Video: T3 Goes Hands-On with the BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2008 01:59 pm EST

Wow...there's been a TON of Storm action in the past 24 hours. Following up on yesterday's BlackBerry Storm unboxing, T3 has just posted a 4 minute hands-on video walk through! The clip references a Nov. 14th availability date which is what Vodafone has announced (though a quick look at Vodafone's website also shows the 18th). This video also provides a first real look at the Vodafone/RIM BlackBerry Application Center (not to be confused with the BlackBerry Application Storefront coming in March) in action.

T3's verdict on the BlackBerry Storm? In hand, it's a really, really good piece of kit. Enjoy the video and be sure to report your thoughts in the comments!

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Video: T3 Goes Hands-On with the BlackBerry Storm!


ugh - most of these videos are just teases. They dont even show the phone half of the time and when they do they just show off the home screen or play a video. Show us how it really works and navigates!

Ok the storm still looks sweet, why the chick is in a bus wearing a nightgown... not sure. This thing needs to release soon. Just called vzw to confirm the return of my "new" curve. csr says the storm is being "field tested" by vzw employees. But this dude was a complete dumbass.

All the hands on vids really make me want one even worse.

The cut & paste looks so simple to use, wasn't sure how that would work, very impressive. Nice little review.

Can Verizon stop Fu$%$ing teasing ppl and just drop the damn phone.... I WANT IT SO BAD! I think im going go crazy i cant sleep waiting to get my hands on one of them....

You're not alone. I think I might need to join a support group of some sort. I check my email, here, and Verizon about 20 times a day trying to find an update!

Did anyone catch the app store on the Storm??? Very nice...I personally don't care if it comes out next week or the next month. My mind is already made up and this is the phone that I will be getting!

The scrolling looked very easy and nice to use! People were worried that it was going to be a touch and drag type thing but it looked like she was flicking a bit.

"Stunning piece of Kit" hahaha. i love it.

I also love the BB Audio Feedback noise we've all come to know in the beginning of the video.

I never knew that. Thx for the tip. I feel like a noob. lol.
Oddly though, i swear i only have known GSM Berrys make that noise, no other GSM units??? am i wrong again?

Thanks again.

I read somewhere it will come in blue black and silver.....true not true? will these be interchangeable in the package like other phones or will it be a chice you will have to make up front? I saw the RETAIL price listed in the fine print on the VZW site as $549 wich was the price liested for the phone and prize gift card of $50.

and... you gotta love the constant flipping of her hair behind that right ear. Her body language says, "PIN me, you Crackberry stud."

Yeah, like jaymojones said, the app store is already on it?. Didn't anyone else notice what she said about the app store? A YouTube application! Come on now. That's exactly what we need! Look quick snappy too. Didn't really notice any lag.

I am so relieved to see her "flick" through the app center. I have tried other touchscreen phones such as the dare and its flick through scrolling sucks.. This makes me happy and also can't sleep waiting for this phone! Only bad thing i can say is nothing wrong with the phone but the app center is going to be controlled by verizon? I dont want them picking what apps they "think" i want, i just want all of them!

The phone looks great.... The woman not so much. With all the comments on her I thought maybe I missed something and watched it again. Nope, still not all that IMO. I'll take the phone and you all can fight over the girl.

she is a nice looking lady but sounds like a smoker. yuck!! deep voice. anyway I love the phone and am still getting it and cant wait!! thanks for the input!

Just got off the phone with a inside source from Verizon. He stated the Blackberry storm will be released a couple days before Thanksgiving. The price will be 299$ with mail in rebate under a new two year agreement. The rebate will be either 50$ or 100$ that is the info I got thought to pass it along Cant wait for this phone it will be soon:>

today the guy at verizon stated that they were going to release them the day after thanksgiving like they did with the voyager, even though he was probably retarded and that's the worst marketing idea I have heard all night, moral is, I hate verizon.

Vzw released the Voyager the friday BEFORE thanksgiving. It was a few days after they dropped the Venus and Juke. Not quite sure when the pearl released.

hey, I don't know if anyone else has said this, but all the applications and functions and such of the phone are great, has anyone actually made a phone call with the darn thing?


I didn't see any other posts on this, but did anyone else notice the number of mistakes she made? She says the screen size is 3.5 in. She calls SureType SurePress and says that's what the Bold has. She downgrades the camera to 3.0 megapixels rather than 3.2. When she talks about the screen resolution, she makes sure to mention that it's really good for a "camera" this size. I guess, I just feel they either should have used someone else or made her reshoot until she could at least get the specs right.

Am I being overly critical?

She looks like she just got banged about a min. before they started shooting. Would have been a lot better if they used someone who knew a little bit about the phone.

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