Video First Look: SmrtCase for BlackBerry Tour (coming soon for Bold 9700 and Storm2) | 5 Freebies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Dec 2009 11:52 am EST

Contest: FIVE SmrtCases for the Tour to be won! Leave a comment to this post letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase to use for you...

The folks at SmrtCase sent me out a few samples of their new patent-pending SmrtCase Glide for the BlackBerry Tour, and I was so impressed with the design and utility that I just had to whip up a video and blog it up right away (plus get them to provide a few freebies to give away to CrackBerry Nation!). It's a simple concept, and it really works.

The SmrtCase Glide is a hard shell-styled skin case, not unlike those in terms of look and feel of those offered by Seidio or Incipio or Case-Mate, but it features one major innovation - the ability to store and easily access cards from in between the phone and case. Think business cards, metro pass, hotel room key, office swipe card, student id card or college pay for meals pass, etc.. SmrtCase introduced the concept a while back for the iPhone and have now brought it over to the wonderful of world of BlackBerry, starting with the Tour and coming soon for the Bold 9700 and Storm2. We've seen PhoneSlipper integrate the same concept on their BlackBerry case, but their design is a bit bulkier and uses a thicker/softer rubber that I personally am not as much of a fan of. The SmrtCase design is minimalistic and really holds onto cards securely, yet maintains easy access to them. Be sure to watch the video above for a hands-on look and more details.

Contest Details: We have FIVE SmrtCase Glides for the BlackBerry Tour to be won. Just leave a comment letting us know how you'd put the SmrtCase Glide to use for yourself and you're entered to win. Please leave only one comment (multiples not counted). Entry deadline is this Sunday at midnight pst. *

Reader comments

Video First Look: SmrtCase for BlackBerry Tour (coming soon for Bold 9700 and Storm2) | 5 Freebies to be Won!



i need one cuz sadly i am a kluts n drop my phone a lot :P so this could halp plus make it more comfortable in my hand

this case must be mine! id store a credit card in there and my license considering it will both fit! ive wanted a case like this for a while ...please kevin!

Sounds like a great idea, had the blackberry 9000 case that held business cards and hated it and there were warnings not to put magnetic strip cards in it because of the magnets, this looks like it would actually work to hold a student card or debit card, would love to have one for my 9700 please enter me in the draw

The SmrtCase would be The accessory for my Tour. I'd use the slot for my Metrocard and school ID since those will be the two cards that I'll be using most frequently. Don't think I'll be putting a credit card in it though because if I were to misplace my Tour (knock on wood), I'd be in quite the pickle.

That would be great for me to promote my business. Cards readily accessible for future buyers!! this is great!!

I would definitely use this. I would use it when I go out at nights and all I need are an ID and a credit card. That way I don't have to worry about a bulky wallet or anything, all I would need is my phone (which I always have with me). I hope I win!

I'd keep my college ID in there. We use it for food and access to all doors. Its a pain to keep in a separate pocket, we lose them all the time.

I would love to have a case that held my business cards. I am constantly traveling and handing out cards. This case would be great for me new Tour.

Anyone notice how the card actually covers the camera? Might forget to take it out in an "emergency photo stiuation". Awesome idea though.

Work in NYC , hate having a bulky wallet in my pocket, I could transfer everything in my money clip(metro card too) to this case!

I would use this when I am out of town and I only want to carry my id and credit cards and hotel key!

o for a night that i go out with friends and all i need are my id and cards...

I would also always beable to have a constant supply of business cards on hand... i sometimes dont carry a wallet and this device would really come in handy with my bb 9700

thanks for reading and I hope to be gettin one of these!

Hm... Now that I don't need a wallet for my cards... And I always carry my berry in my hand anyways... this means I can go everywhere naked!


This would be great for me as I travel a lot and I have a problem where to put those hotel keys!! With this I will always know where it is. I need this hot item!

I would love to have one of these for my storm2 living on campus with and having to carry 2 essential cards all day debit, student id, and cash for who knows what may happen or need to be purchased would make things so much better and easier to have a case like this!!! Hope I win one

I play racquetball often, and have to carry a membercard with me when I play. I'm constantly leaving it behind, but remembering to grab my tour. Also, this would be convenient for business cards, as I never seem to have any! What a great concept!

This would be awesome. With an ID and credit card, I wouldn't need a wallet on me all the time.

This case is a very cool design, I could leave my wallet at home & just carry my license & credit card with me, Nice!


