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Video First Look: SmrtCase for BlackBerry Tour (coming soon for Bold 9700 and Storm2) | 5 Freebies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Dec 2009 11:52 am EST

Contest: FIVE SmrtCases for the Tour to be won! Leave a comment to this post letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase to use for you...

The folks at SmrtCase sent me out a few samples of their new patent-pending SmrtCase Glide for the BlackBerry Tour, and I was so impressed with the design and utility that I just had to whip up a video and blog it up right away (plus get them to provide a few freebies to give away to CrackBerry Nation!). It's a simple concept, and it really works.

The SmrtCase Glide is a hard shell-styled skin case, not unlike those in terms of look and feel of those offered by Seidio or Incipio or Case-Mate, but it features one major innovation - the ability to store and easily access cards from in between the phone and case. Think business cards, metro pass, hotel room key, office swipe card, student id card or college pay for meals pass, etc.. SmrtCase introduced the concept a while back for the iPhone and have now brought it over to the wonderful of world of BlackBerry, starting with the Tour and coming soon for the Bold 9700 and Storm2. We've seen PhoneSlipper integrate the same concept on their BlackBerry case, but their design is a bit bulkier and uses a thicker/softer rubber that I personally am not as much of a fan of. The SmrtCase design is minimalistic and really holds onto cards securely, yet maintains easy access to them. Be sure to watch the video above for a hands-on look and more details.

Contest Details: We have FIVE SmrtCase Glides for the BlackBerry Tour to be won. Just leave a comment letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase Glide to use for yourself and you're entered to win. Please leave only one comment (multiples not counted). Entry deadline is this Sunday at midnight pst. *


Pastor Ron

Very interesting concept and I could definitely use one:
1. I'm a pastor and always carry a separate card holder; this would make carrying those cards more convenient as I would have one less thing to carry.

2. It would be a handy to carry my hotel room key when away on business or a vacation I plan on taking one day.

3. It would also be a good way to carry some credit/debit/office supply cards.

Great idea and thanks for the opportunity to win one.


This is the Exact Kind of Case I've been looking for. I would love to win one. I would be able to carry my Phone and put my drivers license and other cards with out bringing my wallet. Awsome idea!!


looks like a cool case. i have stayed away from cases and stuck to slips, but i think this one would work well


I would use the smart case when I ride my harley, so I would not have to lug around my large and heavy biker wallet with chain, becoming a more aerodynamic object. It would become the pinnacle of biker fashion.


i've been actually doing this with my storm since i got it using the oem silicone case to hold my id card. i wish they'd make one for it even when it covers the speaker it doesnt muffle the sound at all. sign me up for the contest anyway makes a great gift for my sisters tour.


I am smrt and this case would help protect my Storm2 from rattle snakes to blizzards while I am on the job in Colorado.


I would stop carrying my wallet all together!!! Let me have it!...pls


I am a student in cold/snowy buffalo and when you have to wear a big bulky jacket all the time, its often hard to keep track of your blackberry, your university card, your license and some cash. This case would come in handy for me in so many ways, and hopefully keep my hands warm, and my life organized. So please crackberry pick me for the new smrtcase!


I am a student in cold/snowy buffalo and when you have to wear a big bulky jacket all the time, its often hard to keep track of your blackberry, your university card, your license and some cash. This case would come in handy for me in so many ways, and hopefully keep my hands warm, and my life organized. So please crackberry pick me for the new smrtcase!


I'd use this to hold my security license, one business card, and a monopoly get out of jail free card! In case I forget I hold a security license and get arrested. Thanks!


my 7 year old has dropped my Tour 33,000 times - OK only twice but I really would like it!


I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of these!


OK I have seen this before. Very neat invention. I think this will catch on


Since I carry my BB with me everywhere, this would be better than having to carry a bulky wallet. Great for driver's license and debit cards.



I take the train everyday and have a monthly train pass. It would be perfect for that. In addition I also have to show a ID at work and it would work for that.


