Video: OS on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2008 01:28 pm EST

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Running OS from CrackBerry on Vimeo.

OS for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm is a solid jump forward from version which shipped on the device. A big gripe with .65 was lag - especially in regards to the accelerometer changing the display's orientation.

Above is a quick video which shows a much smoother running BlackBery Storm. The word in the forums is that Verizon should officially release this update soon to the masses (hopefully tomorrow/Monday), so if you prefer to wait for an official release then do so. Otherwise, click here for more details. Discuss this video in the forums >>

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Video: OS on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm


thats an awesome vid, i was playing with a storm in a verizon store and it was laggy when i try to tilt it side way and back

wow...looks great and much smoother. I think im going to wait til the update goes live so i dont risk messing anything up even though it seems fairly easy. Is there any benefit to doing it now by myself instead of waiting a couple days til they verizon officially releases it? Other then having it run smoother a few days earlier?

Thanks CX. Short and sweet and gets the point across. Too bad my sniffling gets in there a bit. Trying to drink it away with some tea mixed with lemon juice and spiced rum. Figure that's GOTTA do the trick :)

Yeah, too bad the device didn't launch with this OS. Definitely makes for a better Storm experience overall.

hey every one am new to thise site and the blackberry also.just wanted to sae hello and to say that thise sire ROCKS BABY YEA.keep up the good work.

i have a quation?

how do u get the crackberry app on my blackberry storm will some one helpp me pleas..

I like the clapping at the end ;-).

Please vodafone do the same! please give us that .75!

Well, as much as I dread saying it, I still noticed a bit of lag in the accelerometer. I was playing with my friends LG Dare yesterday and that accelerometer was SMOOTH and CONSISTENT. I really hope RIM can get the one on the Storm running like that !!

BG is claiming to have a .76 version that he cannot release, but tested all day yesterday. He also said the accelerometer was 25% faster than .75 version, and a few others fixes. So that's a good sign that RIM is making huge progress in dialing everything in. We might as well just wait for official released version...being that it doesn't seem like that will be too far away.

@ Strhessed, If you want to be a nit-pick, then you could say there was a little bit of lag. But seriously come on. Theres next to no lag on that video in regards to the accelerometer. IMHO, it's fine.

CX, I was comparing the accelerometer to the one in the Dare. I assume you have at least played with one ? You have to admit, there's a big difference. Since the Storm squashes the Dare, I am just hoping RIM can eventually tighten it up to be on par with the one on the Dare. No need to get defensive.

for that matter, the camera on the dare beats the hell out of the storm camera too !!! they really need to fix a lot of things on the storm.

I noticed that he took his finger and ran it from side to side, and the buttons color folowed it..How do you that, I have yet to be able to get that to happen, even with the update. is there a setting that needs to be set for that?

I have .75 loaded and on the main screen the blue light doesn't follow my finger. Not sure what's wrong.

While I'm happy to see this software update, I'm still uneasy about this phone due to the screen clicking issue some have reported (i.e., having to jam a piece of paper behind the battery to improve clicking). No amount of software can fix that, am I correct?

There is near to no lag , its works great IMO , especially if there is another update mid december then hell, its going to be good to go

While I'm happy to see this software update, I'm still uneasy about this phone due to the screen clicking issue some have reported (i.e., having to jam a piece of paper behind the battery to improve clicking). No amount of software can fix that, am I correct?

I had mine ordered the Monday after the launch by my bueiness rep and just got confirmation today that my shipment (5 storms!) left Ontario yesterday. Due for arrival Tuesday. Hopefully with the new build!

same here..i order mine around 10.15 on the 21st ..and i still haven't gotten it..i called them like 20 times last week, plan on doing the same today....i am tired of reading all the reviews and watching the videos ...and now with this firmware ...i can't wait to just have it already!!!!!!!

just wanted to say thanks for all the great info I've been getting off of this site. I'm new to the blackberry world and you've made my transition to it very smooth. Wanted an Iphone, but I've been with Verizon for 3 years and didn't want to switch carriers. New OS is smooth and My scrolling is like it is in the video since I consolidated my folders. Liking it a lot now. ? tough. Is not having Wi-Fi really a big deal or not?

