Video First Look: SmrtCase for BlackBerry Tour (coming soon for Bold 9700 and Storm2) | 5 Freebies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Dec 2009 11:52 am EST

Contest: FIVE SmrtCases for the Tour to be won! Leave a comment to this post letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase to use for you...

The folks at SmrtCase sent me out a few samples of their new patent-pending SmrtCase Glide for the BlackBerry Tour, and I was so impressed with the design and utility that I just had to whip up a video and blog it up right away (plus get them to provide a few freebies to give away to CrackBerry Nation!). It's a simple concept, and it really works.

The SmrtCase Glide is a hard shell-styled skin case, not unlike those in terms of look and feel of those offered by Seidio or Incipio or Case-Mate, but it features one major innovation - the ability to store and easily access cards from in between the phone and case. Think business cards, metro pass, hotel room key, office swipe card, student id card or college pay for meals pass, etc.. SmrtCase introduced the concept a while back for the iPhone and have now brought it over to the wonderful of world of BlackBerry, starting with the Tour and coming soon for the Bold 9700 and Storm2. We've seen PhoneSlipper integrate the same concept on their BlackBerry case, but their design is a bit bulkier and uses a thicker/softer rubber that I personally am not as much of a fan of. The SmrtCase design is minimalistic and really holds onto cards securely, yet maintains easy access to them. Be sure to watch the video above for a hands-on look and more details.

Contest Details: We have FIVE SmrtCase Glides for the BlackBerry Tour to be won. Just leave a comment letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase Glide to use for yourself and you're entered to win. Please leave only one comment (multiples not counted). Entry deadline is this Sunday at midnight pst. *



I bought the Seidio for my Tour and its crappy.. The side where I plug my mini USB already is cracked... Not even 30 days since I bought it.. This would be not only awesome but perfect... The perfect protection for my Blackberry Tour 9630.... Love you, Crackberry...


I NEED one of these for my Tour - please!


I ways wants something like a money clip for more my credit cards. Since I always have my phone this would be better. Wouldn't have to sit on my wallet anymore.


That is a nice concept for a BB phone case. I would love to win one for my Bold 9700 to keep him warm and safe.




I'm a college student and I have to be around campus with my school ID, my license to drive and my credit card for whatever I have to buy. This would be awesome! so I don't have to be carrying around my phone plus my wallet. :) I want to win this!


Would love to have this for school IDs.


Would love to have this for school IDs.


Hey Brother,

Hook me up.


This is so perfect for me! I go out every weekend but do not carry a purse. I stuff my driver's license, phone, and keys into my pockets. Most of the time I've got my phone and license in the same pocket. I'm constantly pulling out the BB and am worried of losing my license for fear that it would get pulled out at the same time and dropped somewhere. In fact, that happened two weekends ago at a party in a club. I pulled out my BB, walked across the room, and as I went to put my BB back in my pocket, I noticed my license was missing. I almost freaked out until I found it where I had last pulled my BB out of my pocket. Luckily!
This case would be so useful that I wouldn't have to worry about my license slipping out and getting lost again!


So, I think I could put this to really good use. I have a Verizon Blackberry Tour and I work for AT&T. I would use the case to hold my badge for AT&T and laugh at the irony in the fact that even the company I work for cannot beat Verizon's customer service and amazing network!

I also would use it for Hotel Keys when on vacation and for my student ID card at my college. Also, when going out, I could put my credit card, ID, and Form of payment for drinks in it, that way I would not have to carry around and risk losing my wallet.


Working in retail sales, I am often away from my handbag, so I need something to keep my debit card & license when I have to quickly get lunch and get back to work.



would love to have one for my bus pass, student & employee IDs, and credit cards.. looks like it would make my wallet obsolete! please let me win one or else... ill buy it.. ha.


I like this case it would be great when heading out on the town to use it to hold ID, MetroCard and a Credit Card to avoid carrying around a bulky wallet.

Also, great for going to meetings to have easily accessible Business Cards right on hand so as you enter someone into your phone, you can hand them one of your business cards at the same time, great networking tool.

I really hope I win one!!!


This is a great idea. With the SmrtCase, I can simplify my life and leave the wallet at home, or in my briefcase - or somewhere other than my pocket. I only use about 2 or 3 of my cards regularly, and the rest of the wallet bulk is junk. And for those brief excursions to the store or a restaurant or a movie, I only need one card.