I have so many cards in my wallet that I actually sit tilted. This clever prize would definitely ease mt listing Hope I win.


that is definitley sweet hope i win!!!




I always use my blackberry when I'm running for music and the stopwatch. it would be great to have some integrated storage, especially for my ID on race days. Thanks!


With 3 kids I am constantly on the go. Being able to carry my driver's license and my always in use debit card AND my 9700 in one sleek case??? I am all over this! And it even comes in pink, doesn't get any better than this :)


Dont use cash, so this would be one step closer to banishing the technology known as a wallet.


I travel quite often and this would help keep all my ESSENTIALS in one spot. The case I have now is just too bulky to fit comfortably in my pocket. This is great innovation.


actually, after thinking about it and watching the whole video, id be worried about the constant in and out sliding marring the back of my BB. I can see the damage just cards against each other in my wallet make.. prolly do this to the back of the phone too...


I'd use it for my metrocard just like he was. Pick me pick me -.-


this would be perfect for college!!!


would love this case :)


Ok since my bb is my best friend, it has to be styling just like me, right now i have a bright electric blue plastic case, but i would love this for my beloved bb!!'i hope i win!!


I have a Tour and love having new cases for it. Pick me!


Just what I wanted for Christmas!!!


I really need this for my new tour


I could really use this! This looks like a great case for when I don't want to carry a wallet.


I usually have my phone in my hands while walking around campus. It would be very convenient to be able to just slide out my card and swipe the card. The added protection doesn't hurt either.


At Day, I would put my Proximity card + Staff Card for all the door access in office and meal.

At night, I would use it to put an ID and a credit card. That way I don't have to worry about a bulky wallet or anything, all I would need is my phone (which I always have with me)


This would save me from carrying my wallet everywhere I go


I personally do not have a Tour (Storm owner here), but my buddy has the tour. I have hit hard times and am not really able to buy gifts for Christmas, so this would really help me out in being able to spread some Christmas spirit.


on my husband's tour and make him and me happy crackberries.


As someone who attends about 5 meetings a day, 3 of which are with vendors outside of my organization, I would definitely use it for business cards. I am always being asked for one and most of the time have to hand out some bent up looking one that had been in my wallet or back pocket for weeks.


would be great for a christmas present.


A SmrtCase would really come in handy for me because I am always running around and I only take my phone and ID.Would love to have one. Have lost my ID like 3 times already. lol


This would be totally useful to hold my gym ID when I go to the gym.


to get rid of my wallet!(Not by having it stolen of course)


i really really really really really really need a case for my Tour. i am the hardest on phones. and i live in the middle of nowhere Montana. that in itself is a phone hazard. lol


Leaving a comment as I am buying a Tour 2 as soon as they are released. Sal said the Tour 2 is the same size as the original Tour so it should fit.


I have tried the Seidio 360 case and it does add bulk without the added benefit of reducing what you have to carry. This looks ideal for me, especially in meetings when I don't have many pockets for essential information. This would be perfect. I would really love to win this, especially if I could get it in flamingo pink! What a perfect Christmas present! Protection and helps me free up prime pocket space and PINK!! PERFECT!


What a great idea. I wouldn't have to carry a separate c/c holder. Nice to see a useful product like this. How I could use it.


Tis the season to have a Smrtcase for my Tour....

I don't want my Tour to be run over by a reindeer, while I am out shopping all the after holiday sales, it would be great to have one, to protect it and my credit cards from a Christmas ale :)

I hope I win one!


this is nice.. now my blackberry can double as my wallet


Nices cases. Count me in the running.


My Tour would love to have this wrapped around it. Crossing my fingers and Blackberry Thumbs.


It's a very slick way to rock some business cards...


SWEET case...I would use it to hide all mt credit cards from my wife!!! thanks for the chance


This would look good on my tour


This would look so good on my tour I'm getting in a few days!!


This would be great when I am off to play basketball or go running and don't want to take my wallet along


My buddy could use this for his Tour.


My Otterbox could use a rest.


