurate..."

What does that mean? If you are typing fast but have no accuracy, you really are not typing, you are smashing keys. but alas, they are not keys, they are images of keys.

It just means on my Nexus S I have to go back and make sure I've not made any mistakes in the body of my messages, while with BBs I've always been much more confident. Then again, I was typing with BBs for years, while I've only been on my Nexus S for a few months now. I'm now very good with accuracy (though still not confident enough to not spellcheck before sending) but faster in speed than I ever was on a BB. It's a trade off. I do a lot of emailing with colleagues and investors, so I miss the surety of typing on a BB, where I could just type and send messages while walking. On my Nexus I have to stop and type. It's a small difference but if you're busy it can get annoying.

There won't be an iPhone 5 this year. Just the iPhone 4S which will just be a refresh. Same shitty antenna, same boring form factor... yawn.

That's all based on speculation. You have no idea if it will be the iPhone 4S or not, and to say it will have the same antennae issue is naive; no company would ever release a new iteration of a phone without correcting design flaws- come on!

iSheep? Really? Such a played out phrase. Just because a phone/company is popular doesn't mean people are following the company blindly. They make great products, that's why they're successful.

Actually I used to own a ton of apple products and while all of them are good in some ways they are all pretty much garbage when you compare what you pay for them for what you get.

Apple = good design, amazing marketing and crappy technical specs. Witness iPad 2 is came out after the Playbook (technically) and it's tech specs are much worse.

That is pretty much completely untrue, no offense.

iPhone 4 has a 1GHz A4 processor, 5MP camera(which is better than MANY 8MP cameras- I've tested my iP4 against a friends 8MP Droid Incredible and the iP4 wins hands down), 720p HD video capture and this was all released over a year ago. I'd say that was well worth the money a year ago- even today it's not bad for $147 in some places.

The PlayBook had to do something. You can't release a tablet that has basically no functionality other than a mobile wifi(mainly) web browser. The thing had/has no apps, not even native email so the only other option was to beef-up the hardware and release it as a way to try to stop RIM from crumbling.

Apple releases competitively priced, up-to-par if not ahead-of-the-curve hardware products. Just because their laptops are over $1000 doesn't mean they're overpriced, you get what you pay for.

We're tired of watching videos of this thing...

It's like window shopping, except you can't even come back tomorrow when the store is open to buy it (or just try it). This thing will be pre-historic by Fall. 1 month in the tech world = 6 months real world. Shame.

It's already pre-historic... A touch screen phone with phyiscal keyboard.. HTC has been doing that for YEARS.

Not even just that, look at the hardware specs and OS. This thing should've been released in place of the Torch back around the time of the iPhone 4.

Agreed. By the time RIM comes out with dual core phone, triple or quad core phones will be out. Believe it or not, RIM is a year behind and I'm as well waiting for the iPhone 5. But hopefully RIM makes a comeback by then specs and OS wise.

Is there any practical advantage to a quad core phone over a dual core, or do you just think is sounds cool?
Unless you are running 4 apps at the same time, you will not see a difference.
One thing for sure it will suck a lot more juice from the battery.

A quad core will suck no more juice than a dull old single core; according to the manufacturers of the dual core chips. The chips can power down faster when they go idle versus a single core that does not so readily power down. So far I have heard of no short battery life just because of dual core. I have a feeling this is another myth.

Back to topic of the 9900, if they can ever deliver it to market, it might be a hit, but I am no longer waiting, that thing is merely a technological unicorn. I'll even bet that video was made by Pixar.

The question is why are bozos ike you on this website? If you've "moved on" then please do move on. No one here gives a shit what you think or do.

Haha, I am here 2.5 years and you just joined a few months ago and throw your yap.

I am no bozo, I am a pineapple. I think a few care what I think as I have been thanked a few times and if you look, you'll find I am still rocking a Bold 9000 on the crappy AT&T network. I have yet to move on, I stated I am tired of waiting or no longer waiting. I'm just going to run the 9000 until it totally fails me and then look at what is available at that time. Could be tomorrow, or next year.

Thanks for keeping it clean. (shi**y)

Several years ago I had a PALM Treo, and I was always trying to touch my BB screen to get it to work when I first got it.

Glad to see RIM is keeping up with the new tech.

Wait....Whaaaat? Did you read your post before you hit post comment?