Another use I would love to try? Put my business cards in that slot in the SmrtCase. It looks big enough to store a couple credit or debit cards, plus a few business cards.

Great product concept and execution - I'll buy one for sure!


i've seen this on the iphone and would love to have one! easiest way to store my company ID card that i'm always leaving at my desk! Never go without the phone but constantly go without the card!
Kevin, Can i have one please????


Would look sweet on my 9700 :)


After watching the video that you posted with this, I fell in love with this case! I am currently going to Sacramento State University and I am constantly digging through my wallet for my Student I.D. card. With this case I would really be able to access my I.D. card much easier! I want to be 1 of the 5 to get this case... PLEASE!


I would love this case because I would never have to carry my thick wallet around ever again! Its painful sitting on my wallet and a pain when putting it in my other pockets as well. This case would simplify my life so much and make it that much easier to get ready for work when its still dark at 0500 in the morning


With the crack in the back, it would be a perfect match for my crackberry tour...


What a brilliant design! And the name "Smrtcase" is appropriate! I currently stick a business card inside of the silicon case I use - more in case I lose my phone and a good Samaritan finds it so they can return it to me (I have built up good karma by finding and returning a couple of phones over the years). But the Smrtcase is a huge improvement to my current method and would love to be a proud owner.


I am a firefighter/paramedic, so there are times I need to use my personal phone. However, being a Crackberry" addict, my battery is usually low. If I had one of these, it would keep my phone chaged for those "emergency situations" where I might need it.


probably the most practical case ever. crazy that this case wasn't discovered sooner. i want one badly. i hate carrying a wallet.


Government facility = swiping at EVERY door. When you have a pile of badges for different facilities, this gets to be a pain! I would use this case approximately 4 times every time I just get up to go to the restroom! And that doesn't include any business cards for handouts and credit cards for lunch! This is a MUST!


Would definitely put this to use for carrying all of my certification cards, since I'm required to carry them at all times, plus my credit card and driver's license.


I'd use it to store my emergency cash!! Storm 1


This would be great for holding my main credit card. I use it all the time and it would allow me to leave my wallet at home. Whewhoo!


Looks awesome...Would love to check this out!


I own a DJ business, and am always setting my phone down and knocking it around. But there is month way I could live without my Blackberry. One of these cases would be ideal for me. Thanks for such a great website crackberry!!


for my CSUF student ID...


im headed to CES and this would be a great way to hold my business cards!


Would love to win one for My wife's storm 2, or better yet.. mine lol.


Would be cool to win one of these babies!!


I've been looking for a case like this...not too bulky but functional!


That is the best idea ever. Don't need to carry a wallet when going out! Perfect!


this would be extremely handy


would be great for my UF id


I travel quite a bit and would love to have a place for a credit card and hotel key not to mention business cards. Nice accesory!


This would be a convenient place to put my bus pass


I would dump the wallet put the important stuff in the phonecase along with my phone...especially for work.


This would be cool to have for my Storm 2....Mainly since I don't carry a wallet and just sort of shove everything into my pockets.


I would love to have one of these to protect my Tour. Will be very handy for my debit card and license so I won't have to always lug around my purse and wallet.


Okay, I have been looking for a case like this forever. I would appreciate this case soo much! I have a Tour and have painstakingly made sure I do not drop it, put in my pocket with keys, etc. I am a student at The University of Arkansas and I'm in the Army ROTC program, which is a program designed for making future officers for the Army. Being part of this, it is very hard to keep a phone nice and clean. My last phone, a Curve, looked like it had been ran over by a semi. And I don't want that to happen to my Tour. We have a lot of field training exercises and whatnot that make it very easy to put wear and tear on a phone. This would make a great Christmas present to myself ha ha! I would love having this cover. I would use the card storage features for my Student I.D., Debit Card, and other important cards I have to use on a daily basis across campus. It would make it a lot easier to have the cards ON MY PHONE rather than slide them behind the silicone cover, which is very tacky ha. I misplace my cards a lot and it would be so much easier to keep track of them if they're on my phone, because my phone is ALWAYS with me. Anyway, have a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to all! Hope I get it :)