I'm usually good at keeping my phones clean, but my Tour is taking a beating with the regular belt clip. Sign me up for one of these cases!


I so need this for my business i'm constantly hiding my wallet so it is not in view of the client. I have to keep everything perfect in the vehicle and am constantly wishing i didn't have to deal with my wallet.

This is a great idea and if i don't win one I will be certainly looking for this product.


Cool, I could most definitely use this and show-it-off; however, was the camera covered in the demo...??


This is amazing. I would love to have one for my storm 2. This is perfect, then i can ditch my wallet!!


Don't win contests hardly ever but would really love to be one of those chosen to get one of these cool cases for my Tour. Did I tell you how much I ADORE my Tour? Carry pictures of my 3 GrandBabies with me everywhere I go. When I need to smile I look at them.
At any rate, I'd be downright thrilled to be one of those chosen. Thanks for considering me!
Merry Christmas!


This is something that I have been waiting for! As a business traveler and a blackberry user, this would make life so much easier. I basically live in a hotel so I keep my keys in my wallet and I have a company credit card that I use on a daily basis. It takes time to have to make sure I have each of these things when I leave and enter my hotel, otherwise I'm making other trips to the car or I accidentally drop my blackberry. Which would be another good reason to have it. I am on my blackberry all day and night emailing, texting and on the phone. I'm actually posting this on my blackberry now! :) Not to mention in and out of my hotel room. Crackberry, do me and my blackberry a favor! This will go to use and I have many, many friends, family and co workers who use blackberries. The word WILL get out about this fantastic item! Thanks for your time and hope to hear back from you!


This is something that I have been waiting for! As a business traveler and a blackberry user, this would make life so much easier. I basically live in a hotel so I keep my keys in my wallet and I have a company credit card that I use on a daily basis. It takes time to have to make sure I have each of these things when I leave and enter my hotel, otherwise I'm making other trips to the car or I accidentally drop my blackberry. Which would be another good reason to have it. I am on my blackberry all day and night emailing, texting and on the phone. I'm actually posting this on my blackberry now! :) Not to mention in and out of my hotel room. Crackberry, do me and my blackberry a favor! This will go to use and I have many, many friends, family and co workers who use blackberries. The word WILL get out about this fantastic item! Thanks for your time and hope to hear back from you!


I would put the SmrtCase Glide to use by storing my business cards between the phone and case. My job entails me to travel from 30-80% to financial entities and it would allow me to carry one less thing since my cards are in a wallet that my work provided for me. Since I'm always using the phone when I'm out, this will help me hand out my cards and ensure the entities can contact me by phone.


Now that I am in college, the only thing I carry with me is my phone and my student ID card. I always loose my ID because I don't know where I put it or because I cannot find it in all my different pockets. With this I'll never loose it again and make sure I have it at easy access always.


This is something that I have been waiting for! As a business traveler and a blackberry user, this would make life so much easier. I basically live in a hotel so I keep my keys in my wallet and I have a company credit card that I use on a daily basis. It takes time to have to make sure I have each of these things when I leave and enter my hotel, otherwise I'm making other trips to the car or I accidentally drop my blackberry. Which would be another good reason to have it. I am on my blackberry all day and night emailing, texting and on the phone. I'm actually posting this on my blackberry now! :) Not to mention in and out of my hotel room. Crackberry, do me and my blackberry a favor! This will go to use and I have many, many friends, family and co workers who use blackberries. The word WILL get out about this fantastic item! Thanks for your time and hope to hear back from you!


as a hardcore tour user...I NEED IT!!!! mannnnnn i need it lol...or would love this from Crackberry as a X-mas present! lol :-)


For my work, I attend a lot of seminars and social networking events that require a lot of business cards to pass hands. This case would work great to be able use to store business cards. What a better way to make an impression than to show how you are a connected professional than to pull out your BB Tour and hand a contact a business card from it!! Would love to win one of these cases!!