I would LOVE one of these to always carry around my college student ID card. I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten my card in my dorm room and wasn't allowed to re-enter the dorm hall! AHHH! Frustrating to say the least! Anyway, having this case would be of TREMENDOUS help and convenience for me as a busy college student. Thanks as always CrackBerry!!

wow I could use a case for my phone mine is unprotected right now.

Just wondering if any one has had problems with Room keys or CC up against your phone. I know I had Issues when I was at a motel and I had my phone in my shirt pocket and threw my room key in behind it after the 3rd time of haveing to have my room key reprogramed in one week of my 2 month stay they asked if I had my Cell by the key. Come to find out that was what was whiping out my key.

my birthday was yesterday (& i have tonsilittious), this would be a awesome gift from crackberry nation!

I would like to win this case for my teen daughter's BB, since she tends to lose her license and bank card quite a lot.

I try not to carry too much in my pockets when I'm going out or when I'm attending formal affairs, so this would be perfect for carrying everything I need. Perfect solution for guys!

I would use the smart case everyday for a couple of reasons: 1) I cannot stand any of the cases I have for my tour, bright neon pink and leopard...ewww
2) Everyday when I get to work I have dig in my purse to find my wallet, then dig in my wallet to find my ID card, with this I would have no digging because my BB is always in my hands :)
3) I'm awesome so pick me!

I would use this case to easily access my credit cards, making it quicker and easier to buy apps from Crackberry!

I travel around a lot and I don't like to carry my wallet with me, but I always have my Tour. I need my credit card, but I always just stick it in my pocket because of no wallet. I've broken two credit cards because of this and it costs me to replace them. This would be the solution to my problems.

maybe santa will help me win would like one of these to hold my biz cards for University of Phoenix where i work so i could help more students get their degrees.

this would be perfect for a night out in the gaslamp. just need ID and creditcard and my phone and they would all be close together without any hassles.

maybe even a few business cards....

Was waiting for a case in this form rather than the standard leather flip to hold business cards, etc..but the price is a bit unreasonable for something that seems not so great in protecting.

i had never heard of the smrtcase before but it would be so helpful
i use my student ID and train pass a lot and of course i never go out without my crackberry, so having the two things together would be a real bonus
even if i dont win i will probably go buy one cuz they look so usefull!

i got my tour a few months back and have babied the heck out of it since.. i went christmas shopping the other day and pulled my berry out to check the time and dropped it. it slid across the floor(about 10 feet) and now i have 3 HUGE gashes in the battery door. please help me make this not happen again!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!1

at the casino we have a badge with a RFID chip in, and i have actually dropped mine out of my pocket a couple times and there around 50 bucks to get a new one. It would be awesome to be able to store my id behind my phone since i always know where its at. Now if they could only create a way to completely clean a trackball cause mine is horrible sometimes

I like it! I would definitely be all over this.
Just the idea to have everything I need when I leave the house all in one place. BB, ID, Debt card all together. Also it'll keep me from stuffing ATM reciepts in my wallet constantly.

Aside from that I'm constantly in and out of the office at work. Always need to have my DL, Debt card (gas and food) and work ID. If I could have them all together with my BB that would be great. Wouldn't have to worry about grabbing my company ID,wallet and Blackberry when running out of the office.

OK, yes my blackberry is always on me and I don't have to worry about forgetting it but still ;)

This is perfect for my wife when she goes to her Yoga class... And a perfect anniversary gift/Christmas if in time :-)

Since there is no need to carry cash anymore, this can eliminate carring a wallet or money clip around. This would be great!

I have been looking for a nice case for my BB, and would love to get one of these.

I always keep my Tour in a holster when not in use, just to keep it safe. However, I have 2 Tours (work & personal) and would love a different holster for my personal device so I can easily tell which is which without pulling one out of the holster.

The card slot would also be very helpful for shopping :-)

I help manage a 10 bldg office complex so this would be handy to keep business cards in for easy access while out walking the property.

I like how it doesn't add a whole lot of bulk. I have a case for my storm2 and it just makes the thing feel huge. Getting to get rid of my wallet would be an added bonus!

The case would be ideal for my vacation on beach! No need to worry about taking two valuables - put both together and ready to go. Pretty plaese?

Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

With all the new technology there are just SO many things to carry oft times duplicating itself. I love anything that helps maintain technolgy AND minimalize the accessories carried. Thanks!

i'm upgrading from my 8330 to a tour this xmas as a "merry xmas to me" gift. i have a bodyglove on my curve, and it's been great. but the bodyglove for the tour doesn't protect the screen, and i'm not about to fork over $50 for an otterbox. a less bulky hard case would be great, and if i could eliminate carrying a wallet by putting my license and bank card in said hard case, that would be spectacular!