Okay, I have been looking for a case like this forever. I would appreciate this case soo much! I have a Tour and have painstakingly made sure I do not drop it, put in my pocket with keys, etc. I am a student at The University of Arkansas and I'm in the Army ROTC program, which is a program designed for making future officers for the Army. Being part of this, it is very hard to keep a phone nice and clean. My last phone, a Curve, looked like it had been ran over by a semi. And I don't want that to happen to my Tour. We have a lot of field training exercises and whatnot that make it very easy to put wear and tear on a phone. This would make a great Christmas present to myself ha ha! I would love having this cover. I would use the card storage features for my Student I.D., Debit Card, and other important cards I have to use on a daily basis across campus. It would make it a lot easier to have the cards ON MY PHONE rather than slide them behind the silicone cover, which is very tacky ha. I misplace my cards a lot and it would be so much easier to keep track of them if they're on my phone, because my phone is ALWAYS with me. Anyway, have a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to all! Hope I get it :)


Nice! Wouldn't have to carry my wallet around.


use a good case for my TOUR!!!


I will really help me to organize my stuff better during business trips

michael styles

Ya I would really like to get this case as it's design isn't too bulky and I never carry cash and would be perfect for me to use to hold my DL & Credit/ATM card. Plus I would finally have a case to prtect my phone.
Pick Me Please! Hahaha


I dont really carry a wallet i just have my bank card and license with me and i just leave it in the holster with my tour, this case would be great for me, because it would make it so much easier for me to grab the card i needed without having to take out my phone, and it would make going out soo much easier because i wouldnt have to worry about losing my license or my bank card

michael styles

Ya I would really like to get this case as it's design isn't too bulky and I never carry cash and would be perfect for me to use to hold my DL & Credit/ATM card. Plus I would finally have a case to prtect my phone.
Pick Me Please! Hahaha


I am a middle school teacher and this case would be great! I would carry my school id and other important cards (i.e. credit card or driver's license) so that they are always with me.


My inspection certification cards would be easily accessible anytime on the jobsite instead of remaining in my wallet back in the car, briefcase, etc.


my tour would love one


I wonder if this would also fit into the Seidio holster (the one made for their case)... seems like this case with the Seidio holster would be a great combo...


I wouldn't have to dig deep in my bag to find my bus pass anymore!!!

Dinnearash Vareesh

I'm always putting my work badge behind me phone in it's holster anyway and this seem like would be an awesome protective case with the functionality of being able to keep my badge in a very convenient location.


I drop lots of phones and always lose stuff, this would be great


This would be ideal for transit on the subway in NYC!


The red would look good on my Bold 9700


I would make a video of useage in real life situations and show the real benefits of why people should use this skin.

Thanks CB!


Great idea. I could ditch the wallet and just bring my phone.


I love my Seidio Innocase II, but this case seems neat and functional.



i'd use it for keeping my awesome Tour safe, and my access card for the front door to work.the tour is always in my hand anyway, just hold it up to the door...


I would use it smartly. ;)


This is awesome! Please pick me!


would work nicely as i'm always losing my school ID


I just received my first Blackberry and it happens to be a Tour. I'm always digging for business cards when I visit our construction jobsites. This case looks perfect without adding too much bulk.


would like one of these


please can i have one ok thanks


I would love to win that for my 9550!!


I'd use this case mainly for the way he demonstrated you can still swipe a card while it's still in the case. It seems a very convenient item. I'd also use it for a day at the beach if I didnt want to bring my wallet.


Pick me i need a case like that one super nice video.... really like the card opening on he side


Great gift for Christmas, I would love to have one.


Like carring the blackberry in my pocket with Keys and other stuff.. This would help prevent scratches to the device



once a week my phone slides off my desk to the floor. i need this before i need a new phone.


oh my gosh. I need this so bad. First of all I loose my hotel key every time I get one. And this will also help me not have to carry a wallet with me at all times. I could keep my credit or debit card there. Please, Please send me a smart case for my 9700 bold
Thank you
happy hollidays


this would be the perfect present for myself!!!!


Fact A: I NEED my BB on me at all times.
Fact B: I NEED my CC on me at all times.
Fact C: I HATE carrying things in my pocket.

These three can only equal one thing...

Fact D: I NEED the SmrtCase!

Thanx for picking me Kevin!


this would work awesome for the late night beer runs, Grab your phone and it has your ID and cc in it


This case would be perfect! As someone who uses a keycard to go throughout the building all day this would provide quick easy access to not only my phone but my keycard when I need it!