Man i could use this for the most important card I have... my gamestop card lol


I'm pretty rough on my phones. I'm a Marine Corps infantry man so it's to be expected. I had the otterbox, but it was to damned big for me to carry in my cammies. This would be pretty good for me to have as I can carry around most of my cards inside the case, especially when in my dress blues. I don't really like to carry my wallet on me when wearing my blues. Something like this would greatly add convenience to my life and hopefully be good to help my phone survive my lifestyle.


So she doesn't have to go looking for her bank card whenever she needs to use it!


Contest: FIVE SmrtCases for the Tour to be won! Leave a comment to this post letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase to use for you...

I would put mine on my phone :)


Me, I'd use the case to carry my police ID, and my DL along with a slender $20 for emergencies! That'd fit just right and make a few things less I'd have to carry on the job.


This case is a great idea. I could use one to hold my access card for work instead of putting it in my back pocket which can damage it preventing me from accessing my office. Having the access card next to the phone would be the best way to keep it from getting damaged.


THIS WOULD BE VERY NICE!!!!! it would allow me to get my wallet back from my wife! since i am very lucky that my wife doesn't have a purse fetish and buys a new one every few months, she just doesn't carry one. instead she uses my wallet to hold ALL of here cards in it. so half the time i'm not sure where it is or what it has in it(scary sometimes if you know my wife at all!!! lol) so please free my wallet and award me with this clever smart case!!!!!


That would be an awesome place to keep my work ID. I always manage to lose the thing!


If I got this and os 5.0 I'd probably marry my tour for bringing me so much happiness


I could really use this case. I work as a flight medic and it is a miracle that my poor Tour has held up with the abuse that I put it through. The silicone case that was the only thing available when I got the phone is just not nearly sturdy enough.


this would be perfect for my work ID, i mean 40+ hours a week the only 2 things i need on my are my tour and my work id!

great idea


My wife looses her cards all the time, This would be great for her Tour!


This case would really help me protect my BlackBerry Tour as well as giving me easy access to my metro pass when carrying all my books during school hours.


No more wallet for credit card only one bulge in my pants now!


Man I am really late entering this contest but it is not about me but the great product we are all trying to win so I do hope that I am a winner. It is so hard trying to find a good Storm 2 case.


I would love to try out this case. Looks awesome!


this case would be so useful for when we go out on transport at work. we have to carry a cell phone, our license, and cpr cards so this case would be perfect for it.


I need one of them!! I NEVER leave the house without my phone.


Yay! I would love to have one.


Please Crackberry! can I have this case! My tour has been dropped frequently and I need a protective cover. Also, I forget my school id so often that I have been given demerits for it. I could use this case to not only protect my phone, but also fix my id forgetting problem. Please CrackBerry, I am a longtime member.


I would give this to my girlfriend cause she is always going to bars with just her license, credit card, and phone but no purse. This would beperfect for her. And its much better than the awful case she got from verizon. And if she doesnt like it Ill use it with my Tour!


Between my phone use and my door badge for work, this thing would get a lot of testing!!


i'll be honest, i'm a case-whore and would love to add this to the collection. what better way than free.


If I were to win, I'd start out testing If i can manage to get out of my car without dropping my 9700 on the ground. If that is a success, I will retire the terriable BB case that it came with!


I would use it to hide the tiny sheet of paper on which I have detailed my plans to destroy all the Earth through the use of highly trained spider monkeys---oh crap did I just say that out loud?


being a student..i could use this to hold my id's..winning this would make the holiday's just right


I constantly travel with work, would be great to store my hotel room keys and business cards. Would also help to prevent damage from dropping my poor Tour!


Boy, do I need one of these to show off to my friends!


That'd be great to use my Tour as a wallet. Carry my debit card with me at all times, very convenient!

