Video First Look: SmrtCase for BlackBerry Tour (coming soon for Bold 9700 and Storm2) | 5 Freebies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Dec 2009 11:52 am EST

Contest: FIVE SmrtCases for the Tour to be won! Leave a comment to this post letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase to use for you...

The folks at SmrtCase sent me out a few samples of their new patent-pending SmrtCase Glide for the BlackBerry Tour, and I was so impressed with the design and utility that I just had to whip up a video and blog it up right away (plus get them to provide a few freebies to give away to CrackBerry Nation!). It's a simple concept, and it really works.

The SmrtCase Glide is a hard shell-styled skin case, not unlike those in terms of look and feel of those offered by Seidio or Incipio or Case-Mate, but it features one major innovation - the ability to store and easily access cards from in between the phone and case. Think business cards, metro pass, hotel room key, office swipe card, student id card or college pay for meals pass, etc.. SmrtCase introduced the concept a while back for the iPhone and have now brought it over to the wonderful of world of BlackBerry, starting with the Tour and coming soon for the Bold 9700 and Storm2. We've seen PhoneSlipper integrate the same concept on their BlackBerry case, but their design is a bit bulkier and uses a thicker/softer rubber that I personally am not as much of a fan of. The SmrtCase design is minimalistic and really holds onto cards securely, yet maintains easy access to them. Be sure to watch the video above for a hands-on look and more details.

Contest Details: We have FIVE SmrtCase Glides for the BlackBerry Tour to be won. Just leave a comment letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase Glide to use for yourself and you're entered to win. Please leave only one comment (multiples not counted). Entry deadline is this Sunday at midnight pst. *

Reader comments

Video First Look: SmrtCase for BlackBerry Tour (coming soon for Bold 9700 and Storm2) | 5 Freebies to be Won!



How innovative & handy. I'd use it all day at work. My office requires you to swipe your employee ID at EVERY door in the building. Yes I have to swipe every time I go in or out of my office, and in or out of the bathroom, control room ect...It's all about movement tracking I guess. This case would be a life saver for me. One less thing in my pocket or on my belt!! Thank You.

To protect my lovely phone! I'm rather careless about my phone at times and will find it on the floor 99.9% of the time...

My poor tour was purchased by a college student in september who really didn't want her so she has been hanging out in her box until I brought her home last night. Show her how special she is by giving her this case

How I would love to get rid of that... everyone who's had a pretty big wallet knows how to feel to have a tumor-like object sticking out the side of your pants.

With a SmrtCase I'd be able to just carry the essential stuff with my BlackBerry.

And the protection wouldn't be bad as well :D

for me to enter and grab myself one before christmas!

My TTC Metropass, as well as others, will be a perfect fit in the card slot. Anything that will reduce the mass in my wallet right now.

What a happy new year I'll have if I win.

This would be great to hold onto my school ID! We've got one of those ID's that are a school ID, access card for doors, and a credit card all in one. Wouldn't even need my wallet around campus anymore!

This looks like a great case and it would definately allow me to cut down on the amount of things I have to carry in my bag or pockets for work and weekends. The added benefit is my beloved Tour would be protected if the unthinkable happened and I dropped it. Help me out here.

This is perfect especially for those times when you don't have any pockets and have to run out with your phone, driver's license and your credit/debit card.

Times I have lost my wallet - 100+
Times I have lost my Blackberry - 0

Unfortunately my wallet doesn't play Brickbreaker and receive e-mail so it is quite easy to misplace. My beloved beautiful Berry in fact DOES therefore it shall be forever gripped in my loving embrace.

Money and cards in my berry = money and cards forever.

Hook it up Crackberry!

My hubby is always giving me a hard time about carrying my debit card in my work id case while I am at work. I would use this to keep my debit card hand while I am at work in my uniform.

That case is exactly what Im looking for I would use it to keep my tour safe and stash some cash that I saved by winning one.

love the site guys. thanx for all the usefull things. if i was to win the case i would be able to keep my 8900 in pristine condition seeins how im clumsy. thanx guys hope i win this time

It's been about three and a half months since this review was posted. It's still not available for the Bold yet. Shame because it's exactly what I'm looking for...

wow that would come in very handy for school since i have to swipe to get into the different buildings at university, and for meals. This way i dont have to carry around a wallet all the time.

I would use it for my money and of course my debit card. Not to mention to i"ll make sure i get an Orange and Blue case to match my Knicks colors once lebron is in town baby!!!

this would be handy to store my student id and my meal plan card at my university. i rarely carry my wallet since i live on campus. it would be great to store those cards with my phone since i carry my blackberry everywhere!!

this would be amazing especially since I have so many cards in my wallet for work etc. When going out this would come in handy to just take the ID, main card, and cash!

Please let me be the first UK user to have one (pretty please). It would be so cool to show this off to my mates down the pub! I would use it for my ATM card when out pubbing and clubbing :-)

This would be great for carrying my ID and gym membership card as I use my tour as a music player while working out.

The guys at work will all want this when they see it for thier blackberrys. Great for our swipe cards.

I know the simple solution is to not carry around so much crap, and possibly take ALONG my purse,..but who wants a bus load in the Summer months?! Lol.