Hey, I am a college student and I carry an university ID a lot to food places and dorm and this is perfect for me, easy o swipe off the card and stuff like that!

Black would be awesome!

I think it's a good idea, but I wouldn't buy it personally. BUT good idea nonetheless. Innovation always grows and this may become even moreso and break some case ground.

(not looking to enter, for the record. Lol)

Can be useful to the right person, I would consider keeping business cards in there.

I probably would not put anything in there that can possibly be deactivated by the phone like a Hotel Room Key. Very annoying to get to your room on the 20th floor to then realize your card doesn't work!

I would love to have this case in order to protect my phone from the teeth marks of my 4 month old puppy. He is a blackberry addict himself! He's really attracted to my Tour!

This is perfect for me to store my access card for my work building! I have to use it every time I enter a different area and always have my 9700 on hand as well. Now instead of having to pin my access card to my damn pants, I would have it conveniently in with my phone!! Cheers.



It would be good to have these SmrtCases as you can easily slot those credit cards of yours together with the SmrtCases so that you dont have to take out that wallet of yours to take out those credit cards needed. Moreover just have to glide the cards, good for keeping transit link cards :)

I'd use a Smrtcase Glide to quickly access my debit cards and business cards. I'm constantly on the go and usually only carry cash and my cards in my pocket with my phone. Sometimes only carrying my phone in my hand for easier access. With the Glide I'd be able to get to everything quickly and effortlessly. Thank you SmrtCase

I'd love to have one of these for storing business cards on a daily basis and hotel room keys while traveling. thanks for the chance!

With respect to Homer Simpson.
I am so Smart, S.. M.. R.. T..

would love to have it for my TGIFridays rewards card!!

I travel for work, and this would be really handy for those times. Alot of the time I also simply carry my phone and ID for going out, so this is a great item to store it all together!

when I go out to clubs and don't have to carry my wallet and can just carry my ID and plastic to hold me over for the night. Awesome...hope I can win one!

I always have my phone with me, and there is only one piece of plastic that I use 99% of the time and that is my bank Check Card. This would be perfect, as I can grab my phone and Check Card without bringing my whole wallet (for those times where I am only stepping out to get something to eat or something).

Would come in very handy.

Something like this has been a long time coming - surprised it took this long to be available !!! This would be great for times when Im just running out to the store or the gym and only need my license , grab my key and RUN !!!

As a traveling businessman, i can;'t tell you how many times i've had my hands tied holding my cards in one, and the blackberry in the other. Ive dropped phones, bended important documents, lost money on occasions and even been late to meetings trying to gather my marbles. I try everything i can to baby my tour as much as possible, but there will always be inevitable drops and brushes with phone torture like pavement, chair and table furnishings, children of clients who sneak their hands across the table, everything is a danger to the device i hold right before i go to sleep, and the first thing i check in the morning. Please crackberry, i'd LOVE to try out this case as i'm getting tired of walking on eggshells trying to keep a safe balance between a good looking first impression and a good looking device; both important factors when grabbing the clienteles' trust. Even if i don't win, ill need to purchase this item as it seems so promising; however i would more than appreciate the gesture. It'd feel like a christmas gift from the crackberry community haha. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Best regards,

I must lock myself out of hotel rooms an average of 2x per stay. This would be a great place to keep key cards.

Pick me, and help me save some dignity. :)

I work in the auto industry. my position is parts sales and delivery> So i am lugging heavy parts all day and jumping in and out of my truck. Anything to keep my new phone last to the next day would be great!

This would be a great case for my girlfriends 9630. As an active gym and bar scene visitor, this case would make holding her credit cards, ID cards, and even cash very convenient and accessible.

I just bought myself the Tour as an upgrade from my Curve 8330 and I love it. Would love a case to protect my new toy!!!

Wow really useful when you're on the go and you can just grab the Tour with your ID and/or credit card, instead of the fat wallet!

for a case for my Tour. This would be mighty handy. I hope I win to get a chance to give this great case a go!

I would love to be able to use the SmrtCase on my Tour for when I go out and don't want to take my wallet with me or credit cards! It seems awesome!

I would use the sleeve to store my credit card, license and other important documents. More importantly, it would save me from having to buy a new Blackberry every time I lose a CrackBerry contest and end up throwing my phone!

