Video: How to Avoid Annoying People with Slydial

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2009 07:34 am EST

We've talked about Slydial for BlackBerry on the CrackBerry blogs twice before. But when I saw this video posted yesterday by our buddy Joe, I just had to repost here for some Friday fun.

If you're not familiar with Slydial, it's the service that allows you to call a person and have it go straight to their voicemail so you can leave a message without having to engage in conversation. The video above shows how this can be useful to the ladies in avoiding the stalker-ish types. If you jump over to Slydial they have a bunch more video examples of how this service can come in handy (I especially like the Vegas one). 

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Video: How to Avoid Annoying People with Slydial


because I'm going to end up getting caught/accused of using it and that's worse than not calling!!

Come on guys, let's keep it on the Sly...;)

I just tried this app out and it does not work. I tried it on my Bold/Storm and even my iPhone. It rings once or twice and then goes to voicemail. The only thing I see with this app is pissing the people you are trying to call off. Phone tag sucks. But I love the videos, especially "Vegas Guy".

because I've been using it over a month now, and ring or no ring, no one has EVER answered the phone when using slydial.

I call that working

Worried about pissing off the people you're trying to call?? If you're slydialing them, who cares if you piss them off. Seems to me someone who tried this app would be well aware of this. That's the whole point of this app're NOT trying to call them!!

I just downloaded it to my Bold, used it on my wife.. and it worked... EXCELLENT!!!! Their are several colleagues this will be perfect with.

Tested this & it NO WORKY! Just tried this by dialing 267-slydial and used my cell number. My phone actually rang, then said I had a missed call. Then my phone rang again and said missed call again. Then the slydial told me it couldn't connect to my voicemail.

I would likely use this if it worked properly.

...however, the "Sweater" video is my favorite. Better than Cats...I'd see it again and again...I laughed, I cried, etc...

It would be great if the app could really access the address book like it says. Instead I get an error reading "Uncaught exception:ApplicationArguments object type does match specified application type" Any ideas???

Is Anyone else experiencing some kind of a beeping noise with their storm right after they have completed a slydial call... i really like the app i think it can def be of much use however i was curious if anyone else was experiencing this with their storm? if so does anyone know what it is?

I have a stock AT&T Bold on .167

I tried the App and dialing 267slydial - both times my wifes cell phone rang for half a ring, showed my number and then goes to her voice mail.

works for me on the Storm running .75! Awesome app, great job! Wish it was "optimized" for the Storm screen though, half a screen lost to the QWERTY keyboard and having to act like a trackball is a bit annoying. Even after Disabling Compatibility it does this... Still not enough for me to not like it!!!

Seems really cool but... why the hell is it that BB Users have to sign up with all their info just to be able to download it? Fucking lame. Iphone users don't have to.

on a side note. does anyone know the song played at the end of the video? sounds familiar, but i can't put a finger on it.

Those videos are terrible. Why are they using the same no-talent girl in every one?

We'll see if the app works...

A big Blue O icon on my Bold. Real BIG.

I use to do this function by dialing the person I wanted to leave a message for and 3 seconds later I would dial the same number from a different phone. The second phone would get me to their voice mail because the first phone I used was ringing their phone. Only thing is you need to phones and you have yo hit *67 when you dial the number on the first phone so they don't see who is calling them.

I just added the app to my Curve, and tested it on a couple other cell phones in the house. With the exception of the very first attempt (the phone rang for just a short burst), it's been working great. This will be great when I need to get a message to the boss, but don't want to get tied up in a convo - which is almost never work related anyway. :)

If you know the carriers voicemail backdoor number you can do the samething without actually calling them. Ex: Verizon Wireless in the 805 is 8053686060 and T-Mobile is 8056377243
this is another cool way of leaving a voice mail and making them wonder when you calld

Can't you do this already (with VZW service at least)? Dial your own voicemail, then press 2 to send a message. Then enter the "destination," which is the person's phone number. Then, you get sent right to his or her v/m.

I'm on T-Mobile UK, and we get that service for free over here. Call Voicemail and press 4 'to send voicemail message' type the number in a press * it connects you straight to the other person's VM

You can do this already as AnthonyAnthony already said, just call your voicemail and select option two (provided you don't have any waiting voicemails, then the selection number might be different). It is easier than having to call a whole different number before dialing the one you want to call.