In the same comment you used these 2 phrases:

1. Several years ago I had a PALM Treo.
2. Glad to see RIM is keeping up with the new tech.

Don't these contradict each other?

Just saying.

i call bs. the palm treo used a stylus... at most you would have been reaching for the stylus... not trying to touch your screen... i came from a treo to a blackberry as well... aaaaand for all you naysayers.... the specs on the bold touch are still very current.

HT who? Face it my friend there are only two real phones iPhone and Blackberry all the other stuff is crap.

Physical build of Android phones --> poor.
Android software not made to fit any particualr hardware --> poor.

This phone will do very well for RIM because it really has NO competition.

Actually, I'm on a Nexus S and I prefer it over the iPhone because it has push gmail and all the same apps. It lacks the fluid experience of the iPhone but I'm willing to sacrifice that for immediate push email. I love my Nexus S but I do miss my BlackBerry keyboard, which is why I'm probably going to buy the 9900 even though I feel I shouldn't support a tech company that feels it's okay to be so technologically behind. The hardest thing about going back to BB will be losing all the apps I've grown to love on my Nexus (Chase bank, TEDAir, Tango video chat, IMDB, etc.). People have so many bad things to say about the usefulness of apps on phones but the bottom line is they both entertain you and can make you more productive. Many BB users put down video chat but I love it. I've been spending a lot of time lately on my research and my girlfriend is in dental school so I will miss being able to see her face during long nights apart.

Easy fix buy a couple of playbooks and video chat away.

don't worry the QNX blackberries should run the Android apps.

If RIM felt it was OK to be behind I'm pretty sure they don't think so now ;)

I agree with you that it's RIM's hardware (keyboards) that are keeping them in there. Also, I have to say they do the mundane stuff very well, e-mail, calendar and BBM.

If I ever leave BB I'll probably go Android but I think BB will come back. After all it isn't that hard to produce a nice UI and really it's only apps other than that and if android player works I think a BB will be the best thing on the market.

I've already got a Playbook (bought it one day one) but my gf refuses to buy one since she loves her iPad. I don't want an iPad so we're stuck. Plus, the whole issue of Android or BB is due to the fact that I don't want to carry two devices. If I were okay with having two devices with me, I'd just have my Nexus S for everything but emails, which I'd have a BB for. I just don't want to do that. I think many people are in the same boat, which is why RIM is sinking. They've failed to appease the consumer market and they're paying for it. I do agree with you that BBs perform exceptionally well in their fields of expertise, which is calendar, emails and IM. Though I'd say BBM is losing its luster, with so many excellent mobile IM apps hitting the market now. RIM really needs to do something other than watch their market share dwindle month by month. I think they're trying now, but we'll see whether the pubic is swayed. I think they can be but it'll be difficult since it's not like the competition is standing still. What RIM allowed to happen is mind boggling. Everyone keeps talking about RIM's cash, but Apple is the richest tech company in the world, and I think they have the right corporate philosophy, which seems to result in products that resonate with the public. In this regard things don't look too positive for RIM in ever taking back their place at the top of the food chain.

Agreed. I think we're finally getting performance out of BlackBerry. 40% faster web browsing will be awesome!

does it have the mobile hotspot capability? is it a 4g device? i would like to have my 16g playbook on the hotspot feature.

leaked documents from back in January show hotspot capability but I haven't seen any proof beyond that, and T-Mobile is the only Carrier that has conformed 4G on this device. I just want the damn phone already, just looking at Mid-July.

I notice on some clips we see the app icons have a name under them, like OS6 - but on others (like above) there are no titles. Any idea what the final product will bring?

I too am tired of watching videos and reading specs on this thing. I am kinda tired of waiting for it that I don't even want it anymore. Does that make sense?

I think a problem might be that the time between the device rumour leak and the actual release of the device is way too long.

yeah, i've been a blackberry user for about 10 years now and never thought i'd leave but because it's taking so long, if the iphone 5 comes out first, i'm gone. but that does look sweet. problem for me is, i never liked anything after the bold 9000 and mine is on it's last legs. praying that it lasts until the bold touch or the iphone 5 comes out.

I'm pretty sure the iPhone 5 is not coming out until mid 2012. The iPhone 4S is coming out in the fall of 2011. If you like the Bold 9000 keyboard, how can you go to a touchscreen-only phone like the iPhone?