Tha Riddler

I am an Internet Sales Manager of a Chevy dealership so I would make great use of the card slot techno. I hand out 15 to 25 of my cards daily and use my BB constantly. So to have the two paired would be very useful. I have an Otterbox Defender on my S2 but could use both. If I win mabye I can swap vouchers for the upcoming S2 case... Or give it to my GM who has the Tour, for a Xmas gift. Thanks for the opportunity.


no big deal, my super secret spy data can fit in there


wow this would save me quite a bit of time frantically searching threw all the pockets i have looking for my business cards and my metro pass. and even my swipe card durring lunch.. great idea guys.


i've never won anything, and Im sad about not winning an unlock, so pick me!


A case like this cradling my 9700 Bold would not only provide invaluable protection to the unit, but provide a unique, professional option for presenting business cards. So many times one has their blackberry out checking appointments and creating contacts during meetings, why not be able to access and present a business card at the same time.

Great idea!!



would need this for my bus pass


I would love this for my tour


not bad, not bad at all!


A smrtcase skin. Looks like a great product that I would use on a daily basis, and would allow me to ditch the wallet all together; as there is never any money in there anyway. Thanks CB!


With all the road trips I take, this will come in good use. Thanks Crackberry, hope to WIN WIN WIN!!!


THanks for the entry!

Pre-dawn raid

I would love to score the SmrtCase and give it to my roomie for Christmas who has the S2.


looks like a great case.. i use the seidio version but i like the business card use for would work great for my job


Of Course I want one for MY TOUR!


i would appreciate to have one give me one


This would be perfect for carrying that "just in case" money even or gift cards. I'm always looking for places to keep that stuff.


I need this so bad. I am forever losing my swipe card. One time for the win!!


i love products that are simple, efficient and productive. i would not hold my credit card in it due to magnetic strip, But my license and a few $$ would carry me through the day and night leaving me with a less bulky and effective Tour.


I would use this case for backpacking and camping. I could put my license and medical card in the back in case of an emergency. My phone would be well protected so I could make the important call. I would also use it at work and in my everyday living.


I'm always misplacing my bus pass, but with one of these black cases I wouldn't ever lose it! After all, I wouldn't go anywhere without my BB Tour!


really nice concept. Id use it for my work swipe card and/or credit card. Back up emergency cash isn't a bad idea either


would love to have it for my storm2 !!


Protecting my phone is my number one priority


I tried for the last giveaways for this! I am the operations manager for 10 restaurants and I cannot take my purse with me as I go from store to store but I still need my ID and credit cards! My Tour never leaves my hand so this would be perfect!


Wow, someone should have come out with this sooner. It's such a good idea.


I would love to have one for my Tour, first and foremost for protection for the phone, Secondly, when I'm making a quick run and only want my phone, id and debit card, this case would be PERFECTO!!!


I work for the local water department. My phone is in danger of being destroyed every day. Having the case would definitely help me have piece of mind. I'm in ditches and holes. I am always lifting heavy objects would could crush the phone in my pocket and all of the vehicles I drive for work are filled with dust. Please hook me up with one. :)


oh man... a way to store even more stuff on my blackberry so that if I lose it, I'll be screwed royally. I NEED one, lol


For me, it's about keeping those dang giftcards you get for the holidays handy. ALWAYS lose those damnable things since I never want to add the bulk to the wallet.

Cash, people! Cash! :P


I would be able to keep my military ID together with my berry. This is a must have.


I can definitely use this useful case to hold my Metro Card! It would make it so much easier to keep track of that thing!


This would be perfect for me! My BB, DL, Student ID, and a credit card all in the same pocket WITHOUT scratching up my Berry! And if I carry it in a front pocket, I'd think less about all the thieves and pick-pockets on the train and buses down here by campus! Would like to see a review of it after its been used for a few days/weeks to see how it holds up.


I'd put my ID and cash in it!


I've been doing this for years, slipping cards into my skin cases... I'm sad I didn't patent it first. But, now I want one!


Looks very handy, great Idea!


Would be nice to put my id and credit card in there so i dont have to carry a pretty empty wallet


I fly for the Navy and am constantly trying to figure out ways to slim down what I carry. This would be perfect, carry the phone, ID and debit card! It would be great to not have to try to fit my harness over my wallet anymore!


