Video Review: Speck SeeThru Case for the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 01:08 am

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CrackBerry member JReel has been on fire with BlackBerry accessory reviews as of late. Next up in his review series of case/carrying solutions is the Speck Products SeeThru Case and Holster for the BlackBerry Bold. JReel does a good job in this video of cutting to the chase and weighing in on the pros and the cons. One thing to also make note of not mentioned in the video (though fairly obvious by the hands-on look) is that this case/holster combination does not take advantage of the Bold's sleeper magnet. So you will have to get in the habit of putting your Bold into standby manually (hold down on mute key for two seconds). Good review JReel!

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Enraged Medic

at the fact that the phone shoots out of the holster like that. It's too bad a "click" locking mechanism wasn't incorporated into this. Or even a magnet system to mock the "in holster" feature of the Bold. But what about the auto standby app??? I've found it to be a MUST HAVE for people who rock the OEM silicone BB covers or hard plastic cases. Probably the best app I've purchased and well worth the $...standby and keyboard lock set to your specific time settings.


Nice, i gotta check that app out and see what it exactly does.


I have had this case for over a month now and would not recommend buying.

Reason is... people seem to have a hard time hearing me when I have it on (not sure why since the mic is free and clear) and when your holding it and talking on it if you move your hand the least little bit it will make the plastic make a little cracking noise from the pieces rubbing together.

So in the end, it's a nice looking case and does protect well but if you make a lot of calls, don't buy.

Sorry Speck... everything else they make is great.


yeah i had the same problem of the plastic being a bit loose, and not too tight as i wanted


$24.95 for preformed, plastic junk with no magnet and nothing to secure your device?

No thanks!


Just bought this case and am very disappointed. The plastic over the screen is not clear, it has the smeary/streaky look of low quality plastic. This is not a problem when the screen is on, but looks very cheap when the phone is off. There is high quality very clear plastic out there, I had a Treo case that was like looking through glass, but this case is not worth $25.