Video Hands-On of BlackBerry 6 Running on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 9300!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Sep 2010 11:52 pm EDT

We've seen BlackBerry 6 leak already for the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330 onto the interwebs. We're still waiting to see it leak (or get officially announced) for the Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 9300. Hopefully it won't be long now, as RIM was showing BB6 off on these devices at the Opening Reception at the BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010. Note - free booze was served at this event so it's not quite as solid of a BlackBerry 6 first look as we did at the Torch launch, but if you own one of these devices and are waiting on BlackBerry 6 for it you'll want to watch!

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Video Hands-On of BlackBerry 6 Running on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 9300!!


9700 LEAK LEAK LEAK!!!! I was shocked at the awesomeness of the PlayBook. Now I'm just waiting for my OS6 fix!!


I know RIM has stated that OS6 will not come to the Tour, but logic says that the tour should be able to run OS6. The Bold 9650 will be able to run it with the same processor as the tour and the Pearl 3G and Bold 9700 can apparently do it with only 256MB of RAM. So these specs must not be the limiting factor. Any ideas on what the limiting factor is? I am just curious if we will see a release so hopefully I don't have to upgrade my phone.

It has nothing to do with the tour not being able to run it, RIM wants you to buy a new device. The tour, compared to all the newer RIM devices, is an old model. RIM moves very very fast on the field of device upgrades. The only strange thing is that between the Tour and say the 9700 there's not much but a few tweaks and wifi.

The Tour has a different processor then the 9700 and the 9100. So even through it has the same RAM it can not run OS6. Same reason for the 8530 Curve.

It seems that the mobile link leads to the wrong video.. Upon clicking on it, I am directed to the. PlayBook's hands on video.

There's 92762985 bytes of free memory which is about 88.5 MB. Much better than expected, but I do hope they didn't take out the new camera interface.

At minute 2:34 we can see the file free memory in the 9700 and is about 92 MB if they have all the basic apps installed i think it is enough to get it working right because remember you always need to leave at least 12M of free memory so it doesn't get slow.

Now "carrier by carrier", he could have said which is going to be the first carrier, because once one of them has the leak then all of our 9700 BB's will get some OS6 love.

I had the 9000 and the phone only has 128mb, with OS 5 installed and with no apps if my memory serves me right left about 40 or so MB left, with OS6 that might leave less than 10mb so the phone will slow done and lag.

and also os 6 comes with some good stuff like that search and add notes to calls also flagging mail, vid scrolls youtube etc and so forth so those other apps will not need to be on the device. looks good kevin.

meh, its ok.

its snappy, but there is noticeable lag. disappointing, but its rim. what do you expect, right?

What i really want to know is how much memory does OS6 take up on the 9700?how much of that 256mb is used up from the OS?

A guy on customer services at Orange UK just told me that they have been given a release date for OS6 on the 9700 of end of September, early October, though nothing more specific than this at the moment.

Either way, only a week or two to wait if this information is correct.

Vodafone reps told me that they are working with RIM for this 9700 build,
But they are not sure about the release date.

Dam if orange release it I will go wild!!!
It's end of September now and I can wait, I'm praying it's out this week!


Let's hope truesupplier will get the white casing available soon, so I can transform my 9100 black.

WILL BURST! Okay, don't start threads asking about this on the 9700 forums, as millions have seen it already here, KEEP it on the Blackberry 6 forums and nowhere else! lol

This is slick. I'm PATIENTLY WAITING for it to arrive on ONE carrier, then i'll upgrade. ONLY an official release will be on my device, not a fuckin leak which is KNOWN to have problems.

May we all be at a calm stage. This hype will die off soon, I know it.

If you do not like that we're talking about BB6 on a 9700 in a thread that showed a 9700 running it then kick rocks! Just be elsewhere my friend, let the majority have their fun and cry in a corner till we feel like playing with you again. Appreciated.

Added the pin:status pending.
I like the white bold hope the 9650 or what ever replaces it come in white.Its time to retire my 8130 Pearl.

Man every time i see an OS 6 video with no download link to get it on my 9700 it makes me mad. Mad because i know we might have to wait another freakin month for this BS. Don't forget the Bold 9780, they will release OS 6 after that phone... watch and see. Freaking RIM gettin on my nerves with this.

OK, now where is it?! Please get OS6 out for us!! All the other BB's coming out are rocking BlackBerry 6 while us holders of the Bold, Curve, and Pearl are on the outside looking in! How long do we have to wait? Oh by the way, I love the new BB Playbook but, hurry up on BB6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder if BB staff listens to the comments here...

Would be wonderful if they can give an OS update to download without pushing a new(old) device without tremendous changes.

And what about Storm 2?? Or Storm 3???

Just wanted to let everyone know that while syncing my 9700 today, BlackBerry Desktop informed me that an update was available from ver. to ver. from Telus. My phone is currently updating. Still wishing is was updating to OS 6 though. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait with everyone least until it's leaked.

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