I have been waiting for a case like this for a long time! It would help me greatly because it does not interfere with the keys on the front, making it easier to text and such. The slot for cards would be incredibly helpful as well. It eliminates the need to carry around loose cards if you don't want to carry a purse or wallet.

I need one. I got too many cards that need a place to live. What better place than in a case that also holds my phone.

peace, b. need one cuz sadly i am a kluts n drop my phone a lot :P so this could halp plus make it more comfortable in my hand

During the week I would keep my Bruin Card in the slot. I ride the bus and use my blackberry while waiting, and on the bus. It would be awesome to keep my pass handy for uninterrupted blackberry goodness.

And on the weekends, a girl only needs her ID, a credit card and her phone to go out with. Screw a purse. My Blackberry goes with every outfit!

I sure could use a case like this, I am always dropping my berry with too manyu things in my hands at one time. This would be an awesome way to finally win if not , will try next time. But my blackberry needs a good home

This would be very nice for when we travel for the use as holding a room key. My phone is always on my side with easy access. I currently always keep a room key in my wallet which is a pain to dig through to get out a room key.

I would put this case to great use. I would use it to a). protect my phone and b). store my university ID which gets me into my building and pays for my meal plan. I am tired of carrying around my wallet just to hold one card- this would be perfect!!

Currently, I don't use a case. But the added function of this one would eliminate a front pocket wallet 90% of the time.

I think I would put my Tops bonus card in the slot. I'm always trying to get that card out of my wallet, and it's annoying as hell haha. I would love to win this.

I'd love to use this for my business cards. I already have a pocket wallet and don't have room in my pockets to put a business card holder in there...

I would love to be able to hand out detentions, to my students, while wowing them with this case. "Where did their detention come from. Magic and my case!". Also, I am a high school math teacher and cannot afford a case.

Wow! That has a perfect spot for my Social Security card.I'm so sick of having to root around in my safe for it every time I find a new job.

With all the travel and hotel stays I'd love this case to death... With dining and conferences in the hotel, this would come in handy because I'd have access to EVERYTHING I need...instead of lugging my purse around.. Thanks!!!

hook me up... would love one.

would be nice to not carry a huge wallet around. this would definitely be easier.

Wouldn't keeping credit cards and room keys so close to the battery of the phone wipe out the magnetic information on the stripe? This happens to me all the time when I put room keys next to my cell phone. Any thoughts?

id like one for my tourrr =D

i use a silicon one and just throw my id / debit card in the back of it . It gets annoying taking the case off every time i need to pay for something. This would make my life a tiny bit easier at the register . Plus testing new products that are useful is always fun. <3

I would LOVE one of these! Have been using one of the bulky rubber/silicone cases from Verizon since my Tour was new & I would love to trade it out! Having room for some biz cards a definite plus...

I like the idea of storing swipe cards and picture ID in a case that is protecting my BB Tour. Uh, flamingo pink? I think black or red works better for me! :)

just slide my DL in there and maybe a credit card for nights out on the town that way i dont have to carry my wallet around...that is just a SMART idea.

come'on Kevin M., this would be an AWESOME xmas present!!!

i'm a full time student and work full time for a homebuilder in Florida (amazing huh?). I strongly feel that i've been held on b/c of my ability to multi-task thanks in great part to my trusty 8330 Curve. Problem with school & work is there's a lot of walking involved but needed to be in full office gear and not just the "comfy" college student attire. I have with my a thick ass wallet when in fact i only need a few cards, no cash. Having a SmrtCase would be awesome so i can minimize my pant pockets (since i ALWAYS have my curve with me, ALWAYS) and make the long walk that much better!!!

i'm a college student who, outside of classes, is constantly on my Tour. unfortunately though, we are required to carry around our student ID card everywhere we go. much like the video mentions, i swipe the card to eat, i swipe it once when entering my residence hall and then again when entering my floor. i've lost my card, broken (current condition), and had it stolen. all of these things however...have NEVER (knock on wood) happened to my Tour. i think that if I had a case like that, the same could be said for my ID card!

All I EVER do is lose my ID card that allows me to get into my dorm building, buy food, open my room door and basically everything else.

It drives me up the WALL when I cannot find where I put my card and I automatically go into a frenzy trying to find it. I rip apart my entire room to find a tiny card with my picture on it.
Funny because I ALWAYS know where my Tour is and that sucker never, ever leaves my side :)

This case is a necessity for me and my sanity when it comes to my ID card :)

Please send one my way! My brain will thank you! :D :D

I just upgraded from the curve to the tour and need a new case. I have my bb with me at all times and being able to store my id and credit cards would really simplify my life. I also am in the cellular business so being able to show customers how another useful feature would really help. Thank you!