Wow, nice case, I could put my Essex in that baby!!


Many hotel rooms for me therefore I can definitely use one!


Nothing worse than dropping or damaging your phone. Looks these could be very sturdy. So I'd love to win one my self and know I defintely use it !


i use my storm 2 as an ipod at the gym. This would be great for me to take to the gym because my id card for the gym wold fit perfectly .


I would give it to a friend who refuses to buy a case or cover for his blackberry. He is destroying a excellent phone because he is cheap. It would be a Christmas present.


come onnnnnnnnnnnnn funnnnnnnnny feeeeeelin!


I am a DM for a large portrait company and I'm constanty handong out my card. this is as fast and easy way to have these. I normally carry a couple in my wanet and the rest in my bag. In my wallet, they get bent easily and in my bag, I have to fumble around to get them out. This is a perfect solution.


This case would be so perfect for me and my phone. I go to Monmouth University and I am a freshmen. I constantly use my school I'd for different reason like going to the dining hall, getting into my building, and for identification. I always having to pull out my wallet and look for it. This case would make it so much easier for me. Also having my debiþ card and I'd in my case allows me to leave my wallet behind if I'm just going to class or something; less to carry around and the less stuff I have to loose. It will also be helpful carrying my laundry card in there also. I really hope you guys select me to win this case. This case looks so nice and it wiLl help me out a lot.

Thank you very much.


This would be absolutely great for me since I am always stumbling around for my meal card. Help a student out, crackberry!


This would be absolutely great for me since I am always stumbling around for my meal card. Help a student out, Crackberry!


I am a criminal investigator for a municipal police department and I am constantly handing out business cards....only one flaw. On some days I forget my business card wallet But I NEVER forget my Blackberry Tour! With this I would never be without my business cards or ID anymore! Thanks I think this is a must have for anyone who has ever forgotten your ID, business cards, or Credit card!!


this case when I run, to easily carry a cc/id.


I don't have a tour, but my girlfriend does and she could really use this!

We're both students at North Carolina State University and she never loses her phone as she's ALWAYS texting, but she's constantly losing her student I.D. card used for meal plans, and basically everything on campus! This would be absolutely great for her!

Thanks Crackberry.


I would put the smrtcase to use, by putting it to work and having it protect my BlackBerry Bold 9700!


Being a small business owner, this would come in very handy while I'm out among clients. Nice to see the Tour get the love first for a change.


would like this for my bold 9700


Since I have no case for my 9700, I would definitely use this everyday! We have a baby on the way, so $$ is tight right now, so this would be awesome!


would love one of these I am always looking for something like this


I use my debit card alot and this would be awesome to put my card in. I carry my phone every where!


Being I always drop things, this case will come in handy to protect my phone.


put my school id card/bus pass in the slot and it allows me to have some decent protection on the phone


i feel this would be useful for a bar situation.. carrying a credit card and id.. just seems perfect


This would be perfect to keep my student ID/license/debit card in so I don't have to bring my bulky wallet with me onto campus everyday.


...having to carry a wallet. I normally just stick my debit and license in my pocket or behind my BB using the case that comes with the Tour. This would be a classy way to do it!


Ive been waiting for something like this! Pick me, pick me!!!


This is a great addition for my phone


I currently wear my Tour in a belt pouch and a pass card for the office. The pass card hangs by a retractable lanyard and is always snagging onto the important part, my Blackberry.

Being able to consolidate the items "simply makes sense".


hmm weird i always lose my employee badge but never my tour. with this case i will always have whats most important. my tour. and whats needed to keep my tour. my badge for work so i can get paid.


This would really help protect my (future) tour...


I don't have a case for mine.


That is really cool. I think I might need one. I hope I win one from crackberry.


I like this... Pick me!!


Specially here when is -40. It helps to find it on the snow when it feels from my pocket


really nice case, would love to have one!

Mountain Beach Bum

figures...just ordered my innocase


I hate wearing my empoloyee badge around my neck. Especially when visiting a client or walking into a pub.. screams geek. a brilliant idea and one I would actually use!

I'll keep my fingers crossed.


I will hang it as an ornament on my Christmas tree until the 25th and start to make good use of it!


I will hang it as an ornament on my Christmas tree until the 25th and start to make good use of it!