Only you can decide if the lack of Wi-Fi is a big deal, but I can say this...we have had an iPhone for about 5 months and have NEVER used the Wi-Fi. What we've found is that if we're anywhere we can't get 3G then we can't get Wi-Fi either. And if we do have access to free/nsecured Wi-Fi it's almost always unreliable. For example, I use the Wi-Fi from the coffee shop next to us for my computer sometimes, but it only works about 40% of the time. Also there's the whole security issue with using unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Finally, the 3G is plenty fast for what we're doing on the phones, especially using the Opera Mini browser. So, from an iPhone and Storm household I would say it's a non issue.

That said, the iPhone would allow you to connect to the internet if you didn't want to spend the $30/month for data services. You'd still be at the mercy of free and reliable Wi-Fi, but you can't complain too much about what is free, right?

That is so much better. I ordered the phone from verizon and when I played with it at the store, it lagged so much! this is such a change that I am not worried for this phone anymore! CANT WAIT!

I updated, but i can't do that cool highlight drag through the home screen options. Can somewhere share the best Tap Interval, Hover Period and Swipe Sensitivity settings.

Is anyone else not able to do that???

edit...nevermind, i will take this to the forum.

basically you can only have 16 icons showing on the app screen (you have to be able to see all icons, aka no scrolling needed to view hidden icons) so just hide icons until you do not need to scroll, then voila u get the sick light effect.

Ordered my 2 STORMS on the 21st at about 7pm. FedEx says they will be here tomorrow no later than 3pm....any chance they will have the updated software??? would fedex know whether your getting it tom. or not...did you call verizon before for a tracking number already? I ordered mine at around 10am on the 21st, and i still havn't gotten a tracking number or anything....

How are you doing that touch and slide around the icons from the homescreen. When I do that it doesn't jump between highlighted items.

I notice the biggest difference when I get a phone call..
Before the update, I would get a call and due to the accelerometer being so slow it would cause the phone not to properly answer when I would hit the answer button on the screen and/or the green "talk" button..but now since the update, it seems to react alot quicker/better now..

Also I see a few people asking how he was scrolling thru the buttons like that and I am standing in that same question line..
How was he doing that..?
I tried it time and time again with no results..

i dunno, my accelermeter was exactly that fast with .65. I am installng anyways, i am hoping my typing gets better, the only thing i hate is typing.

i dunno, my accelermeter was exactly that fast with .65. I am installng anyways, i am hoping my typing gets better, the only thing i hate is typing.

Don't know if anybody else did but during that whole video i was comparing my storm to the one Kevin has and mine did a pretty good of keeping up with it. Not saying that it couldn't be faster cause i sure wish it was. It seems to lag when it wants to, or after i close out of some other application. I think i'll wait for a official OS release or download the .76 OS that BG was talking about on his site.

wow apparently boygeniusreport is reporting a mere half second to make a COMPLETE switch...o.o, fast taps are responsive, overall navigation is even more superior to v75 ah wth just go read the article!

I think it is a little funny when everyone is happy and excited about a video that shows merely transitions being a little more smoother. Honestly, this is what is making Storm owners excited. If that is exciting i know not to get this phone.

Also, anyone who says Wi-Fi is not crucial is crazy. 3G is great, but being on Wi-Fi at home, at work or at a restaraunt really makes browsing the internet that much better.

Hey Senny...

The reason that is what we're excited about is because that was the primary issue. Why do people pick apart EVERY little detail. That comment is flat out fishing for bad things to pick on. I love the phone. I'm excited about the entire thing. There are only small annoyances, as with any phone. Find a phone where there are 0 annoyances, and then come rip on people. Until then, just keep your comments to yourself. Fair?

Sure I'd like wifi. But, I can't switch to another carrier that carried non-Windows phones with wifi because no other carrier has decent coverage where I live (NH).

So, given my options, it's Blackberry or Windows Mobile. And I'll take a BB device without wifi over a Windows Mobile device with wifi any day.

And, because no software update is going to change the availability of wifi in the device, I think it's pretty valid to talk about what actually has changed instead of griping about what won't.

I just tried to swipe my finger accross like you did on my list of icons and my phone does not do that i still have to individually tap each icon. Is there a reset or setting I have to change in order to be able to do that?

You can only have 16 icons on the home screen. So you would have to hide some them and then you can get that cool feature.