I am constantly leaving the house without my wallet and finding myself having to turn around during my commute to go get it. However, I never leave my Tour behind, so the next time I find myself leaving the house without my wallet...I won't even bother to turn around!


this would be awesome to have for work. i work at a hospital and need a swipe card for access to a lot of places areas. if i had this and kept my card in it i would have an excuse as to why i always have my phone on my and why it's always in my hand (if they expect me to work all day w/o my crackberry they're nuts.


I would love this case. I would use it to carry my university ID, because I forget that often, but I never forget my phone. I would also use it for when I study abroad so I don't have to carry my purse around.


What a great opportunity to snap out a business card in a flash. Must easier than fumbling through my wallet or tablet


This is a very cool case! It may even let me eliminate my wallet. Hmmm. Me FTW please?


Looks Cool, Hope I win one!

Sam K

I'd use the SmrtCase with my Storm2 to hold a NYC metro card and my work ID card.


This would be SO handy. I have to swipe to get into my dorm and I always struggle to get my ID out of my wallet in my back pocket, ESPECIALLY when I am carrying stuff. Not to mention I usually carry around my debit and credit and primarily use my debit to buy stuff. This would be real convenient, please pick me and thank you Crackberry!!!!


I just received my first blackberry, after returning 6 moto Q's in 1 year. I love the tour, except I need a really cool case for it. I don't like keeping my phone on my belt, I usally keep it in my pocket. I would put one of your cases to good use. I would make everyone around me jelous.
They would all want one and go out and buy thier own just to be cool like me.


I don't have any of those phones but I still want in haha.


I could use this when I go out for a night on the town or out to eat, so I don't have to risk losing my ID or debit cards. Everything will be in one, tidy place, with the one thing I've NEVER let get out of my sight: My BlackBerry.


The school security always asks for id. This would be so useful considering my bb is always on my hand..


Would love to have one. Being I am in contact with some real rugged things during my day (being an auto mechanic) this would be great protection for my Blackberry Tour !!!!!


My Grandmother is very ill and the doctor said she needs a SmrtCase!...ok ok I kid I kid! But still if I had one it would be AWESOME when I get my TOUR 2. That way I can avoid the wallet and the bulge it creates in my pants!


I love playing 'dress up' with my tour... I wanna win!


1.Perfect for my Disneyland Annual Pass.
2.Perfect for when I need my ID in the Club.
3.Perfect when I dont want to carry my wallet.
4.Perfect for when I show it off to my friends which would make them buy one.

CB you know what to do... hook me up pleaseeeeeee

BB > iphone


I am looking for a new case for my tour.
And I think this case is very nice to have one!
If I could be won, I really appreciate it!


I live in a college dorm where in order to enter the building/halls/rooms you must swipe an ID card. I cant tell you how many times Ive left the card in my room or misplaced it and had to call my roomie to open it up. Ive even had to replace it after the magnetic strip somehow got screwed up in my wallet. But ive never left my amazing tour behind :) i gotta have this to keep my baby safe and ensure i never get locked out of my room at 3am (again). haha!


I am constantly leaving the house and forgetting my credit card or bank card and don’t realize it till I'm already out of the garage and down the road. But, I never forget my Blackberry. So if they were together in one nice looking case like the one being offered here I would never have to rush back to the house to retrieve my forgotten card. O yes this one is for me.


This minimizes pocket clutter and keeps all the essentials in one place. This would be real handy, being a college student, when heading to the rec or intramural games so I can keep the ID handy without having to carry the wallet or tuck it into my sock!


swiping things on the go would definitely be easier with this


Having a good case for your phone = $30
Having a good phone for your case = priceless
Having a brilliant multitasking protective case in your palm = SMRT!