We're all like scorned lovers, teased so hard we don't want it anymore... can't think of an unrequited love quote right now... but you get the gist. With that said, I will be the first in line once she's "available".

This phone is the sh*t, can't wait for the release !!! I don't go against those that feel that RIM is far behind, at the end of the day to each their own. IMO, a key turns my car on; my fingers turn the microwave on and my girlfriends hand works wonders, I don't need APP's for that :o)

Little cry pussies, always bitching now that you lot got what you was asking for, still not happy with your choice.......F the iPhone.

Why "F the iPhone"? Is there any reasoning behind what you say? I'm assuming you're one of those people with an unexplained hatred of Apple.

I've noticed, it's just funny to me. I suppose it happens when there's a clear-cut winner in the mobile market, heh heh.

Wow, BlackBerry fanboys on a BlackBerry dedicated web site.
Surprising eh?
F the iPhone! (and that's coming from an iPhone owner)

I'm not so keen on the iPhone line myself. Not that I hate it, I love the device, I just won't own one. One of the biggest factors is the cost. It would cost me more than double my line rental per month for the same amount of texts, minutes and data on the iPhone 4 compared to my 9700 Bold. Besides, it does what I want it to do. I don't horde applications, I have almost all the ones I want on my 9700. This may sound silly but when I visit websites, I prefer to use their drop down menus which you can't do on iPhone's Safari. The only problem at the moment for me is the RAM, CPU speed and no touch screen. The 9900 is more than likely able to fill in these gaps… and more. It's just like science filling in religious gaps in truth with proof of existence, information etc.

It's not the fanboy aspect, it's the random hatred of other products that I find funny. I understand being a BlackBerry fanboy, I would say I'm a relatively passive one myself, but when you hate other products for no apparent reason then I think that's a little silly. To each their own, and unless you've had bad experiences with a product or company, then hating them seems a little ignorant... But again, to each their own, people can hate what they want- just my opinion.

It's not the fanboy aspect, it's the random hatred of other products that I find funny. I understand being a BlackBerry fanboy, I would say I'm a relatively passive one myself, but when you hate other products for no apparent reason then I think that's a little silly. To each their own, and unless you've had bad experiences with a product or company, then hating them seems a little ignorant... But again, to each their own, people can hate what they want- just my opinion.

It's not the fanboy aspect, it's the random hatred of other products that I find funny. I understand being a BlackBerry fanboy, I would say I'm a relatively passive one myself, but when you hate other products for no apparent reason then I think that's a little silly. To each their own, and unless you've had bad experiences with a product or company, then hating them seems a little ignorant... But again, to each their own, people can hate what they want- just my opinion.

It's not the fanboy aspect, it's the random hatred of other products that I find funny. I understand being a BlackBerry fanboy, I would say I'm a relatively passive one myself, but when you hate other products for no apparent reason then I think that's a little silly. To each their own, and unless you've had bad experiences with a product or company, then hating them seems a little ignorant... But again, to each their own, people can hate what they want- just my opinion.

If you want random hatred think about all the Apple fan boys that come on here (crackberry) to bitch about RIM and dump shit on their products. I think that is really kind of sick.

I might bitch against apple here especially if a fan boy some one here but I sure as hell don't go on apple sites to post shitty comments.

I have to admit that, despite being an avid fan of the Storm2 and Torch 9800, this Bold 9900 looks amazing. It seems as if it will be the first BlackBerry that will grant us the ability to do what we have always wanted with our smartphones -aside from skyping via front facing cam. Though I'm think that RIM is waiting to put all that tasty goodness at peak levels on the QNX based phones.

I flows smoothly without lag. It looks slim and sleek. It has touch screen and keyboard. I digs it. If they made the Torch 2 much slimmer, I would be drooling over that one.

Since the playbook is a massive failure (not opinion, fact) this device is going to be RIM's LAST CHANCE to regain some marketshare, at least in the US. Pretty much the 9900 better knock everyone's socks off if they want any chance of surviving a buy-out.

Good luck RIM

No that's not a fact it's YOUR opinion.
The Xoom was a failure. The Galaxy tab was a failure. The PlayBook is looking pretty good in comparison.

I am sold on the 9900, and especially with the ability to playback 720p video. The only missing aspect for me is the front facing camera.