BoyGenius claims to have an even newer build , ( .76 ) not available for download of course . Good news is they are claiming the phone is even faster and better battery life. Good news to us early adopters that this phone is going to tap more of its potential. Hopefully verizon will release it soon.

Running .75 on my verizon storm and it is running alot smoother ,tho i don't believe the phone in this video is running .75 , because i can't keep my finger on my phone and run it from icon to icon like in this video . Whatever the case i just hope verizon officially releases a way better update , because i kno this phone is capable of much more.

Does anyone read the other posts? If you read the other posts you will find how to slide your finger from app to app like in the video.

I'm glad I am not alone on this and I tried everything to recreate that and to no avail it didn't work. I'm going to do a search now in the forums. Nice vid though!

That trick is accomplished by hiding icons until you get a 4x4 and don't have to scroll. Once you do that you can run your finger around the screen and the blueness follows you.

Scrolling disables that feature in the software (right or wrong).

Hey all,

I love the storm so there will be no bashing from me, I went on and upgraded my software and I noticed the change one thing I did notice in the video when you were hovering over the icons going from one to the other it was was moving pretty fast mine is not moving fast which I think is because of my setting's I have my hovering set at around 900 and it still does not move as fast as the vid, any help with this? also I do not have the click like you can hear in the vid and maybe its the hardware I do not care to put any cards or anything behind the door and it really does not bother me so I guess I will just keep it as is but any help on the hovering would be much appreciated. I have called Verizon about the 3g and I have read the post in here but if they advertise 3g then I think it should say 3g or at least say that you will get 3g if you are over seas any thougths on this?

Wow, seems to me people are easily amused as this video shows more how the user is hypnotized by the side full qwerty keyboard and all around flippiness versatility. The way I see it, this is only a minor great feature. I am more interested in what the web browser looks like, how is the sound quality, how speedy of accessing apps, you know...the IMPORTANT STUFF!!! For CB sake, get a life!

Thanks so much for the update, and the link. I just got home and updated my Storm... it seems to actually run faster. Now if they could improve the V-Cast / Raphsody so it actually will allow you to add to your library, then I think it's perfect. Any ideas on that one.

Thanks again!!

I posted this under the vcast forum to show how to get unlimited "rented" downloads on your media player by subscribing to and creating an account where you will be charged $14.99/mo for the unlimited downloads. Just follow the info below and you should be listening in no time.

By the way, if you are updating to this OS version and for whatever reason you have to start over and download the original OS version, all of your songs may not come back on your phone doing a restore through your desktop software. That's okay because your songs are still in Rhapsody. You will just need to connect Storm with USB then launch Rhapsoday - go to your library and drag/drop all of your songs back to your storm. Be sure to disconnect when done before trying to listen to your songs. If you can't at that point because the storm is telling to reconnect to your PC, then do so and right click on your storm icon in the Rhapsody account and choose "license". Disconnect storm and try to listen again, and it should work fine.

I have been through the above steps because I had to use the wipe function on my storm last week to try to fix a keyboard glitch -- at least that is what VZW tech support told me to do, but I don't think it was necessary. (It kept popping up everywhere.) I backed up everything first through desktop software! I wiped the phone next including 3rd party apps none of which I paid for and can be downloaded again(i.e. cnn, weather,). I went to the apploader and downloaded all the apps and initial storm software. Next, I restored all my backup info through the desktop. I reactivated my phone by dialing *228, listen through all 3 prompts before pressing 1 to program your phone. Wait until you hear it is complete before hanging up. I reregistered my phone by going to options folder, advanced options, host routing table, press the menu key and select resgister now. Last step: download service books from blackberry. I'm told by VZW tech support (correct me I'm wrong) that the service books contain anything that your phone might be missing i.e browser and contains any current blackberry updates. To do this last step, go to blackberry website: go to, create account with user id and password, validate your email if necessary by clicking on your email account that shows at the top of the screen and type in your email password. Now choose service books to download.

They also told me that if you were looking for current updates there are 4 ways to do it: and choose updates, go to, create account, and choose service books to download, use your desktop software and click check for updates, or call tech support for over the air (OTA) update from them. I'm told all achieve the same effect. It just depends on if you are using your storm at the time.

As for the Rhapsody that I spoke of in the start of this, I already had the Rhapsody subscriptiion for $14.99/mo on my PC. I went to, created an account to be billed for the 14.99.

