Video Store for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available in Canada

Video Store Canada
By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2012 02:56 am EDT

Just in case there was any doubts surrounding the accuracy of the change log we posted for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 earlier, one of the highlighted items on that list has now popped up in BlackBerry App World. Yes, fellow Americans have had access to the BlackBerry PlayBook Video Store for quite a while now but finally, it has been released for Canadians as well. As described in App World:

Watch new releases or download old favorites when you’re on the go with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s vivid display. With a built-in HDMI connection you can easily plug your BlackBerry PlayBook in to your TV to enjoy videos at home too.

Not entirely too sure how well the service is doing on PlayBook but it's great to see RIM finally pushing out the stuff people have been waiting for. You can fire up your PlayBook now and grab the download or hit the link below to get started and by all means, go ahead and discuss in the CrackBerry Forums.

Download Video Store Canada for PlayBook



You can download it now, even running 2.0? What about phones?


So far I like it!! Already seeing WAY more titles than netflix. My HDMI hookup is about to get used a lot more!!!
I found the EULA to be pretty invasive though.


Nice to see the video store expanded to Canada but there is still a long way to go. It would be nice to see this on my PlayBook in the UK for example. Just because it is available in two countries doesn't mean RIM can forget about the rest of the world.



Hopefully RIM will happen t the ground running with BB10 and make sure we all get the goodies from the start.


Can we have it in every market the PB is sold in? With a movie store, the PB makes a great Apple TV alternative, with the bonus of being a tablet too.


thanks blaze.

just checked it out - selection seems pretty limited.


A positive development, this.
Now roll it out in more places.


Why there an option to buy the whole season at once for TV Shows in the video store? Kind of annoying to have to buy one episode at a time.

Still would rather watch them online for free though and save money :D


So this has nothing to do with the 2.1 change log?


It would be nice to see it coming to Ireland and England


I suspect securing the proper licenses and getting right etc to launch in each country takes time. Netflix and Apple have had the same issue launching slowly country by country.

It will go world wide I'm sure.


I used this long enough to realize that the selection could be better and it's way over priced.


My sentiments exactly.

While I don't mind the selection (yes, anything can be made better), I found that the average price for movies (at least the ones I scrolled through) is $15.00 +/-.

In my opinion, this price point will keep people away from the video store when you can see many of the movies for less (or free) through other sources. Even the rental price on some seem too high.

If they want to make a go of this, they will have to find a way to drastically cut the purchase and rental cost (and yes, increase the selection).


this actually works through bridge. :)


I'm in the US. I don't use this much at home but I do find it useful to rent some movies for trips overseas where television is basically limited to CNN international. You can rent lots and the rental period doesn't start until you open the movie for the first time.


Talk about selection... 100 movies or so? and most of them are crap


I disagree that most are crap but in any case, at least it's here and it's a start...


If they had to be not "crap" they would be even more limited. Did you just wake up to the fact that most movies are bad to begin with? I said most, not all. Besides movie evaluations are totally subjective and what is bad for one person is not necessarily bad for another - just like comments made here or elsewhere on the Internet. It is all about offering choices to everyone and it is better to have the video store than not have it, whether you like the selection or not. By the way, did you ever see Netflix in Canada? Not the most up to date selection in the world is it?


Yeah. Netflix selection in Canada is fairly poor. blockbuster movies even more than two years old that you would expect are not available here. If the titles were better they would probably get more subscribers.


The available selection is totally a function of the royalty and copyright rules in Canada. The US has much looser rules which is ultimately better for everyone (consumer and artist alike) in my humble opinion. The poor selection is not because the app is bad, or RIM did a crappy job. The app is just an access point into a larger already online service.

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It has nothing to do with differences in royalty and copyright rules in Canada. In fact, the US has much more stupid copyright rules (i.e. the Mickey Mouse Protection Act which extends copyright protection to 95 years).

It has to do with the fact that American content owners sold their overseas rights. In Canada, you can't go to and watch episodes of Desperate Housewives because ABC sold those Canadian rights to CTV --- and that has nothing to do with whether Canadian royalty and copyright rules are good or bad.


Works great!!! Previews are quick and high quality. Going to watch ProjectX tonight over hdmi


Prices are pretty bad for some shows, but at least we finally get it...


looked at the video store briefly before going to sleep last night. the selection seems okay but the prices are a bit high.

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Holy expensive! I am currently watching the free month of Netflix and I doubt I'll get that so this is outrageous!


Have you ever rented a movie or downloaded from iTunes - the prices here are totally in-line.


I don't own a Playbook, but I saw the Video Store on the demo Playbook's at Future Shop at least a month ago (in Canada). Any idea why it would have been on there? I'm assuming the US Video Store was on it somehow.


I've had the Video Store for some time (last update) but I see tonight that only USA can download,
But I can view my downloaded content now??

Paul G
via Playbook