Video: KnowYourMobile Goes Hands-On with the Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2008 01:29 am EST

Another Vodafone Storm preview! Crank up the volume on your speakers for this one... we're talking some funky cool tracks here!!

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Video: KnowYourMobile Goes Hands-On with the Storm!


Did anyone else want to snatch the phone from this idiots hands?? He was fumbling around and didn't seem to know what he was doing. Damn that was painful.

Still love the Storm though. OS seems to be pretty smooth. So what's holding VZW up??

Must agree. Most of the hands on vids are done by idiots. Is it really that hard to have a person do these that can at least USE the phone. If I didn't want to see the phone in action so much I couldn't watch it.


Dont think so, the video reviews that came out today were MUCH better. They actually knew how to navigate the device. This guy was trembling and fumbling around.

the track is Sunburst Band - 'Fly Away' the DJ Joey Negro is behind the group. I myself have had the pleasure of seeming them live.

Not to take anything away from this stunning device, the track is awesome.
I'm getting my storm when my contract comes up for renewal next month. just the teensy bit disappointed about the no wifi but I don't have it now with my curve so not missing anything!!

kasw3670 you've made my day...many thanks

happy to assist. forgot to mention if you like the track i think you will like the album it's from. album is titled "Moving With The Shakers'.