LOL, your excited for 720p playblack? There are phones out now that record and playback in 1080p. The Galaxy S2 is one and it even plays back 2GB mkv 1080p videos. Like someone said RIM better hope a lot of people buy this phone. And releasing weeks before or after an IPhone 5 launch will kill them.

Can I pair this smartphone with my iPad 2 over BlackBerry Bridge? No? Sorry RIM, now I see why your marketshare is going on free fall. So dissapointing! I'm getting a QWERTY iPhone 5 instead! Bye bye RIM!!!

Just droppin the friggin phone already. Geez. Love my OS 6....but I been holding out for this release since March!!

BB User since 2002...and I'm not going anywhere. I'm not an other phone basher...all other phones have their place...their like tools. But for what I do...BB is the tool for ME.

I don't know. The playbook doesn't do much.

I used one in the store and while a nice device, it's very limited in capabilities lacking apps.

This is annoying. I can't stand watching this kind of videos every time!
Apple and Android is flying up

Yeah, I don't see the value of touch on this device. I might disable it.

Then again, maybe it will be handy. I don't know.

this needs to be released ASAP! going against the IP5 in august/september will be bad for business IMO. RIM will need to dump a ton of money into their marketing to compete against apple

Sorry guys, I am done with RIM....

I have been a decade long BlackBerry user. I fought for RIM against all my friends. I bought the PlayBook the day it came out. I bought all my BlackBerry phones, for the past five years, before they were officially released from eBay unlocked for sometimes over $1,000.

I'm currently debating a Samsung Galaxy S II or the iPhone 5. It's not even their hardware anymore -- it's simply their software and lack of support and engagement from developers. My company started supporting Android and iOS early this year.

Sorry. I love RIM, the users, and this site. I just can't justify being loyal for the sole purpose of being loyal anymore. :(

Like many here, come september I will have to make the big decision, BB 9930 or iP5. To me its alot like choosing between cars, the reliable suv (BB) or the sports car (iP5). The suv will do everything you need without the flash, while the sports car is just flat out cooler but not as practical. Decisions, decisions....I just wish they would get in the showroom so I could take each for a spin!

Couldn't have said it better my self, good analogy... I'm buying the SUV(BB)...the sports car (iPhone 5) will be out of style by next Year...people don't understand their iPhone will be old news by next year.... I know ppl who still own 8xxx and 9xxx series. The jokes is half of these NERDS-tech chasers cant even afford the phones they are chasing...

yes the iphone mayb out of style the following year , but the 9900 is already lackign behind more then a year , right at it's release. Atleast you know your iphone 5 or 4s or whatever will be updated for another 3 years by apple. While your 9900 is Doa = death on arrival , a year too late and to make matters worse wont even get a cool qnx upgrade. So rim is spitting in your face 3 times ,with one phone.

id just like to add.... BlackBerry is for work and a little play..... iphones are for play maybe a little work..... i love my BlackBerry......

Yawn... Nice vid, but nothing new really. Still waiting for it. Wake me up when they actually have an official release date.


Anyone else think that this phone could save RIM? I really can see this being a huge seller, and I know that I'll be getting it within the first month it releases.

I need this device!! UK release seems to have been pushed back to September and I'm due an upgrade in October

Can I just say, I'm really done with seeing videos of RIM people zipping the screens back and forth? Stop it. Just stop it.

Maybe this will shut up the naysayers who were predicting that OS7 wouldn't be much better than OS6.
That thing is hella-fast!

First's just too bad you couldn't bring iphone's or androids app market on to this baby! Next, part of me just wishes the iphone 5 would come out like a month to 2 weeks prior to the 9930 so I could give it a trial run to either just get it out of my system or full in love with the iphone! If I get it out of my system then pick up the 9930 and never look back! If the 9930 comes out first I don't know what I will do!!!

i am so tired of seeing videos and demos of this thing i want to hold it in my hand and prove all my i phone and android fans wrong that Blackberry still has it.

blackberry was really focused on keyboards, messaging and push e-mail. competition has made them pick-up their game and that is good. I will always stick with blackberry because I've tried the iphone (it is really nice for multi-media by the way) and the HTC Evo 4g (cool navigator) and they are just not blackberries. However, we all know how far blackberry has come with media and other nice to have things that we wanted as well so thank you iPhone and Droid for making my blackberry better.
I have the torch and the only think I would like is a little more processing power and this bold touch will provide twice as much.
For those of you leaving blackberry ,wish you lots of luck. It is a free market and there are legitimate choices out there. I'm with blackberry by choice and I will get this device the day it is available. I love my torch but I will love this 9900 even more. Way more!

