Video Review: OtterBox for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2009 02:51 pm EST

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I've been loving these CrackBerry Community video reviews! This time around we have CrackBerry member tritan, who is an avid CrackBerry podcast listener and Sprint fan, taking a look at the new OtterBox for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i.

Tritan takes his time and does a great job walking through the unboxing and installation process. I know a lot of CrackBerry readers are big fans of OtterBox and are already quite familiar with the product for other device models, but if you have yet to see what an OtterBox is all about, then you should definitely watch this. Big props tritan! 

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Video Review: OtterBox for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i


Great job.

My only concern is getting easy access to those side mounted buttons. They looked like they would be hard to get at once everything was snapped together and put into place. As you said though a case like this is probably a necessity for those in construction or some other field where your BB could get knocked around.

My dad is about to purchase the 8350i from sprint. He works at a major university's power plant and there's definitely a need for this kind of protection in that environment. It's a good thing the university has a contract with sprint (he gets a discount!). I would say tritan is right...perfect for those who work outside (i.e. construction, public service: police, fire, EMS).

I myself am a Paramedic but I am already a proud BOLD owner. I rock the OEM BB skin and that works pretty well for me. When I'm on the job/call, I don't carry the phone on my belt or on me at all in fact. It stays in the rig on calls, safely awaiting for my return =)

But for those lucky few who will get this awesome device to use in the field, wether a personal purchase or company issue, this otter box is definitely to be considered to protect your 8350i!

I just received my Otterbox case for my 8350i in the mail and I have to tell you, I absolutely love it! Somebody did a lot of hard work to get this thing to fit like it does. In my profession, we have to rely heavily on the radio portion of the 8350i and it's used in all kinds of weather and emergency conditions. Without the protection that the OtterBox case gives, my Blackberry wouldn't last to long. Thanks for a great product!