Video overview of the BlackBerry Z30

By Simon Sage on 11 Oct 2013 01:09 pm EDT

For those that missed my BlackBerry Z30 review, or skipped over the video when reading it, take a look! I used a dolly and voice-overs and background music and everything. It's pretty fancy. Okay, so I messed up at a few points when reading, but you get an overall feeling for the size of the device, how it smoothly it runs, and the big features: namely big screen, big sound, and big battery. 

Today I'm playing around with sideloading, and on the hunt for something to get Miracast on my TV to give wireless mirroring a shot. Ideally, I'd like something that does more than just Miracast if it's going to be taking up a permanent HDMI spot on my TV. If you've got any questions about the Z30, feel free to leave a question in the comments here and I'll do my best to answer 'em. 

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Video overview of the BlackBerry Z30


Is that a positive comment?!! Holie crap!!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Yeah Simon, a comparison of the Z10 and Z30 is in order. Not just hte browser but the most used things!

Did a quick test versus the two - private browsing, over Wi-Fi, both on 10.2. Not much of a difference - sometimes the Z10 would even load faster. Will look into doing a comprehensive comparison of the two next week.

Can't wait to get mine. Browser speed would be amazing!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Sorry Simon, can you check after removing the 9 screws from the back, if the battery is soldered on or can it be removed?

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The battery itself has diff capacities between the production and preproduction model I think (2800 vs 2880) so it's possible they may have changed something else

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I would like to see a speaker comparison with you're beautiful Z30 and HTC one (maybe even show that the volume is at max on both devices)

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Anyone know...Is side loading different on z30? What's the easiest way to get Instagram and square on it? The only two apps I miss and need. Version #s, Links and videos would be appreciated !

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Sideloading on the Z30 is no different than sideloading on all BlackBerry 10 devices. So, all our how-tos on sideloading you can pretty much follow.

Go to for a number of Android apps to sideload. Includes instructions. I have about 10 on my Z10 from that site.

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Iv read some suggestions that although the back camera of the Z30 is still 8mp, same as Z10 , it actually uses a different lens, faster lens. Is this correct and is there any noticeable differences in image quality?

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I was told the lens was the same module as the as the Z10. They've shuffled the camera software around so that it actually takes a little bit longer to take a picture because a lot of folks weren't waiting for autofocus to kick in.

I carry a second phone for only a few apps. Two apps we have for Cctv for work and Netflix / skygo.... don't judge me, I travel A LOT and its the only decent content service I can access almost anywhere... can I side load a working Netflix app with 10.2 and a Z30 and skygo... I am about to upgrade my second phone (iPhone 4) and would love to get a z30 instead of the note3 / galaxy 4 I am considering... I have tried to side load but never get any apps to work on my Z10... I can send you my direct info if you would rather answer directly. Let me know what you can please...

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ok... it's official... I have no clue! What site/method did you use... where do you get your apps... thanks for the help! I really don't want to have to go for another iPhone...

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this is z30.... I had it from 3 days =D

anyone to reload OS for z30??!

cuz installed the leaked Z30STA100-2/

and I want the original os.. can anyone help me with that "??

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May have been a good idea to start at the lock screen so that new or would-be buyers could see the cool feature of viewing messages without logging in.

Also, what about the Android feature in 10.2. Many non BlackBerry people don't even know that 10.2 supports this, or does it?

Reply while in- game, awesomeness. The video was brief and to the point. Previously unseen feature highlights to boot. Sweet

C00121B8B : The Eye of The OOLONG: BBMchannel

Everyone has badass suggestions they almost all are something everyone would like to see I am curious (after side loading almost whatever u want) if it will work with Chrome cast

I read on a well known magazine review, that the Z30 / OS 10.2 crashes and causes many random reboots.

Did you experience this?

Also, will a regular user notice the difference between both devices' PPI?

This device is seriously AWESOME! I skimmed a couple bad reviews of the device from Engadget or whatever, but they're all wrong. This Z30 is SO good. Definitely worth ever penny and probably more. I recommend it to anybody.

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Well what is so awesome abt. that device and why is it rated just average by 90% of the reviewers?
-there is no filter for unread messages
-there is no dnd function allowing vips or favourite contacts to pass
-there is no option to remove obsolete positions like e.g. bbm (if not used) from the hub
-there is no option set special notifications for priority messages in general
-emails deleted on the mobile are not deleted on the mailbox via active sync
-evernote is poor by the available functions
-there is no direct access to brightness and flight mode
-the quality of the cam is average

This are a few points which make the difference between a good and an excellent device from my perspective.

Just got a Z30 last night and noticed that the letters on keyboard remain in capital weather I press the shift key or not. This is was the case in Z10 if I remember correctly? Is that normal?

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Simon Sage,

Just a bit of advice ... spell check and grammar the article you have a typo

"how it smoothly it runs" it should say,
'how smoothly it runs' ;)


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I got my Z30 from GSM nation unlocked. The software is How do I get the latest software update? Thanks!!

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I'm using Z30. Now my friends envying me due to Natural sound technology. Beats is dumb when compared to natural sounds. Even I phone 6 don't have such call clarity. Excellent device. If they put a gorilla glass on same model. I will buy another one again. :-)

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