I think this is a great device! People always talk about RIM being dated in their OS but when I use some of the "newer" OS', I realize that new does not always mean better. I'll be all over this when it hits T-Mobile.

Looks really good.
I have a bold 9700 and I think that the BOLD brand is a really good line of phones.
I thought that mine was fast .... but this thing seems super fast. If this is what OS7 does ... I guess QNX will be amazing !!

Looks amazing. For the people switching to iPhone Apple products, what does that phone give you that the 9900 doesn't? I just don't see a reason to give up the physical keyboard when 90% of the time I'm typing SMS/BB/Email on my phone, I'd much rather have the best keyboard in the world to do it with.

If you want to choose an on screen keyboard so that the 20% of the time that you are looking up maps or web stuff, but have a way worse experience typing on a virtual keyboard that's your call, but if you're used to a BB probably a bad call.

...a good web browser? Thats pretty much the main reason I left my BB for the 3GS. That of which I only owned for a couple months before switching to the Droid 1. But I'll be switching back as soon as the Bold Touch drops.

I'm looking forward to the difficult choice of choosing between Bold 9900 vs Torch2, oh what choices!

Would be brilliant if RIM experiments with *horizontal* slider variant instead of the vertical slider on Torch1/Torch2. Those with big hands would benefit, and you get arrow keys to navigate around. Just a thought.

This phone will be such a good blackberry. The keyboard will be amazing, the screen is high res and the processor can finally make for a fluid touchscreen UI on a blackberry. It solves all of the issues I had with my Torch. Can't wait!!!!

And with respect to the iPhone5ers and other prospective iClone buyers, why come to "", go through the trouble of making an account, finding BB's new flagship model's top story of the day, and commenting just to tell the rest of us this isn't good enough for you and that you're leaving our happy BB community? Go ahead, you clearly want to waste time with your farting apps while you buy black turtlenecks just to fit in with other Jobbers.

They're just phones people. They all make calls and message. Stop acting like one is cooler than another.

I doubt thats the case for many recent converts on here. I switched to iPhone last September however ive been signed up to crackberry for the last 3 years and in that time owned 3 bb's. I enjoy coming here still for the latest news on bb (incase one day I return) and to join in on forum discussions.

And for the record, out of 103 fun and seriously useful apps, not a single one is a fart app!

Anyway, let me get back to playing Samurai II on my iPhone :-)

In toying with modern android/iPhone designs, I am impressed but still can't quite imagine how they fit in with my one-handed snappy fast operation of my current blackberry. f I take notes on my blackberry every day, and can't imagine doing the same on a piece of glass. I'm a little surprised that android has not been able to do the "simple" task of creating a qwerty blackberry design that works, at least, equally as well as the blackberry. Also, if the operating system within the blackberry is simple and efficient (QNX?), then the device will not require the best processor and big stores of memory. Perhaps I need some exposure to the very latest iterations of smartphone competitors.... and perhaps I am just rationalizing in favor of the blackberry just to avoid the learning curve of a new smartphone OS!!! This new phone looks perfect.... and with a better keyboard than I currently have?... oh yes.

Holy s this phone looks fast, and damn good. This is going to be so compelling to users (new and current BB owners) when released.

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo getting this fone.......... its gonna be a life saver..........

Watching this video made me drool a little. It would make my year if this phone dropped by mid-July (ideally tomorrow). The hardest part is not knowing the official release date (summer for me just doesn't cut it..... that is like saying you'll eat lunch sometime after 7 am). Carriers, please get off your thumbs and approve this beauty so I can stop soft resetting my Bold 9000 every two days.

Now if this came out when the Torch did RIM's stock would be at 90 not 30, but I beleive they are on their way back.

Yeah , I will never understand for the life of me why rim chose to release the torch isntead of pulling all resources and deliver this phone out as soo nas possible. Even with os 6 it would have been alright. Then they could have just waited till nwo to update it , 6.1 - 7.