I would LOVE a new case for my Tour. I just dropped it this morning and I put a dent in the top....pleaseeeeeeeee :D


I am always running out of business cards, or forget to grab more from this office. I would use this as a "secret" stash of cards.


need to badge in/out all the time, having my badge with my blackberry would be super!


Just checked out the video and I sooo want one! Looks very cool and it would be a great place to story my work keycard!! =) So can I get one? LOL thanks!


The pink one would look so cute on my tour! <3


Wow, I'm adding another comment because I really like the idea. Great work.


I work for an airline and we have to carry so many cards with us. Id badge, schedules, parking badge, hotel room keys etc. Since Im never far from my phone this would be awesome to help me keep them all together.

Also what a great way to keep all things tidy in my tiny clutch purses that are only big enough for my cell phone. I need this Smrtcase I will become word of mouth advertisng, I work with lots of women. ;-)

Planning on giving any away for the BOLD 9700?




I just checked out the video! I soo want one! It will come in handy for my keycard for work, or for when I don't want to carry all my stuff, just my id and debit card! =) PLEASE AND THANK YOU!


This would be the best case for my tour


I would use this for my student I'd cause I always forget it


With a SMRT case, I could leave my silly purse at home once and for all (again). Please make my life a little easier and make my Christmas!!!


Would really help to keep things in one place.


Nice Case- Wouldn't mind to have one myself


Perfect for my 9700!!! thanks


I'll put my U-Pass (Free CTA Pass) here at Chicago in that case!


I would carry my debit card and drivers license in this...perfect!


I could put my buildings' passcard in there. Wouldn't even have to take it out, just hold the phone up to the door! Pick me!


I'd use it to hold a couple of business cards. Handy and slick!


I am a busy "football/baseball/cheerleading" team mom and sometimes just need my phone and CC's because carrying my purse would be too cumbersome! This would be PERFECT! I can scoop up it and go! Leaving me free to help carry equipment or pom-poms or snacks for the teams without constantly having to keep track of my purse.



Well, Since I do not have one of the new fancy-schamcy new BB's (I have the "old" 8330 :-[ ), I would give it as a Christmas gift to my son-in-law who just got a Tour! Lucky guy!!


My Tour is naked and needs clothes.


Very innovative and clever thinking to the makers of this! I would enjoy to be the owner of one of these!!!




I'd love a new SmrtCase for my Tour. I recently proved a theory that Blackberry's don't bounce very well. Recently while texting and walking, I managed to let my new Tour slip from my hand. I stopped in my tracks and, to my horror, watched my Tour flip end over end, bouncing along the pavement (and not the grass that was right next to me). While still functional, it's a little less attractive than it was before the "incident". A new SmrtCase would be a nice treat for my dinged Berry. ;-) Thanks!


Would be perfect for my Bold 9700 to hold my YMCA gym membership card.


I hate having to carry with both my phone and my wallet. This would be perfect to carry my health club card and my phone all in one!


I constantly lose my military ID as I need to show it on base in various locations and I normally have it loose from my wallet. That case would make it handy as I always have my Tour in the other pocket with that loose ID.


Seems like an awesome case, very useful. I'd love a case like this so I could throw my drivers license and debit card into it and not worry about grabbing my wallet and phone all the time. It would be great when wearing basketball shorts or taking to the gym so you don't have all that clutter in your pockets. May just have to buy one if I don't win.


Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!!


- am a sales manager and always fumbling for my Biz card. This would be very handy. Thanks!!!


main is that its very useful.. when i go out no need for a wallet just metro, credit card and ID and im good to go.. also i deserve to have such an awesome attachment for my tour because i love it so much and want to protect it anyway i can.. so please HOOK ME UP.. thnx


Good idea. I travel constantly for work and can see this being a winner for hotel room keys. I always get 2 keys to start the week as I am guarenteed to lose 1. I even keep them in different places to ensure I always have one. When I am not traveling, this would be handy for my office swipe card/key.

Pick me!


would love to win! I desperately need a case for my BB. And since it has everything else on it, makes sense to stop carrying around bulky wallets and combine it with my BB!


I would love to have this case i have never won anything from my beloved crackberry!!!
i would use it to store my student id and atm cards so i dont have to carry a wallet everywhere.


I can finally carry my license and business cards when my pants don't have pockets!


