Video: Palm Pre / Pixi / WebOS Hands-On Walk Through, Smartphone Round Robin

CrackBerry Goes Palm WebOS!
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Dec 2009 03:31 pm EST

Week #3 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin has me on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, sampling Palm's new for 2009 WebOS platform. Think back to last year's Round Robin and Palm was on the brink of disaster. This year, they've pushed themselves back into the game with a very intuitive operating system that's really been designed for mobile use along with some decent hardware to get some momentum building again. You can check out the video below as I walk through the devices with Dieter Bohn of

To get some guidance on my Palm WebOS experience, I've created a forum thread over at As for BlackBerry in the Round Robin this week, me and Dieter did a swap and he's using the Bold 9700 and Storm2. Be sure to check out his video and get him some help on his forum thread in the CB forums to make sure he gets the most of his device. I was **amazed** at how well he was able to type on the Storm2 the first time he picked it up. Be sure to post on these forum threads daily for your chance to win a new smartphone. Contest details here.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the full CrackBerry on Palm WebOS review later this week!

Video: CrackBerry Goes Palm WebOS with the Pre and Pixi

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Video: Palm Pre / Pixi / WebOS Hands-On Walk Through, Smartphone Round Robin


Palm really stepped it up with their new hardware and software. I don't claim to be an expert in any way, but as a consumer I'm always on the tech watch. One of my co-workers has the palm pre and they seem to be enjoying it. So here is my hand clap to palm for staying in the game and I hope to see more innovation from them in the future whether near or far. But for me and my house, we are blackberry's forever.

From a developer perspective Palm's new WebOS is junk. Everything is essentially a web application which does not help anything...

Yea, why would you ever base a OS on the Web. Its not right. Anyone with HTML experience can make a app. Thats just stupid. You will have all these armatures making apps and the pros will never stoop so low as to work this way. We need it locked up and secure where only the smartest people can understand how to make a app. We need control, not open source. How stupid is that?????????

my boy is the manager of a Sprint store. He's a Blackberry user but he was forced to be the Palm seller and he HATES that thing. He opened a new line just so he wouldn't have to get rid of his Blackberry. I've never played with any webOS devices, it does look fun, but I'd never consider buying a Palm device so there's no need to mess around with it..
But good job Palm for being unique!

Has anybody else noticed how "clunky" webOS is? I have played with it at the local retailer and you sometimes have to wait and see if it has responded to your touch.

Also, I don't like the fact that you have to use two hands to operate it.

I jumped ship from my BB to a palm pre and love it. It's a little sluggish in places, but aside from an update that borked things, (I haven't had to do battery pulls nearly as much as on my BB. Syncing my address book, email and calendar on my Mac is simple and easy, and I've got push support as well.

Love it and can't complain. Also, a true web browser, and well thought app applications with good UI design. I loved my BB, but I can't see myself going back unless they make a lot of changes to their OS and browser.

I love the Palm Pre. To me it is the best phone ever made. People complain about the keyboard. I love it and I have big hands. I love everything about it. The 1.3.5 update has even made me love it more. With flash on the way and 3D gaming, I cant wait.

My wife hates my phone. She cant stand it. I think she’s jealous of it. She is a diehard BB fan. I've tried to make her see the light, but to no avail. So I continue to sneak around with my Pre. Maybe someday she will understand. Probably not.

The Pre is very laggy and hard to operate. Don't be fooled by the animations and gestures. When it comes to actually getting stuff done it's terrible.

Have you tried since 1.3.5? Its smoking now. The Lag is gone baby. We are flying at speeds a Droid will drool at or at least the same speed.

No matter how quick those animations and gestures become, clicking a button to perform a task on a BlackBerry is already instant!

Buttons? Man are we still in the stone age. I dont know what I would do with buttons. I almost bought the Droid, then I saw buttons on the front. At least Storm 2 is half way usable. Of course my wife will kill me when she reads this. She loved her BB.