Video: MegaWhat Goes Hands-On with the BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2008 01:23 am EST

That Vodafone Storm bus is making its rounds... I have a feeling these videos are gonna keep rolling in over the next day or two. How about I keep posting them until I see at least 50 100 comments from 100 different members telling me to stop! This guy is a bit of an iPhone hater actually... :-)

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Video: MegaWhat Goes Hands-On with the BlackBerry Storm!


Keep um coming Kevin, the more the better.

I say more storm videos x100, I could make 100 alias' as well, but....

There, that should offset any storm haters saying no to new videos, lol.

i agree. we are afterall. Will keep em coming till the darn thing gets released and everybody who wants one has one!

when you slide your finger across the main menu buttons, it should highlight them following your finger, instead of having to lift and touch for each one...right?

Of course it should, but it doesn't. RIM has hyped the storm to high heaven and so far I'm very disappointed by what I'm seeing. The interface just looks laggy and jerky, and typing doesn't seem very impressive either.

It looks like when you hold your finger on the display it goes into "scroll" mode, which make sense. If you could highlight multiple things with a swipe of the finger it would conflict with scrolling. Works the way it should!

It works that way in the simulator (highlights following where you are touching), which seems like a pretty early version so I don't know why they'd take that away for the version in all these videos, so maybe it's just a bug or something. If they did do it on purpose, I hope someone at RIM sees the trouble people are having in these reviews and adds it back.

The guy probably wasn't actually touching the screen as he was scrolling around; maybe afraid of accidentially clicking on one of the options while trying to show off the menu. That would be my guess at least because if I remember right, didn't another video show one of the people scrolling on the menu?

Sweet phone but was this the first time these guys ever used a video camera?? Could they have had more glare on the screen while trying to show us stuff. When he played the video he held it so he could see it and not directly toward the camera! I mean if you are going to do a video review, do it right! I'd like to see a close up of the "clicking" action. I know nit picky right.

Can't wait to get my paws on this one!!!! Thanks Kev!

as Britney Spears sed, Gimme gimme more, Gimme more.

it must be really late .. if i'm quoting Britney... I'm outta here

Check out the Storm Bus !! :)

One thing i'd like to see but probably won't on these videos is moving the icons around on the home page..I take it you can customize icon positions ?

My office had an expo with Verizon, ATT, Sprint representatives showcasing their devices. A Storm was on display and a "RIM Manager" was present and said the "expected" release date is Nov. 23rd. I also played with the Storm and my amateur opinion is that its awesome. It really feels like clicking on buttons when typing. It pushes in very easily compared to what I thought required decent pressure judging by the videos, but I guess the people in the reviews just emphasize that the screen is being clicked.

Keep it going Michael - the storm is the most talked about phone on the world wide web- let's keep up the hype because the phone is badass man

Hey everyone check this out. is reporting that the Storm will be available at the price of 199.99! Doesn't sound too bad. It puts at right in line with the iphone and it makes sense. I really couldnt see verizon putting it under 100 or for free. Hopefully this is legit info. To be honest I am just happy to hopefully have some solid facts. In my opinion anything under 250 is a solid price for a device this solid(arguably better than the iphone). Well here is the link....check it out!

if you listen to the video closely at 1:07 when the two women walk by, you start to hear sexual moaning pretty clearly. Maybe she was turned on ALOT by the Storm? hahahahaha

I got a curve in sept. cuz i didn't think i would want a touch screen. After that video i believe i made the wrong decision. now i want the strom

Please stop posting these Storm videos, at least until you find one that has something substantially new to show us.

I am chris and I am a new user to the crackberry site. Just wanted to let you know I won one of these phones yesterday through the VZW hunt. I was called by the partnering company, and they told me I won one and it would ship inn 4 to 6 weeks. Maybe you could start a thread about the winners, or any info coming out abuot the hunt.


(feel free to contact me)

I keep seeing people complaining about verizon cripply GPS and making VZW navigator mandatory for using GPS. However, every indication to to me is that verizon won't do this. So my question is to current Curve users on verizon is: Does verizon require you use VZW navigator or can you use other GPS applications like blackberry or google maps? Thanks.

VZNavigator is not required.

BB Maps was preinstalled on my Curve. I downloaded Google Maps and it works well (street view is great).

VZNavigator gives you the advantage of audible turn-by-turn directions..