Video: Goes Hands-On with the BlackBerry Storm!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2008 09:28 am EST
This is getting insane, but I LOVES IT. Now we have a BlackBerry Storm preview by I tell ya, whoever thought up the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm bus idea should get a raise, because they are getting a ton of coverage out of this. Now if only the bus would jump the pond!! :-)

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Video: Goes Hands-On with the BlackBerry Storm!!


Don't get me wrong -- this is the phone that'll replace my dying 7130c... but I realize that I'll sacrifice typing ease from real buttons for multi-media.
NONE of the video clips so far -- despite the reviewers' comments to the contrary -- have shown typing on the Storm to be fast and effortless. Better than on other touchscreens (ie iPhone): yes, but never as easy as on a physical keyboard. In fact, all the videos still make it look painfully slow and deliberate.

I really think it is going to be a matter of getting used to the new technology. I have a feeling that I'll be flying on it within a week.

I agree, you gotta remember that most all of these reviewer videos we have seen have been shot after only having a few minutes to maybe 45 minutes with the device.

I've been thoroughly underwhelmed by all of the videos of the Storm. Typing looks slow - I can fly on the iPhone -, the interface looks laggy, and the whole touch-then-click idea looks cumbersome.

I do agree with you to some extent Sapporo, but you don't need to keep posting under every new Storm preview that you don't like it. We know.

And while I agree that most of these new Storm Bus previews the device looks a bit laggy, it actually looks like it's running very fast and smooth in this most recent one from

The phone isn't launching on Vodafone for another week and Verizon still hasn't set a date, no doubt because they want to address the software issues. This phone is competing directly with the iPhone and it makes sense that Verizon wants it running in tip-top shape when they release it.

Seems fishy that you have a gmail address if you work for Verizon. I'm guessing that at best you are an independent distributor looking to drum up business for yourself. I don't blame you for that, but don't misrepresent yourself.

vodafone has done this whole thing right while verizon has just sat around with its thumb up its bloated fat ass. on crackberry's homepage there are currently four (4!) vodafone hands on reviews. where is verizon? oh yeah they had the street reactions video a month ago. BFD. vodafone has pricing announced for plans and the unit. we (verizon customers) have pricing for the global email plan. i think people are more curious about a CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE/phone cost as opposed to the pricing of plans. not to mention the whole "sign up for email updates" thing was bogus. i've received one email from vzw and it was just a link to the storm page. nothing new. how about a new commercial too? verizon hyped the first chocolate way more than they have the storm. for a company that loves to bone their customer's wallets so hard you'd think they'd be trying to get the word out outside of the blogosphere.

Fehe13y, there are reasons I'm sure. I would expect someone with such a close minded point of view to understand it, but marketing guru's making tons of money to do what they do are hard at work doing it. Verizon knows what they are doing, ever hear the phrase "Can you hear me now?". I rest my case.

The iphone was a 3 month long teaser with just as minimal information as what verizon is giving now, it's not unprecedented, and the more you advertise a phone when you don't have a FULLY OFFICIAL release date, the more people know, the more people you piss off by not getting it out at the right time. All the people complaining about release dates are probably the same people that would complain if they got a release date and it was wrong.

Bone their customer's wallets? So short sighted, it's not much more expensive at&t vs Verizon, compare **without discounts or bundling** the two side by side and they are almost the same, cept maybe charging for GPS and requiring a data plan **which is just good business** there really isn't much of a difference, the "verizon is more expensive" argument died a while back. It's more expensive, we know, CDMA is more expensive to maintain than GSM, yet at&t charges the same.... rip off maybe?

have you ever heard a verizon radio commercial? pretty much the dumbest commercials i've ever heard, but i guess maybe they work cause they're dumb, idk

and no, I don't think charging for gps is good business, it's just being a dick and locking up built-in functionality and taking advantage of the fact people don't usually choose a carrier based on gps, i mean yeah they can get away with it now but as smartphones become more popular and people start seeing what their phones can really do i hope they lose a lot of customers because of it

Im pretty sure they are intentionally typing slow because they are reviewing the phone on video. like the instruction video's of how to use a software package.. you don't see the instructor whipping through everything, they SLOW IT DOWN so people can watch closely

This is one of the best hands-on reviews ive seen so far, she shows alot of the applications. Good stuff!!!

I thought it was good, and I like that out of all the ones I've watched she is the only one that spoke of the NO wifi! I think it will take getting use to do for me I'm willing to try not a big deal. I would like to see some actual typing on the keyboard but when it comes out I will be able to do it on my own. So nothing anyone has commented or talked about in video has made me change my mind. I know this will be a great device, and like all phones it will have a few kinks, you can't please eveyone with everything.

Having held one and tried the touch screen the response is terrific.. the feedback is just like pushing a button.. once everyone tries it i'm sure the worries will dissappear

I think a simple release date would suffice enough to hold me over, I mean Vodaphone has already told their customers the 14th, and they are shooting for the 18th for pre orders.

Why the Hell won't Verizon give us SOMETHING???

I understand they want the software to be clean. I understand they don't want to give out a date and have to push it out like Vodafone has done. Even though we do not have a release date it is coming out relatively soon one would think.

At least they could tell us how much it will cost of the phone. You can not tell me they haven't figured out how much they are going to sell the phone for.

I appreciate another fabulous video, but this wait is just killing me. If I could afford to do so, I would have voided my agreement with VZW and bought that Goggle device. I'm just sick of waiting and Verizon isn't even giving me a date to circle on my calender. Everybody is saying "Oh it is coming soon" but this freaking phone could drop back to like December if ish hits the fan. I'm praying I see this thing release statewide in the next two weeks.

Why does it look so choppy? The transitions from application to application, and just regular navigation seem anything but smooth. Nothing like the iphone anyways.

Why are transitions so important? Also, why do you continue to compare to the iPhone... Apple is big on graphics, so you should expect their graphics to be genius. RIM and Blackberries are business oriented, and their interface is looking beautiful. So what if the transitions aren't that of a Apple product. They are not selling to teenagers and multimedia "junkies". They are selling to business professionals who want a mixture of both. Sacrifices will be made. Let the iPhone GO and realize this is a professional device, not a toy!!!!

Much love...

God i need this phone.. As for lack of VZW not pushing out advertisement they have started the roll theres the grab game theres NYC hunt and the stuff in the midwest..

wow, the icons blow the iphone icons away, - stupid iphone blackberry themes - lol, anyway I noticed no lag at all, and the applications looked sweet- i'd so be playing music, updating myspace, and signed in on yahoo messenger, facebook you name it- just like with my curve

I gotta have it too

"And finally, there's the boring business applications." That's hysterical.
I'm new here but have been closely tracking the Storm's release for the past month+; can't wait! Love the site. -- Danny