Lookit- Blackberry can keep gearing towards email/enterprise/security; and, if they throw their weight where they already succeed, no one will touch their segment. Take the best parts of their counterparts (capacative screens, more open APIs), but don't play on their (ie, iPhone) turf.
If RIM wants to target the all-screen, 500dpi, OpenGL crowd, then create/buy a differently-named subsidiary for that rather than dilute the Blackberry brand with products that don't represent Blackberry (ie, Storm, perhaps Torch).
Cadillac shouldn't target the Saab crowd. Saab is cool for what it does, and Cadillac is cool for what they do.

haha that is why we have Ford for your everyday driving and then we have Lincoln for your luxury rides. Every car company split their luxury brands from everyday normal driving cars. I think RIM should do the same and release QNX smartphone not as blackberry but as a luxury smartphone. they can still do the cross over as with os7. they can learn something from the QNX os and implement it on their current OS. Just like how Ford bought of land rover and implemented the land rover drive terrain in the new Ford Explore, which is a very nice SUV.

Wow, these comments have it all. Waaaah, I can't wait for this device, I need it now. Waaaah, this is two year old technology. Waaaah, I need the latest quad core, 5000p video phone. Waaaah, the iPhone 5 is coming, RIM is dead. Waaah, the playbook is dead because it doesn't have a million apps. You people may think you split the atom in your spare time, or work for NASA, but if you take a look around, you'll find that you're all just ordinary people. Waaah, waaah, waaaah.

I tried out a droid and hated it, not for me. Gave it to my son, he loves it. I tried out an iPhone for three months and wow was the screen nice, extremely responsive, just not for me. I gave it to my daughter and she loves it. If any of you very ordinary people believe that this new phone from RIM isn't a great phone, I feel sorry for you. Specs this and specs that, it's laughable. You people act like you can strap your phone to your backs and fly to the moon. Waaah, Playbook is a failure. Ha,ha,ha!! In my eyes, this Playbook I'm typing this on, kicks ass. And I'm just an ordinary guy like the rest of you.

Another ordinary guy, here... Possibly MORE ordinary as I do not have kids, yet, but happy to be amongst the un-chic, non-NASA atom-splitting crowd. And yes. I like the BB. Email/messaging services of one sort or another is where I spend 95% of my time (for work use), and phone calls comprise 95% of my personal use of the phone. BB's email remains w/o equal, I personally like the feel of their QWERTY, and great battery life all make for a near-ideal phone for me. Perhaps not for all, but for me.

One gajillion "apps" anywhere that introduce unnecessary security risks or occupying background processor cycles aren't needed (nor welcome), and I've tried out the iPhones (all of them-- as previously said, great screen, but not much use to me, and the virtual keyboard wasn't my cup of tea), and the Androids (specifically, the Samsung Galaxy series...including a rooted one that was blazingly fast spiffy and...still a beast to work through email replies). Sound quality was also hit and miss (and no, I'm not going to rehash that whole iP "Antennagate" thing). Both are great phones for people who need them to do what they want, be it flicks or games. Just a wee out of the sweet spot for me.

This BB finally seems to have its ducks in a row and isn't flashy, but if it does what I need a phone/portable email unit to do (and do it better/faster), then I'm game.

Went through hell w/a lousy Tour, but the "Bold" (9650) was a sterling piece of equipment that tied me over into being one of the last $100 credit folks for the "New Every Two" program.

Don't let the "measurebaters" get anyone's goat. Phones are almost becoming like movies, music or art gallery showings. You like what you like, and it's just not going to jive w/everyone. (Take over the government, then I suppose you could mandate it. We'd all love to be a part of an authoritarian regime-- be it Apple or Microsoft, right?) I, for one, love the idea of competition. Not an iPhone guy myself, but happy they kicked everyone else's butt into trying something different and exploring new avenues. If there's no one else, does one really think that process will continue? (Remember the "gray box" PCs!)

TO summarize: Chillax, folks. Choice is a good thing.

Sold! :D I really wasn't in to this phone until I saw this video. My eyes was more set on the Curve Apollo since I love the keyboard of the Curve series. But I guess I'm a have to get this one now. And is it me but did you notice how many time the guy siad fluid in the video. Hahhahahha tought it was funny :D

Will this release with a front facing camera ? And are we looking at a release of late July or August ?

Wow, looks great! Can't wait for this to drop. I will never use an iPhone. No matter what iOS 5 does, it still can't touch Android in terms of customization, openness and free apps (sans jailbreaking) and that is what's important to me. I carry a BlackBerry and an Android device and am very excited for this!