I would so love to have one of the black cases to protect my phone. I have a habit of being a little to rough sometimes. Don't want to turn my bb into blackberry juice. Thanks


this is perfect. i wish i would have known about this a couple weeks ago while in honolulu, hawaii for vacation. this definitely could have done wonders during my 9 days of adventure; at the beach, at the pool, at the gym, on the catamaran, hiking, or at best cruising around town in my three wheel scoot coupe (automobile/moped). paying $2 to fill up the gas tank would have never been so easy, i could talk and swipe, at the same time, and with the same hand.

it seems like the perfect must have, to unite with your bb. i am addicted, and i don’t even have one!


This would do away with my wallet. One more step in my effort to carry as little as possible!


With this case, I would have no reason to carry around a wallet. All I need is my license and my credit card. Stick them both behind my phone and I'm good to go.


Looks like a case worth checking out


because it would protect it and allow me easy access to my security swipe and my ATM card. I'm constantly using the phone and cards. This way I wouldn't have to get my wallet out as much or choke myself with the lanyard, anymore!


I like the idea but am worried about the cards being demagnetized such as credit cards or hotel keys? Will that happen being so close to the phone?


That would be sweet. I'd love one for my 9700. Thanks CB!

B Ditty

This would be a great accessory for my tour!! I could use this everyday at work, we have a card swipe system to get in our building!!


I don't know how my wife would use it but I just got her the tour and she needs a new case.


I've got my wallet down to a debit card, a credit card, driver's license, and insurance card. With a Smrtcase I could effectively eliminate my wallet. SWEET!


Would love to win this. Always worried about dinging my Tour and could use this for my work ID, which doesn't fit in my money clip.


this would really come in handy at work, I am always on my phone and trying to search for my card key to get in the building, now i would always no where both my phone and key is


If I had the smartcase it would make my life a lot easier since I always need my ID to get around using the buses and to buy stuff on campus. Also it would be nice to be able to put a debit card and other cards there for easy access.


This is a great design that allows for storage of a few business cards. There are many times where I need a card but I don't have my laptop bag with. THis would give me the chance for a backup.


I would give it to my friend, who is a Tour user, for Christmas. Yeah, I'm a cheap friend :)


i use my bb as a pillow and my head is hard


i need this so i can eliminate my wallet...kill 2 birds with one stone


holy cow how much more convienient can you get.......

i hope they make this for other models too.......


i would slip it over my blackberry to protect it when being dropped. that's all, no special use other then that, after that's the whole purpose of it, not?

oh and my blackberry is a TOUR :D


pick me i would love to win this:)


as a daily commuter. i'd love this to hold my university id, my metro card as well as my bank card. Walking and riding the metro leaves me to wanting to carry as little as possible, especially with all of the hills that pittsburgh has.


Would love to try out one of these!


I would give it to my wife as a gift


with this case fitted to my Tour I can leave my bulkey wallet at home. Oh that would so give my butt a break.


Wow!! that is really cool I really need place to hold my business cards and it looks real ease to access. Count me in I could realy use a case like that. Thanks again for the opportunity to possibly win one. Have a great Holiday.


I'm at the beach all the time and it would com in very handy!


That would make my Tour awesome.


The card slot is a nice touch. I would use it for an ID card. I don't always have my wallet on me; but I always have the phone with me.


I would love to have this for when i'm on the go on business meetings and traveling abroad. It would be the perfect tool good luck to everyone hope i win ;)


I'd put all my plastic in there, which is great because I dont carry cash ever. It would let me get rid of my wallet finally ! :D


Need this big time. Thanks for putting this up as another freebie. Good job!


I will use this case to carry some business cards and make my Tour even more of the perfect business accessory!


The case looks awesome, I would use it when going to class or out for food on campus so I don't have to carry my wallet I can just hold my ID.


this is a great idea i go to bars alot and a club here and there when u go to these place u dont want to have to carry all your cards and everything on u .


This case would be fantastic for me. I have back problems, so having a wallet in my back pocket isnt an option. The problem is, keeping my debit card in my front pocket is an accident waiting to happen, seeing has how it keeps falling out. Obviously I take my tour everywhere, so if I could put my debit card and license in the case, that would be amazing.


i'd like to have this case so i don't have to carry so many things when running a simple errand. i can just grab my phone, id and credit card and be out the door! :D


i need one of these! itd be nice not to have to take my wallet around when im running or when i need to go on a quick trip out to grab something!