You get to download as many songs as you want onto your phone. We have been doing this for awhile on the VZW Dare and the Voyager Titanium... very sweet.

I knew before getting the storm that Rhapsody would work on the storm.

After you create your account, EXIT Rhapsody, plug in your storm to the USB, then launch Rhapsody. You will see your storm icon in the left panel of the screen. You will then need to right click on your phone icon to "authorize" it before dragging songs from your library to your storm icon(you are allowed 3 authorizations.) You may have to also right click on your storm icon and click on "license" as well. If your songs don't play, be sure to UNPLUG from USB before going into playlist and try again.

Once you go into the media player and view your playlist, press the menu button, and select options. Under media section, you will find options for audio boost and a headset equalizer option to set a default for the equalizer. The equalizer is only for the headset and not the actual speakers on the phone. . darn . . the speakers on the phone need some help not to mention so does the camera (it seems like my curve takes better pics at 2.0)

Once you are playing a song on your storm, there are more options from the blackberry menu. When you are playing a song, make sure you can see the album cover or (or only info for that just that song - not the playlist) and press the menu button. You will see options to "activate the handset" (speaker on the top of phone) so you can listen to it like a phone call in case you don't have your headphones. You can also "enable Bluetooth" through the menu for bluetooth headsets.

There are shuffle and repeat modes as well.

Plug in your headset and you get different options from the menu . . AN EQUALIZER! I think the music sounds awesome through the headset that comes with the storm!!

When you are rotating around to different apps while listening to your tunes, you will also see a "now playing" from the menu to get you back to your song quickly.

Now, if I can only figure out how to set my alarm to the songs in the playlist or set it to a streamlined radio while sitting in that dock in the bedside mode! Let me know if you figure this one out or if it's possible!

I have been looking for that all around phone that can message, work on docs, browse, AND also have an "awesome" camera, video camera, and unlimited music. NO more $2.00/song Itunes. (Zune also has unlimited for 14.99 and just changed their subscription to allow you to pick 10 songs every month to keep while still continuing monthly unlimited subscription where you can transfer those 10 songs to your Storm, too. Now that's what I'm talking about. Are you next Rhapsody to allow for keeping some songs with your unlimited subscription?!)

Have fun listening to your unlimited downloads while "working" on your apps. The music will continue to play as you switch apps unless a call comes in.

PS If you try to call VZW tech support for help with music, good luck. Most do not know much about the Rhapsody connection to the Storm. In fact, they may still tell you that's not possible. Many have not used the storm and don't realize this all exists. This isn't listed in our own book that comes with the Storm. Hopefully, the details above will get you up and running!

I can't say for certain that the above steps will work for you, but thought I would share pertinent information that I learned from VZW tech support after countless hours on the phone.

I am much happy with my storm now and renewed my initial excitement that I had for it. As for the OS update here to be tried at your own risk, my phone seems to be operating just as fast as the video while still on OS .65. Unfortunately, the video doesn't show any camera angles. That is one of my biggest gripes one now and it sounds like this update may be addressing some of the camera issues. (My 2.0mg Curve seems to be taking much faster, accurate, better color, all around pictures than my 3.2Mg Storm -- very disappointed. My son's VZW 3.2 Mg Dare seems to look much better than the Storm -- heck there's the new release last week of VZW 5.0Mg Omnia loaded with features including an unfortunate data plan because it is considered a smartphone that hasn't been advertised much from what I have seen. . . may be wrong.)

Again, sorry for the length of this and I hope that some of this may help you be a more satisfied Storm user. I just can't promise anything, but can only hope! :)


I would much rather wait 5 months to have a device that works great right out of the box(BBB), than to wait with device in hand. The storm has great potential, but as of right now it is garbage. I feel sorry for all of you that keep hoping for it to work better. I'm sure in time it will, but it must be very humiliating to whip it out in front of friends. Storm owners are now starting to sound like icrap users when there was 3G issues at the release...
"updated the OS and it got a LITTLE bit better"

i just updated my storms OS to .75. overall the phone is faster. For all of you who are complaining just get another phone and quit crying. what do you expect? its its first model and there will be some bugs here and there. As for wi-fi its funny when people say "i can use it at home". if your at home dont you have a computer? i rather use my comp then my phonne to go on the internet.