I;ll be honest, I'd really put the SmrtCase to work protecting my tour. The free-ness, and the card holder, would just be excellent incidental benefits.

I would love one of these for my Tour, the added compartment for my credit card and whatever more is a plus especially for someone who doesn't like a lot of bulk in their pockets. This would be a great gift for myself!

Durning the week I carry my tour in the factory leather case but Friday afternoon I switch to a skin and stuff my drivers license, debit card, and some cash behind the phone. This would offer more protection and a legitimate place for those items.

I travel quite a bit for work (about 50 nights a year) and thus I always stay in hotels. When i head to the hotel gym to work out, i usually just bring my Tour with headphones for music and separetly carry my room key. Since my gym shorts don't have pockets I've been know to leave my room key in the gym a time or two, it would be great to store it in my phone case like this so I never leave the key in the gym again (because I know I won't forget my phone).

I use my credit card everywhere I go and it would be much easier to just grab it out of my phone, which is much easier to access instead of fumbling to get my wallet then trying to dig it out of all my other plastic. So thats my entry :)

I would use this on a daily basis because I hate wallets. I currently have a money clip/cardholder combo and sometimes I need more space for my hotel room key, casino player card, and other passes.

If I had one of those, I would keep my ID in it because every time I go pick up my kids at school I have to show my ID and then I forget to put it back and have to go searching for where I stuck it, and since I NEVER leave home without my Tour, I would always know where it is!

I hate carrying my wallet PERIOD. I already sport a slim design wallet but I would love nothing more than to carry around ONLY my Tour and a few cards (DL, Debit, Visa).

Thanks for the chance!

It would be used for keeping my Tour safe as well as gloating - in the form of holding it up to people's faces and saying, "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!"

i don't like to always carry a purse with me so being able to slip my id and debit card in with my phone when i go out! lord knows i would never misplace my crackberry so that way i'll never lose my id and debit card either!

What a great idea, I always take my BB with me and now I will have my cards with me at all times. Going into the VFW I just pull out the Tour, slip out my membership card and swipe it and I am in.
Merry Christmas !!

Having the Sprint version of this device(Tour) I need this case. My poor phone drops more than a strippers thong when a club full of athletes are in the house. Luckily there are no bruises or scrapes on the phone...YET! I am eagerly awaiting the Essex but in the meantime, help me and my Tour. Come on do it for the know you want to! (insert sad/pouting face)

This would be perfect for holding my Military ID as well as several keycards that I have to access parts of the building I work in. Stellar design & another great contest

I was just thinking the other day that it would be useful if my phone case could hold my debit card or a little bit of cash.

I will use it a lot to keep the bulk down of my wallet, and not reach for it cuz im so lazy. lol and this will help protect my whited out tor when the housing comes in :)

I will be skiing later this month in Colorado, and I need a case that protects my BB from accidental nicks and bumps while it rests in my jacket's pocket. Please, CrackBerry, help me keep my new BB safe from the elements!

That is a nifty idea!! Great place to store my work ID which also works as a key! Never know where the ID is, but I always have my phone!!! :)

I hate carrying a wallet (it never has any cash!) If I could have my phone, a credit card, and Driver's license... That would be all I need!

well as i hunt and fish alot because im 42 and medicaly retired my bb never leaves my side so i could use this to protect my BABY BB

The tour is my second blackberry and 4th smart phone. I love it! I have never found a case that I ever wanted to put on my phone untill now. I gamble alot and always have my ID and creditcard in my back pocket I am so afraid that my ID will slip from my pocket when I pull out my phone. This would be fantastic!

first time i have seen this and this is ideal for using a badge for work.

this is great no more searching in your wallet and fumbling around.

thanks and yes please :-)

I would like on of these for my tour. I travel a lot and think it would be great to have my CC and/or ID readily available at the airport and where ever else. Then I could leave my wallet locked away in my carry on

Brilliant idea, I use a front pocket wallet because I don't want to be like Costanza on Seinfeld with his brick sized wallet. With this I could get rid of my wallet and just carry my bankroll...

Any case, ESPECIALLY this one would be handy, whether it's my Daughter attempting to assassinate my phone or carrying way too much stuff in public(I look like I'm in a military action movie with how large my pockets are with my wallet/checkbook/phone/etc.). This season definitely demands an ultra portable case such as this, that of which will be put to quite a few good uses. And to be honest as my wife just put it: "That's the one thing I know you won't lose." I'm addicted, what can I say?