I would put my school ID and metrocard in it since those are 2 things I usually have to take out to use. This would also be useful when I have to be in the hospital. I'm a nursing student so I usually only carry my Tour and my metrocard, ID and some cash since I can't carry much stuff in my uniform. Can I please win a case? :)


I work at a Research Facility that has badge access doors everywhere. This would be a great way to keep moving throughout the facility since I usually am already carrying the BlackBerry in my hand anyways - just waive my BlackBerry near the reader, and the door would open. I can imagine that when one of the other 300 BlackBerry users see me using this, they will want one too! Great idea for a case!!!!


I would finally have a place to keep my business cards - both to give and those received


Hi, I would definitely love to win this. I'm wondering something thought. As I was watching the video something popped to me as a design flow maybe. It seems like the camera becomes useless when you put a card as it blocks it. Now since I found the design flow I'd like that to give me a chance to win.


Don't remind me of the time I left my hotel room, holding on to the ONLY card between the 4 of us and incidentally lost it somewhere on the beach. It only took us 2 frustrating hours to find it again. Now, I'm never allowed to touch hotel room cards when I travel with them.


I need one of these!! I am always on the go and hate to carry my wallet with me. Whether it be the gym, the club, work, or anywhere. Free me from the confines of carrying my wallet! I love this case design.


I am a full time student, who NEVER forgets his blackberry, but will always forget my dorm card or my meal card.

This would help me greatly, since I cant afford a credit card bill (and negative in my debit account) and wouldn't be able to buy the case elsewhere. I have recently traded my storm for a tour, so I have no accesories for my phone, this would be a nice first!


EDIT - Oh, and it would be so cool to easily just push the card easily out and swipe it in front of my classmates at the cafe. It would look like im able to buy stuff with a blackberry, would would make people want blackberry, and more users to the site 8-)


I would use this case to put my bus card or even maybe some cash, so I don't have to grab my wallet all the way in the back of my pants. Thank you for your generosity!


Sounds Good!

-Chris <><


I selected my younger cousin Jennifer for Secret Santa this year and she would love this!! She has the Tour 9630 and apart from most girls isn't a fan or purses. This would work great for her to carry her ID, credit card and spare cash. She loves pink, so Flamingo Pink would be an awesome Christmas gift.


My job requires me to be out in the community where my phone is often put at risk of being dropped, but I also use it in court and other professional settings where the card holder would definitely come in handy. I would love to have this!


I would love to have one of these for my check card. I use it for everything and wouldn't need to carry around a wallet all the time.


Wow this thing is awesome, if I don't win, I'm buying one for sure. I will be able to have biz cards handy !


I always run out of or forget to take business cards to meetins and this would be great to help me remember. Looks like a great case.


thissss thinkg is flipping awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


this will be a nice replacement for no wi fi or trakpad. Maybe I can win one!


i would love one of these because im a student that has to have an school ID on campus and i have no wallet so this case would be perfect for me!! :)


This would be perfect for just your drivers license and credit card when going out on the town!


looks like a very nice case.


This would be great for me so that i could keep my debit card on me all the time, I work at a hospital and I'm always afraid my debit card is gonna fall out of my pocket. But if its with my phone, I know its safe!!


This would be sweet. Leave the wallet at home and just take the Tour with me. Nice and simplistic.


I was trying to put my Tour in its holster and just about dropped it! I am definitely in the market for some better protection. :)


I would love to have one of these cases because I hate when my blackberry gets scratched and what not


i have lost or damaged over 7 Blackberry's this year alone!! This would definitely come in handy.


I want this so this Tour does not meet the untimely end the 3 before have met.


would love one of these. Thanks.


Hey I lucked up and wound up with A storm 2 but my stepson is using my tour. We could use this