Just as Kevin mentioned, this is IDEAL for us metroCard users.

or when you only need an ID and a credit card when going to a club/show/dinner etc!

neat and useful idea.

i love it!


Ofcourse, the day after I bought a case for my 9700 (from crackberry mind you) I see this, it looks incredible. So many times I go to the gym, school, wherever and not wanting to take anything but my phone (I only use credit cards anyways). Now my blackberry 9700 is truely, really all I need in life. It was only a matter of time really


This is perfect for my wife. She hates carrying a purse and she could slip her gym card, her DL, and a credit card and be out for the day.


I'd use it with my access card! Would be great, wouldnt have to take it out my wallet every time!


I would def give this as a Christmas present.


I would use it to keep my 6 kids ids readily available


Bad to the bone.....Gots to have it!


I was recently hired as the assistant wrestling coach for a collegiate wrestling program and graduating today. Actually I am posting this in my final undergrad class right as he hands out the final. I am starting grad school next semester for counselor ed and I would carry my new business cards for coaching, my school Id and new college credit card in it. The teacher has already yelled at me once, but what can I say, I'm an addict. Shit here's the final, wish me luck guys n have a beer for me tonight. Cheers to being a college grad.


This seems like the perfect blackberry case because it's durable and thin, and I would definitely use the card holder for my Penn State student ID because I can quickly and easily swipe into my dorm and swipe into the engineering computer lab door, as well as swipe it at the register at campus resturants!


I would make great use of this. I tire of carrying my wallet around as it is. All I seem to use out of it is my debit card. Having this lovely shell would be a wonderful compromise!


For traveling it would make sense to just have this. Also for a late night grocery store run I could just throw everything into my tour and be out the door quickly.


A must have for me pls pick me! Thanks in advance!


I am never without my BB, but I cant say the same for my wallet. this would be the perfect solution!!


That would look great on my tour ;)

King Of Beers

This would be great for me, no more wallet


This is great! I'd love to have one of these so I dont have to bring a bulky wallet or money clip when it isnt necessary. Hope I win one, if not, I can always order one. Great idea!

Aaron IVI

Awesome idea. Would be great for a gym membership card, just leave your bulky wallet at home, or in the car.


I would use the smrtcase to hold the cards I use the most including my drivers license when I'm going out. Having a chunky wallet when your out somewhere like a nightclub or bar is never comfortable, so having your phone and cards in one thing keeps things more organized for you. It’s also a good place to hold your money while you’re out as well.


(: sʞuɐɥʇ˙˙˙ɹuoʇ qq ʎɯ ɹoɟ ǝsɐɔ ʞɔɐlq ɐ ɥʇıʍ pu ǝɯ ʞooɥ 'ǝsɐǝlP


Nice I idea. Hoping for a win.


What a great concept. I know this would sure save me a lot of headaches of searching around for my debit card all the time since I hate carrying a wallet! I'd carry my debit card and depending on how thick the enclosure is, maybe my license as well. Great idea Smrtcase!


WOW! This would be perfect for my college life! Living in the dorms, I'm always dressed in basketball shorts which usually don't have pockets. I always end up carrying my Blackberry (which I don't mind) AND my UCLA swipe card..


I have been waiting for this for SOOOOOOOOOOO LONG now. Everyday I go into work and fumble with my swipe car to get into our locked offices. I am a clutz! I've lost my card probably 15-20 times in the past year now. Ya, I know, I'm a basket case. However, in all the years, I've never lost my phone. My berry(tour) is GLUED to my hip! The only time it leaves my hip is when I sleep, and even then, it stays on my nightstand, right beside me. So, as you can see, if I were to have this case, the card would stay with the phone, I would always know where it is, no more fumbling/losing it. Ahhhh, it would be so nice not to get yelled at by my boss every other week lol.

If this doesn't convince you that I need this product, then lets just pretend and say that i need it to easily swipe my credit cards through the ass cracks of my girls easier lol


I am a college student and I would put my student ID in it. We use student IDs for just about everything so this case would be very helpful!


When my pockets are stuffed with gloves and other stuff, my Storm2 and my transit pass get all mixed up and lost in my pockets!... I would love this case for keeping them both together!
.. not only that, but the absolute insane meticulous care that I keep my Storm2 in, would only be facilitated by this SMRTCASE!


I don't have a case for my Tour I'm a prime candidate!


