Video Review: Seidio Innocase II Surface for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2010 12:04 pm EST

One of the best selling cases for all devices, the Innocase II Surface from Seidio offers great protection for your device. The two-piece design allows it so snap on, keeping it locked tight and actually making it quite hard to remove. The inside is linned with a soft material to keep your device scratch free when the case is in place. There are open areas for all of the buttons and ports, as well as exposed charging contacts, so (with a little maneuvering) you can still use the Seidio charging pod with the case on. Check out the video above for a quick look at the case. The case is available for almost all devices and sells for $29.95 at

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Video Review: Seidio Innocase II Surface for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


Nice video review. I have this case and like it a lot.

One point. You note in the review that the exposed charging contacts allow you to charge "in the pod" with the case on.

It was always my understanding that this was the case (no pun intended) with the Seidio charging pod. I wasn't sure if it would fit with the RIM/BB charging pod.

Also, regarding taking the case off.....It is not as hard as you make it out to be. Hold it horizontally with a thumb and forefinger on each half of the case. Gently "rock" it as you apply some outward pressure and it will come apart just fine.

That's just my $.02.

Great points...especially about taking the case apart. It's super-easy and not at all. I actually have two of these and they're both easy to take off or put back on. Best case out there IMHO for the Tour.

Will that seidio case fit over a tour what has the zagg full body armor? i know the armor adds almost not thickness to the device, but tried the seidio 360 case and it would snap together completely. I would like to have the added protection of a hard case.

I think he forgot to mention the fact that their is no way this thing can fit in the RIM Charging Pod. Like the first commenter pointed out this is meant for the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle. Personally I still prefer the Otterbox Commuter case over this. I've used the Defender and Impact as well and just prefer the Commuter to anything else.

I bought this case within a week of purchasing my Tour. I've used Seidio products before, and have never had any issue with them. This case is no exception.

As for removing it, it's actually really easy. Insert your thumbnail into the slot where the "clip" is, and it comes right apart. Takes me seconds to have the case off and the battery pulled (if I need it).

Great product.

there's instructions that came with the case telling you the way to remove the case. you can't just try and slip your thumb or finger into the opening on the back where it snaps on. if you wiggle the bottom from side to side you can remove the case very easily.

Nice looking case but after awhile it will scratch up your phone. I had this for the 9630 and after a month or so around the "blackberry" text above the screen, the black finish was scratched to hell and pitted. The case also begin to get kinda loose, allowing the phone to slightly move around which was annoying.

I was wondering if this happened to anyone else too... I guess dust or whatever got underneath the case and scratched that area on my phone too. I got this case so that wouldn't happen!

I, too, experienced some "pitting to the right and left of the printed Blackberry logo, under the case. I have NEVER used this with any other case AND I added it to the device immediately when I purchased it. I just received a warranty replacement for trackball problems and decided to use clear, heavy tape on my actual device to prevent this from happening again! I love this case and have two different colors and don't want to change. I just with the soft fabric was attached to the inside of the front as well as the back!

I had the Seidio case on my Curve and loved it. When I got my Tour, that was the only case I wanted, and I got one pronto!

When I was getting my Curve ready to sell, I noticed the scratching (pitting) near the BlackBerry logo on the front, and realised it was from the case.

Now after reading this, I have just checked my Tour, and 1 month old Tour has a pretty bad scratch (mark) to the right of the front logo, from this new case.

Definitely a design flaw, which needs to be addressed.

I doubt it will, but does anyone know if the 9630 with this Seidio case on it will still fit inside the included belt holster?

It will. It's tight, but it will fit with the included holster......I did that for a while before just pocketing my Tour with the case.

And the magnet/sleeper function will be fine too.

This one looks different than the one I use for the Storm 1.
The problem I have with the older one is the two part case has a seam all around, so the tiny tabs broke off.

Looks like they now realize that and went to a simple two piece horizontal seam.

In my opinion $30 is too high for a case

I purchased two rubberized cases from Sprint for $12

Now i know that this one snaps on but $30 bucks for a case is a bit too much when other sites have this same case much cheaper

i bought the 360.. which frankly sucked.. i dropped my phone once, and the case split right open and my tour hit the concrete, scratching the side pretty bad.. i wish they would make this case for the extended battery tour.

love the extended batteries but i wish otterbox and other companys would make cases for them... if i could get an otterbox for my tour i wouldnt look back.


I've had 2 of these for my tour and I love them. I've got a drawer full of ones that I don't care for, including their 360. I purchased 2 of the charging stands, one for the bedside and one for my desk at work. I also purchased their holster which is kind of cool. It has a lock that keeps it from popping open if you choose to use it. Like I said I have tried a bunch of cases this is by far the best!

While I love this case, I too have noticed it's starting to scratch the phone at the top.

No, this does not fit in the oem holster, but Seidio's holsters are awesome.

Hasn't this case been reviewed already for the Tour?

the black coating on the exterior of the case wears off leaving clear plastic exposed, especially at the corners and where the case rubs the clip holster. I use the Innocase for my Storm I and entered a complaint via the Seidio system. I got an e-mail back with a reference number and a promise to get back to me with a resolution. Despite several follow-up e-mails citing the reference number, no response/resolution was ever received. In the big picture it's really not a big deal because I love the case & holster. I Wish it would have maintained its original aesthetics but mostly wish Seidio Customer Service had seen fit to follow through on my complaint.

I have this case and LOVE it! Love the protection it provides, looks great, doesn't add much bulk.

Best part is that it works with a custom made Seidio Innocase belt clip. I am one of those dorky guys that loves to have my BB on my belt.

Well worth the money. I even dropped my phone pretty bad and even though this case cracked at a connection point, it still works flawlessly.

I bought this case along with the holster when I got my Tour and at first it was fine.

-The felt back doesn't scratch the phone, but the other parts kinda did. Some parts around the silver (I have the Sprint version) bezel was scratched when I took it off.

-Putting both pieces didn't flush well with mine. It did fit together but nothing I did to adjust it made it join together nicely.

-Because of the connection points of the top and the bottom piece, it started to get lose after a couple months of use cause I would press the lock button a lot and after awhile when I press the lock button, it would push the bottom part out.

-The plastic started to wear down and I'm assuming it is because my phone would get warm sometimes (almost all BB's goes thru this) after long usage and I'm thinking it would start to bend the case which is possible is the cause of the above problems.

-Dust will get around the cracks so periodically you will need to take it apart to clean it out.

I would recommend spending a little more and get the Innocase 360 version. Its the same thickness and bulk (it fit fine in the old Seidio holster I was using for the Innocase II) plus it adds screen and button protection.

Thanks for the feedback man, I was just thinking about getting one for the Bold 9700, but I think I'll pass on it now.

I have been looking for s case like this for my 9000 since I got the phone over a year and a half ago. Anyone know of a place I can find one I would love to know.