Video Review: Motorola (MOTOROKR) S7-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 2 Apr 2010 08:20 am EDT

At first glance I wasn't sure I'd be a big fan of Motorola S7-HD headset, but after a few weeks of use I must say I'm impressed. Overall I have no major complaints on this one, aside from the slight "looseness" (for lack of a better work) of the headphone again the ear. They clip on well and hold tight around the ear, but the headpone sits a bit off the ear at times, yet they don't get annoying or hurt after a while like some other units. The sound is crisp and clear, although there are better sounding units out there, this one is a good pick if you're too hard on the sound of the tunes. If you're a runner or use the headset at the gym, I think you'll be very pleased. The ease of use and portability make this a great overall choice. Check out the video for a quick review, and head to for more info.

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Video Review: Motorola (MOTOROKR) S7-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset for BlackBerry


Thanks for the review Adam. You didn't talk much about your use of the headset. Do you ever find that the wire snags at all when wearing the headset around???

Not really at all. It sits loose behind your head, and I didn't find it to snag or get in the way at all. I like the fact that it was loose enough to not be bothersome, yet it didn't snag or bounce around too much.

i actually have a pair of these and they play great. they can connect to your phone and ipod at the same time so you dont miss calls on your crackberry. It has great phone and volume controls. Only complaint is that they have a problem turning off. it will turn it self on from time to time to connect

My wife got me a pair for my birthday on Tuesday, so now I get to rock my Tour all day at work. As I sit around doing paperwork, I've had problems with headphone cords snagging, and even one pair where the plug stopped making contact and the whole office had to hear my music (loud) for a few seconds.

I find that the "looseness" goes away if you rotate the earphone towards the back.

I have the S7's and the S-9's (I'm a BT Like the S9's I find these headphones to be a mix of very good and very bad. It's like Motorola had a great idea, but then fell short.

First the good. Once you turn off the horrible sounding fake surround sound feature (it really sucks), they are nice and clear, though I wouldn't complain if they had a bit more bass. In any case, for the size of these headphones and the price (I paid $35 for them), the sound quality on regular stereo mode is great! I find them to be fairly comfortable. I wear them at work about 5 or 6 hours out of my day and I am fine with them. I like that the battery in them will also easily last the whole day, unlike my S9's which only go about 4.5 hours. The controls for these headphones are very intuitive. Having the rotating volume and track control is really a nice touch. I also don't have any complaints about call quality with these, at least on my end. Nobody on the other end has complained either.

The bad. As already mentioned, the fake surround sound feature is lame. Music isn't meant to be listened to in surround sound to begin with, but creating an artificial surround sound is just a bad idea. I don't even know how to explain how bad it sounds. I was SOOOOO happy when I discovered I could turn that off! When I ordered them I thought the wire was a good idea in place of a regular plastic band around the back of the neck. I though I would be able to lay in bed with them on. WRONG! The wire gives no support so when you lay on your back the headphones just flop away from your ears. The wire is also a nightmare when in normal sitting, standing, or whatever positions. It gets caught in my collars and sticks to my neck. I CAN'T have the wire going behind my head or I can't turn my head. Not good! So, I've just decided to look like a dork and I run the wire under my chin instead. It doesn't get caught on anything there.

The really bad. Like other Motorola headsets, the antenna is small and it's in the left ear piece. I'm right handed, so I wear my phone holster on my right side. The headset and phone (or iPod if I'm using that instead) can't maintain a solid connection. THe S9's are a bit finicky here too, but the S7's are even worse. When I'm in the office it's OK, but I can't use these headphones while walking to and from the office or anything. I have to carry the S9's too and I use those when outside and the S7's when inside.

My idea of the perfect S7 would be having a regular head band attached to them with an antenna wire that goes from one side to the other! That would solve all my problems! Or I could just try and buy my Samsumg SBH-600's back that I sold last Spring (like an idiot!).

I think the review could have been improved if we'd been able to SEE what these look like ON THE HEAD. I appreciate that Adam wants to remain anonymous, but perhaps get the random neighbor to volunteer the use of his noggin to show what they look like on da hayed?

Can we get an addendum to the review with some pics in use?