I like it good, real good.


Oh this would be great for business cards and nights out on the town.


Definitely a great idea!


This would be perfect for the gym and any time I can't find my wallet for that matter. Currently I'm shoving cash and a credit card behind my (broken) incipio feather, which looks terrible by the way.


Soo many options, it's a toss up for me between using it for easy access (and protection) for business cards which would be exceptionally helpful or using it for the electronic fob (about the size of a credit card) that we use to gain entry to our electronic security system/door locks at my office.

Occasionally I do get out of the house without my wallet but i've NEVER left my phone! :D


I'd love to win this case


My mom just got the Tour and loves it. This will be a great present for her.


I am such a clutz. This case would be perfect for me. Please choose me!!!!


This would be perfect for me. I would use every option of this case to my FULLEST advantage. Ihate always carrying my purse and I NEVER leave my BB. Its always by my side..What more could a girl ask for then her BB by her side and her credit cards?! If I am chosen to get a free case I will adore it and cherish it!!!


i would love to have a case for my tour!! it keeps getting scratched!


I would use this when I am out of town and I only want to carry my id and credit cards and hotel key!

o for a night that i go out with friends and all i need are my id and cards...

I would also always beable to have a constant supply of business cards on hand... i sometimes dont carry a wallet and this device would really come in handy with my bb 9700

thanks for reading and I hope to be gettin one of these!


I need this case so much. I drop my phone all the time, and I am constantly looking for a good lace to put my credit card for easy access. This case is perfect. PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!


I would love to have one to relieve my falling apart wallet! Pick me!


I am a Police Officer for the city of which I live. By dept policy I am to carry business and coda cards (coda= council on domestic abuse) for victims. I do carry them, but they are usually soggy or so folded up they can barely be read. This would solve that problem, because I carry my blackberry everywhere I go.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!


Could use it for:

Business Cards
Credit Cards
ID card
Gas Card

Would love to win one!


My current ideas:

o Condoms
o Hotel room Key
o Work Garage Key
o Office Key
o Credit Cards
o Debit Cards
o Attendence Cards (Time Card)
o I.D.
o Business Cards
o Small Notes
o Cheat Notes
o Appointment Cards (reminders)

Thats just what i came up to start with...I need that!


I'd definitely use this on my Storm2 with my Student ID.


I use a small wallet and this case would help me totally eliminate a wallet. Awesome design


I need it because I always leave my credit card at Bars. I hate getting charged extra, as most Los Angeles places do, to go pick it up the next day. I always have my phone in my hand but always forget to put my credit card in my wallet. With this case I would never leave my Credit Card again.

Please I need it!


I would love to win this to protect my the extra storage is rockin!


To have this case would help me to keep a BB beyond 6 months, plus it looks great...


Please I constantly caring Id or pass card with me and this would help so much.


I would really love one of these as a college student to keep my ID in since I'm constantly having to pull out my wallet and dig for it.



this is the best case for late night bar hopping. instead of carrying my phone and wallet, i can just grab my phone and keep my ID and creditcard together with the phone.


Please please please. This would be great for when I need to run downtown at college!


Just bought my wife a tour and need something for her as a case. This would be fantastic.


I would love one of these. tired of using my old case.


I could really use a SmrtCase. Being in the military and having to remove my ID card from my wallet or pocket becomes a real pain, and potential dangerous as I could drop my ID on the ground while removing my BB from my pocket. This would eliminate that problem. So, please pick me, thanks.


What a simple yet innovative addition to a hard case. I want one!

Scott Spillers

Wow! My Tour would love to be able to tote its own credit cards.


Totally would put my work badge in it!


Simple! I'd use it to keep my phone as sexy as the first day I got it!!


I need the Tour one, I spent the last of my Christmas money on a case from Verizon and all it does is attract dust and pocket lint. Who wants pocket lint on their phone???????


Perfect for a night out when I want to carry ID and credit card.


Never have to worry about losing my wallet in the gym + ID = everything I need!


I need this attractive, useful case..... :)


I have the seidio version would luv this version.


This such a cool idea! Very simple but affective! I always use my credit card and usually need my i.d on me at all times. I really hate carrying around my bulky wallet! If I had the SmrtCase I'd have it on my Blackberry all the time! Really cool guys!


I would use this when i go out to the bars and just want to bring my license and credit card.